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Mana Gaikan

  • [November 1, 199x]


    Well…here she was. A girl wearing a patterned grey dress with a small ribbon on it, along with a beret of the same color. She spotted a pair of cute black heels, as she tapped against the floor.

    It’s too late to turn back.

    With skittish steps, the maroon-adorned individual pulled her luggage away from the conveyor belt and made her way to the food stalls that welcomed freshly landed passengers to the airport. There were quite a lot of options to choose from. Some American fast-food place, a Korean-style café, and of course good old-fashioned ramen. As she still pondered about what to eat, she sat beside a bench, not realizing there was already someone on the other side—an older lady with an elegant and very fashionable look to her—just her type of person. With raven black hair and purple eyes that appeared like a night sky, she wondered where she may be from with her clothing appearing to have a bit of flair to them. It was as if she came from a well-off family perhaps. However, despite her looks, she appeared to have a warm and kind aura around her. Perhaps a good person to make friends with?

    After a bit, the lady turned around to look towards her. She wasn't a very tall individual, but she could be described as quite beautiful with a very polite and welcoming smile. She seemed to make eye contact for a few seconds longer, with the redhead being unsure if this quiet beauty was staring at her. Though she was rather curious about why the lady hadn't spoken, as she herself was a rather talkative person. Well, the silence was awkward. She knew she should try saying something, but her more curious side did wonder why the woman wasn't speaking... Perhaps she had some anxiety that prevented her from speaking? As such, she decided to try to break the silence.

    "Hi there!" the girl greeted with a smile, trying her best to be warm; she put her hand out to shake the strangers as well. "My name's Mana! What's yours?"

    Despite the lack of response from the stranger, Mana decided to not give up. The awkward silence was... a little painful. She didn't want to leave the lady hanging, in fact, she was going to have a talk with this stranger despite the lack of the other’s engagement. She'd speak enough for the both of them! Even if all that ended up happening was a rant. She was determined!

    "I can tell you're a little quiet, but that's okay! I can just do the talking for both of us. So where are you from?" Mana asked in an enthusiastic and energetic tone, waving her free hand around.

    For some reason, Mana felt slightly irritated, being that her attempt to make conversation was being ignored by the stranger in question. As such... she had a plan. One that was admittedly a bit rude to some degree, but she saw it as fitting. After all, why be a chatterbox and respond to a quiet individual, when you could be a chatterbox and talk to yourself, only directing it towards the quiet person?

    "So, what's your favorite hobby, oh silent individual?" Mana said to herself, acting as if she were asking the stranger.

    ...Well. After a few moments, Mana would realize that the silent individual... was an actual silent individual. Or, in other words... a mute woman. Mana felt a small, insignificant bit of embarrassment for her actions from earlier, and would take a deep breath of air before speaking.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were mute..." She apologized to the woman, giving a nervous laugh. "I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable by trying to talk to you like this. That's a bit embarrassing on my part, isn't it?"

    Mana would pause. Her pink eyes slightly averted as she turned her expression to the ground. She felt rather ashamed of herself right now, having embarrassed the silent woman. After all, she shouldn't be so pushy with strangers. That wasn't very sociable. But... Mana was also incredibly curious. She was just so... curious. She wondered why the woman was mute, and wanted to know what she would have wanted to say, if she wasn't mute. So, she decided to ask.

    "If you could, what would you be saying to me right now?—Oh I see!”

    Mana looked at the lady, and just now noticed that she had been holding a map of the airport. She must’ve been having hard time, as she kept pointing at a specific area, the exit that leads to one subway station, Souma Metro. She couldn’t believe this lady was left unaccompanied! From the looks of it, people around these parts were a bit more wary considering the distance to “that” city. But she thought it was a lame excuse, if no one was going to help out, she would.

    “Don’t worry ma’am, I believe it was this way, funnily enough that was my next stop too after lunch!”


    After dropping the stranger off, she hurriedly grabbed some lunch. An ordinary sandwich, but it would have had to do, or else she’d be way behind schedule. The afternoon air was particularly chilly, it was quiet until Mana heard the sound of a train's whistle sounding in the distance. She waited in the passenger zone for the train to arrive, a large pink suitcase rolling next to her. As she looked up at the people walking by, she noticed average everyday people at the subway station, did they know it was going towards the direction of Giraderi? A man dressed in a casual yet clean look, a college student seemingly working on something that was due. A mother with her children who were playing around the area.

    Then as if on cue, the rail stopped. Holding onto her luggage, she ran towards the platform and hopped onto the train. She sat down at the nearest chair and took a deep breath. Huff.... That was a close one. This was the only train on time. I can't afford to make any more detours… She could feel the train rumbling beneath her feet. A few people walked past Mana as they searched for their seats to sit in.
    After a few stops, the train started to come to its next one.

    "Last stop. All off." The speakers blared, as people started getting up from their seats. Mana grabbed her luggage and left the train, seeing the city outside go by.


by Insync Insync

So hey, welcome to the prologue of the rp. At the moment, it's pretty much sandbox, so feel free to imagine your character in their daily life in the wonderful city of Giraderi, Japan. Don't cause too much trouble, or you know do. Whatever floats your boat, just keep it manageable because we're all here trying to get a feel for the setting and environment, as well as how to interact with each other.
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≛ Naoki Ishii
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Being an enforcer wasn't always one of the most pleasant jobs. You have to do whatever you need to do in order to get that information or money. The Yakuza was a business and making sure that money was flowing in was the most important goal at the end of the day. If businesses refused to give their share, you sometimes have to rough them up. It was hard to look at the mirror sometimes, but Naoki knew that he wasn't the monster the mirror made him out to be. He turned on the faucet, waiting for the water to get warm enough before dipping his hands under the stream of water. He had blood on his hands, the water quickly washing it away into the drain. Naoki was glad the man finally gave up the money, if he had to use his blades it would have been a lot messier.

His shirt was ruined, something he wished he foresaw before doing the job. I guess I have to take a quick trip home. He didn't have much else on the docket for the day, so he didn't need to hurry. After drying off his hands, Naoki made his way out the bathroom and past the passed-out business owner. It was his job to get the money, not to make sure he was still alive. He was breathing before so he saw no reason why he would stop breathing now. As he was walking to his apartment, most people avoided him because they knew he was Yakuza. That's how it usually went, even the police knew who he was. That's what bribes were for, to keep them off his back. Naoki's job made him good money and that meant he had a decent apartment. Once inputting the security code, he entered the building, moving to the elevator. He lived on the top floor, liking the view since it oversaw a park. After arriving on the top floor, he pulled his keys out, opening up his apartment.

The first thing he did was take his shirt off, tossing it into the laundry basket. He'd need to bleach it to get the stains out, something he wasn't looking forward to. Before getting into the shower, he examined himself in the mirror, looking at his scars. He was hoping that they'd fade away one day, but that hasn't occurred yet. The scars had no plans of going away, remaining a part of him. Naoki was quick about his shower; he didn't want to spend too much time standing there. Down time allowed him to think too much, so he usually avoided any idle time. As he was about to step out of the shower, he noticed that he didn't replace the towel he put into the laundry. "Perfect." He let out a long sigh as he allowed the floor to get all wet before retrieving a towel. Another mess that he would have to deal with. Luckily, getting dressed wasn't a hassle, all of his clothes looked the same.

Naoki was ready to get back on the streets, but not before treating himself to something in the kitchen. He had a nice bottle of whiskey calling his name and he couldn't help a small taste before he made it out. He put two ice cubes into his glass, popping open the whiskey bottle. He poured a little bit more than he wanted into the glass, but he wasn't going to let it go waste. He took a sip from his glass, taking his blade out to examine it as he drank the glass. It seemed the sharpening was starting to wear off, reapplying his quirk onto the knife. He slipped it back under his sleeve, taking another sip. This is how most days went for Naoki. Everything was a process at this point, mindlessly droving through the day just to go to sleep and do the same the next day. He chugged what was left in his glass and made his way out the door. Once back on the street, he let out a sigh and walked down the sidewalk, ready to do his next job.
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Mana Gaikan

  • It was pretty much a city in every sense of the word. There were lots of stores, buildings, streets, and shops all around the area. In a corner of her vision, she saw a group of people sitting together, laughing, and laughing, as though it were something normal. It was strange, how a person could be content like that when they lived in one of the most infamous areas in Japan? Wasn't this a dangerous city? And yet, it was seemed peaceful enough for her to forget her troubles, even if a tiny bit. Maybe that was the true pitfall that outsiders like her usually fall into.

    As much as she'd like to give it a chance to accept her new environment with open arms right from the start. It was probably wise that she shouldn't underestimate the place. Maybe the reason why everyone was happy here was because of all these amazing things they saw, which she assumed happened anywhere within the city limits. Was this the impact of seeing superhuman phenomena daily? Mana didn’t mind the idea of seeing the city's denizens up close and the shenanigans that might follow them. So long as nothing bad happened to her personally, it was all worth it for the potential thrill she feels when witnessing it.

    Still, she knew what her main reason for coming all the way here was. She was one of them, after all. Trying to live a normal life had gotten increasingly harder for her, so she wanted nothing more than to get her head back on track. It had taken a while, but she knew the moment she caught her first glimpse of Giraderi, it felt like she could finally understand herself again. A lot of times she wished she was just normal. Her quirk could put her in harm's way; mixed with her unwavering curiosity for the world, it could prove to be fatal if she were careless once again.

    Snapping out of her thoughts, she made her way to the place she would be staying for a while. An old, decrepit building at the side of the street tucked away inconspicuously. Had she not been given a few identifiers; she would've passed it by without a second thought. After reaching the doorway, however, she paused for a while. There were some kind of symbols painted on both sides of the door. It almost looked like a mural. If someone were to look at them carefully, they might notice that the design was akin to an intricate dragonfly tattoo.

    ...That's weird. Hopefully it's not a symbol for anything bad.

    But Mana didn't have time to take a look at them any more longer as she heard somebody call out to her. She turned around and saw a woman standing behind her. "Excuse me," the stranger said politely as she approached the young woman.

    "Have you already checked in?" The stranger wore a maid outfit with pink roses embroidered on the sides. Pale skin that contrasted waist-length dark brown locks; the woman looked to be about her age, but Mana couldn't be sure of that.

    "Um... are you here to check in?" the brunette repeated, a little louder this time.

    Mana smiled at her and nodded her head. "Oh! Sorry...yes, I am. This is Giraderi Place...right?"

    The woman lightly brushed down at her outfit before giving her a small, reassuring smile. "Yep. Not so original is it? You must be the girl who'll be staying with us, then. I'm Chidori Shiori, one of the maids. Come along."

    She began walking towards the connected housing units while holding up a key. Mana followed her without thinking twice.

    Maybe this place isn’t so bad after all.

    The journey through the halls was rather quick, only taking a matter of seconds. When they stopped outside a room, Chidori unlocked it and allowed Mana to step inside by herself. “So this is it. Take your time, don't worry. Let me or the other staff know if you want a different room to stay in. We won't be busy this evening anyway so you can do as you please.” She said, closing the door. With that, Mana was all alone. For the first time ever, she stepped into her new home for the time being. There she would be without anybody else to accompany her, which was weird as she had lived almost all her life with someone close-by. Be it her immediate family or relatives. In a sense, the reality of it all kicked it. Could she handle this on her own?

    After getting lost in her thoughts, it took a while to realize that she hadn’t moved at all since Chidori left. The door had stayed closed. Her luggage hadn’t been unpacked either.

    Okay, maybe I should actually move my stuff first…

    She walked towards her suitcase and opened it up. The clothes she had brought were still mostly intact, thankfully; there wasn’t much to unpack other than the necessary items. Afterwards, she thought about what to do next while looking for anything else she could use. The day was starting to head into evening hours by the time she got settled in, meaning she didn’t have a whole lot of time left to waste if she wanted to explore the city on her first day.

    So, she decided to go for a walk to see if she found anything interesting. It wouldn’t do any harm. At least, she hoped it wouldn’t. The town’s layout was quite complicated with many different streets going straight to nowhere. The sidewalks where she currently stood were the most popular parts of the town, with surprisingly many tourists milling around. With her eyes scanning everything around her, Mana wandered down the streets. Slowly, they became relatively empty, only with a couple of people walking here and there.

    Wait... I'm lost.

    She frowned. This was not good. It was getting darker already, and the last thing she needed was to attract unwanted attention. A girl all out by herself instantly made her a captivating target for troublemakers.

by Insync Insync
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Insync Insync

The clicking of heels could be heard making contact with the sidewalk underneath her feet. There was no sense of urgency, nor panic. In fact, she radiated confidence with each step she took through the streets. It was almost as if the woman had come out of no where because some people were whispering while pointing and some drunken men already catcalled her. Bringing her pink glasses down she winked at the men, though refused to use her quirk on them. After all, they were just drunken fools that wouldn't (and couldn't) do much for her. Pushing those glasses back up, her stride continued while the streets slowly died down in the process. Soon the night life and those who lived in the cracks would be coming up for a bit of "Fun" as she liked to put it. Knowing she had plenty of clients that came out to her in the red light district during the night before vanishing in the day much like she would. Reaching her hand out beside her, those metal claws of hers scraped along the side which created sparks in the process. Something smells different out here. Ki thought to herself, releasing a small laugh to herself while rounding a corner.

Oh? My my what is she doing here? Cute little thing she is. So cute she just might get snatched up in these streets. Ki then licked her lips before dropping her hand and approaching soundly toward the lost woman. "You know, it's quite dangerous out here. I'm surprised your pretty little head managed to get this far and not turn tail and run." stopping a few feet in front of her, she lifted her hands up and showed there was nothing on her person to really hurt the woman. Granted she was already wearing lesser clothes to begin with so there weren't too many places to hide things. "I won't hurt you. Though, some others out there just might." her eyes shifted behind her glasses toward the street she was planning to go through before shifting back "Traveling pretty close to the redlight district too." Kiyomi never saw the girl before, no doubt she was a tourist taking a look around and managed to stray a little too far from the brighter and busier areas.​
Family Reunion
Dokusō, Mujihina
As the last customer left the lounge, the cashier that she was leaving for the night to Muji. He smiled at the teenager and told her ”You get home safely and Tell your mother ‘thank you for the cookies’ they are amazing.” The girl smiled and said that she will. The bell that hung above the door rang for that last time when she closed the door. Muji locked the door after she left. The two-faced old man was finally allowed to remove his fake smile from his face. He had unfinished business that he need to take care of. It was time to finish the little talk with somebody who disappointed him.

He walked to the back to unlock a janitorial closet. Behind all the brooms was another door that was labeled an electric room. After opening the door, he was greeted by his second in command “Hello, Soro how are you doing this evening?” The older man was not amused at the positivity that he was presented with. “I don't have time for this. Shut the fuck and tell me what he has said since I've left.” The man stood there nervously and silently. Muji grew impatient “Nothing? You got NOTHING” “Well.. I haven't been able to do anything to him that would make him talk.” Annoried and his Second’s lack of progress, He saw that he had to do everything himself. “Fine, get me my damn tools and some gloves. I don't want to get any blood on me this time.”

Blood-gargling screams barely came through the thick brick walls. Muji did not like when somebody betrayed him, especially when it was one of his entrusted officials. “You know all of this will stop as soon as you tell me what you told the police. I'm losing money because of your stunt,” he said to the man. He was dying in front of Soro; he was on his last breath wanting everything to end. The man's eyes slowly close. Was this the relief that he was waiting for? Muji grabbed the man by the face and slapped him a couple of times. “No, no bedtime for you yet. You can go see your late father soon.” The man spat blood in Muji's face “Go.. cough... Go the fucking hell, Soro.” The old snapped his fingers and two members came in with another young man tied up with a bag over his head.

Muji walked up, grabbed the bag, and ripped it off. Underneath the bag was his old associate's son. “Now look at this... a family reunion, oh this is going to be so great! So little man are you ready to see your grandfather?” The man in the chair “Don't you dare touch him you, pig.” Soro stood behind the boy. “No, no I'm not the pig, Walter. I'm not the one who betrayed the family, that you helped me build.” He said in a calm unsetting tone. “I just wanted to know that this is your fault” He pulled a serrated wire out of his wrist and held it near the young man’s thought. “STOP!" Walter yelled. "I’ll tell you… just leave him alone.”

After Walter told him everything, Muji Thanked his old partner for his cooperation. The old man smiled in chuckled under his breath. Everything was coming together; the only thing that needed to be done was a clipping of some loose ends. The wire extended again from his wrist and with one quick motion, he wrapped it around the boy's throat again. Muji executed the son in front of his father. As the son's body hit the ground Muji told his men to clean the mess up. Before leaving the room, Muji addressed Walter one last time, “You can die now. Have fun at your reunion.” A gunshot was heard soon after. Soro pulled out his phone and dialed Naokii “Hey it's me. I need you down here fast. I got something fun for you and your boys.”

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