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Realistic/Modern Potential Dark Modern/Realistic?

Note: Currently just super interested in a MxM plot. Will be open to more stuff later on.

So I haven't roleplayed in a while and I kind of want to start out with something somewhat simple, I guess? So modern/slice of life kind of a thing.

I have been roleplaying for years actually just been on hiatus from my online life. Upon returning I decided to just start fresh.

I super want to do a MxM game, just because that's the easiest thing for me to get back into, but romance never has to be the driving force of the plot, for me. It can be the subplot, honestly.

I don't have any real ideas, willing to do some thinking, or just discussing with someone about ideas. I have like, types of characters I kind of want to play? In reference to the "dark modern/realistic" thread title, I wanna play a character that will involve some darker themes. Like I said, super willing to discuss ideas if anyone has any.

I recreated an account even though I had one years ago, so I can't PM or anything until later on. If you wanna message me first or reply here that'd be rad. Please throw some ideas at me if you've got any, and I'll be trying to think of some plots to go with the characters I am feeling.

As an aside, I'm an adult and fairly literate gamer, so I'd want a mature partner but I'm not expecting absolute flawless writing. Cause I'm honestly pretty shit myself. Just do your best and give me something to work with tbh.

Aight, I'm out. Hit me up with ideas or if you wanna do a MxM modern thing and we can try to come up with something together.
Tbh if you have plot ideas, throw them my way. I'll do a MxF plot. I was just looking for MxM cause it's my preference. I just haven't got anything good as far as a plot goes at the moment. Although I'm looking through my old archives right now.

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