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Fandom Persona 5!

Rusty of Shackleford

Four Thousand Club
Hiya guys! I got Persona 5 for my birthday, and I'm loving it! I'm currently looking for someone to RP it with me, as I have a basic plot idea in mind, and I'm willing to play Ryuji for ya if you could play best girl Makoto (don't fight me, I'll die) for my Joker! Anyways, the idea I have takes place after the game (yes, I haven't finished, but I read a synopsis. Had to fight of assassin's sent by Atlus, though,) with Joker having moved back to Tokyo to run Cafe Leblanc. It would be maybe...three, four years after the game? All the character's would be college age or older. Anyways, Makoto would help him run it while following her own aspirations, while Ryuji's become a successful track coach at Shujin. It would basically just be a slice of life, with the character's going about their daily lives, dealing with daily problems. Or, if you want a plot, we could have it where Joker let's a kid in the same situation that he was in stay at Leblanc, and the Phantom Thieves end up being reassembled. Up to you!

In terms of my writing, I prefer 3rd person, I don't mind how long a post is (make it repliable,) and I only do MxF with me as the male. Anyways, yeah! That's about it! PM me, or reply here if interested!


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I’m interested in playing a Makoto for your Joker if you could play a Ryuji for my OC lol

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