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Fandom Power Ranger Crystal Guardians

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly


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power ranger upcomingrpg.png

Years ago, an item known as the prism crystal would give a person untold power. Payne was assigned to protect it, while his friend, Raiker, was the substitute. However, Payne got corrupted by an evil Queen, Darcelia, who gave the crystal to her, in which she nearly destroyed the Castelle City, leaving it in ruins and destroyed anyone in her way. It was Raiker, who was able to get in contract with the prism crystal also splitting the power between the Queen Darcelia and himself. To protect the crystal, he used his remaining energy to destroy it. But it didn't breaking into six crystals and sent off far into universe. The Queen was known to vanish and Raiker lost his body in the fight and also his friend, Payne, in the blast. Present day, five of these crystals find the guardians to protect them when Queen Darcelia reappears again to take a hold of the crystals again, and they with the power, give them suits, weapons, and technology fight against her. They are the Power Ranger Crystal Guardians.
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2019 and mystic force was 2006 seems they retired a bit young so maybe change it from 2019 if you want the mystic rangers to be too old for fighting the bad guys and kids of mystic force rangers would be too young to be rangers.


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I might be interested. What are the animals on their chest though? Pink has a bird and red's seems to be bat, yellow is a dog/wolf I think but beyond that no idea


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Red is a bat. Blue is a cat. Green is a dragon. Yellow is a wolf. And pink is a dove. Cool. nice to see some interest.

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