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Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Prefixes are how you indicate the setting of your roleplay. You can also use them to filter this forum so that you only see threads for a specific setting by using the filters in the sidebar.

Fandom - This is for all roleplays that are based in, on, or around another published work of some kind, whether it be books, TV shows, anime, movies, or anything else created elsewhere.
Fantasy - This is for all roleplays set in a fantastical setting. Whether it be high fantasy (lots of magic), low fantasy (almost none) or anything in between, it goes here.
Futuristic - Any roleplays involving a futuristic or science-fiction setting go here.
Realistic or Modern - This is for roleplays set in our world, or one very like it. This can include paranormal/mutant-style roleplays that take place in our world at more-or-less the present time.
Multiple settings - This is for threads that list more than one setting of roleplay in them.
Nation Building - This is for nation-level roleplays, the sort that focus on countries rather than individuals.
Colosseum - This is for roleplays that are entirely or almost entirely combat-based, like gladiatorial arenas or fight clubs with no outside story.
Quest - Quests are a special type of roleplay in which the author writes most of the story, and provides options for the players to choose from along the way, similar to the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books.
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