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Fandom Persona 5, World’s end


Never give up Hope
Only the Phantom Thieves of Heart can truly save reality from the god of control. Fate is really a bitch huh?

In this persona 5 rp, the Phantom Thieves will be facing off against the 3 sages of Yaldaboath along with the palaces.

1. Every Palace is going to build up to the climax of the story.
2. The Phantom Thief max is 10
3. You must dm me if you want a character moment in a palace.
4. Postings will be semi literate and literate and happen once a week at least.
5. If you’re interested then please show it.
6. Canon characters and OCs are allowed in this rp.
Is this a reimagining of Persona 5 (ie the original phantom thieves are just starting out) or will this be a sequel after their original defeat of Yaldabaoth (in a similar vein to P5 Scramble and P5 Tactica)?
I see, thank you.

Will the thieves start with their base persona, their evolved persona, or their third stage persona? Additionally, will original characters be able to have their persona develop?

How dark are we allowed to get with our character's backstories (and can we make a palace ruler that goes along with our character's backstory)?

If we go for an oc character, will Morgana make our character go to sleep?
Ocs will be able to have their persona’s develop if they choose to. But if there is no request then everyone will start with an evolved persona.

You can go pretty dark with your characters and you can have a palace ruler with your character. You just have to dm me about it and plan it.

Lmao! Morgana will not make you go to sleep. He might try but will get shut down by the other characters.
At least 3 or 2 paragraphs of text. Maybe even more if you are feeling it.

The main thing I don’t want is one liners or really short posts.

Ryuji walked to Shunjin and went inside. He saw his friends and went over to them to talk about the next palace ruler.

That’s not allowed.
Just out of curiosity,in this setting will you be expecting teen/graduating characters like the original Phantom Thieves,or might you incorporate adult Persona users like some of the spinoff media?
Mind if I discuss a few character ideas I have with you (in direct messages, probably tomorrow since I didn't sleep last night and plan to stay up to avoid ruining my sleep schedule further)?
Yeah sure

And Nellancholy Nellancholy i plan to introduce the original phantom thieves but they will be like mentors kinda. Ya know I been through this and I can help out the new thieves. Although, Futaba might not be really receptive towards the new thieves but I know Ryuji and Ann will.
I was just wondering if a character like Zenkichi from Strikers who is older but knows less about the Metaverse would work.

In any event I'm already quite committed so I will likely not participate,but I'll continue to watch this thread.

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