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Hi! The time has come for me to make an interest check of my own, so here I am. And because nobody likes reading a novel just to fish for basic requirements, have a few bullet points first:

About me:

+ she/her

+ in my twenties

+ pretentious and edgy, if you couldn’t tell from my username

+ only willing to rp gay shit, but NPCs can be of any gender/sexuality

+ able to play multiple characters at once, an avid worldbuilder, and a certified Makes Things Happen Plotwise kinda person

+ ready to smother rp partners with (appropriate amounts of) affection

+ OOC (and sometimes IC) clownery

+ okay with doubling

+ fantasy, sci-fi and horror enjoyer; romance is great, too

+ have samples, just ask!

About you, hopefully:

+ over 18

+ ready to vibe with pretentious and edgy people

+ all over that gay shit

+ happy to plot and contribute ideas, doesn’t mind juggling their own NPCs

+ speaks up whenever they’re unsatisfied with where the story is heading so that we can come up with a solution together

+ a fellow clown (non-negotiable)

Still here? Then I’m going to assume you’re at least mildly interested, otherwise you’d probably stop reading at this point.

So, let me talk about what I’m looking for in greater detail.

Do you remember that one roleplay that you couldn’t get out of your head? When you just couldn’t wait to write a response and spent an embarrassing amount of time daydreaming about all the new plot points while waiting for a post? That's what I'm after. I’ve been able to connect with a few people that made me feel like that in the past, but life interfered and we no longer write together. I miss it, though – when two writers really click, it’s amazing! Rainbows and fireworks!

So, the main thing I want is initiative and enthusiasm. I would also like to write often, so if you can handle back-and-forth posting from time to time, that would be great. If not, that’s fine -- I’ll still be happy with a couple posts per week. Generally though, the more the better. I can handle it!

I’d describe myself as lazy lit. That means that my posts range from 300 to 2k+ words, depending on what the scene needs. I’m not awfully concerned with the length of your posts, as long as a) your writing has personality, b) I have something to respond to.

As a writer, I enjoy the following:

- conflict

- enemies-to-lovers

- terrible people being terrible, but also not

- ambitious storylines

- comedy relief is great, though

- characters being true to themselves, even when it isn’t convenient

- action, adventure, things actually happening in between posts

So, do I have plots?

Yep. They are not super detailed, but that is by design because I would like for you to contribute ideas, too. Unless specified, I have no preference for a role and I am happy to adjust things.

Without further ado:

Dreaming of Apocalypse Not feeling this right now

Genre: Urban fantasy

You may be interested if you’re into: Classic saving-the-world stories, but with a twist. Playing around with the concept of the Chosen One. Protagonists of dubious morality. Reincarnation? Reincarnation. (Well, kind of.)

Plot summary:

CH1 has always had dreams of apocalypse. Not in the sense that she wanted it, but definitely in the sense that she just knew it would happen. She had had prophetic dreams before, so she pretty much can tell what is a vision of a future and what isn't at this point.

One day, the stars would be right; and that day, the world would burn.

The sick inevitability was almost as bad as nobody believing her, but not quite.

And that she didn't know how, or why it would happen, aside from the vague hints brought by dream logic? Just the icing on the shit-covered cake.

Needless to say, believing that Nothing Matters, YOLO makes one take some... risky decisions. For CH1, those risky decisions involved getting tangled up with some dangerous people and even more dangerous situations.

Imagine her surprise, then, when someone believes her for the first time -- and when that someone is CH2, who was actually hired to kill her because of an especially bad decision. It turns out CH2 shares the dream, and hey, wouldn't it actually be cool to do something about it? And why are they dreaming the same dreams, anyway?

Spoiler alert: It's because they were both involved in the Ritual that is about to bring the end times. One triggered it; the other thwarted it. The act of thwarting was more of a postponement, though -- and it also demanded sacrifice, which killed them both. Now, the events are about to be repeated as the one who caused all of this to happen needs to die again to end the threat for good. Or does she?

And wtf even happened in the past?

Notes: Obviously, a lot would need to be developed here, but I think the premise is compelling. We'd need to figure out more about the Apocalypse itself (how it happens, what are the signs, what are the steps our characters have to take) as well as what happened in the original timeline. Also, keep in mind that the characters will still be pursued by the Shady People that originally hired CH2.

Alternative set-up: the MC duo are a cop and a criminal, rather than... whatever they even are now.

The King is Dead; Long Live the King Queen

Genre: Urban fantasy

You may be interested if you’re into: Juggling a lot of side characters and dabbling in fictional politics. Murder, revenge, and all the charming stuff like that. Vampires and other brands of supernatural nonsense.

Plot summary:

The kingdom is only as good as its king, and this is no less true when the kingdom in question is but a city.

For decades, the city was ruled by a certain vampire Prince. People didn't love him, mostly because love is hard to come by in such circles, but they agreed he was good for them. He knew how to keep everyone in check, after all -- and what is peace if not holding the biggest gun and having the balls to actually use it?

Except that someone else used their gun.

Yes, the prince was killed. Murdered in cold blood, in his own residence, along with this closest family. Whoops?

To say that the resulting power vacuum caused problems would have been an understatement. Clans blamed one another; others seized the opportunity to go after their enemies; others still followed different, more long-term goals. The city's foundations are crumbling, along with everything its inhabitants have ever held dear.

And as the undercurrent of it all? The investigation of who killed the Prince.

CH1, an exiled fae, has the dubious honor of being the main suspect. CH2, a vampire, strikes a deal with her -- she will help her prove her innocence in exchange for that sweet, sweet fae blood. That is just the power up she needs, and possibly the ticket to the higher society!

Notes: I want a lot of fuckery for this one, such as the characters doublecrossing one another. Gimme all the sweet drama! Their initial relationship can be very antagonistic, if you'd like. Also, I want the reason behind CH1's exile to be significant because exploring fae court politics sounds sick. The vamp should also have strong personal motivations.

In the Skies:

Genre: Some kinda fantasy? Sci-fi-ish, possibly with dystopian elements.

You may be interested if you’re into: Hardcore exploration and uncovering ancient secrets. Lots of worldbuilding. Made in Abyss, because while I don’t really want to borrow many elements from the anime, the original idea was inspired by it. Sense of wonder, even if it's marred by ever-present danger.

Plot summary:

Nobody knows how or why it happened, but it did.

Twenty years ago, when the village where this takes place was still young, a piece of something appeared in the sky. Astrologers said that it was a piece of a star, but everyone knows that astrologers say a lot of stupid things. The point is, it's a whole new world floating above -- and it calls out to any who are willing to listen.

The call is not without its dangers, though.

Weird beasts live there, and even weirder things can be found amidst all the strangeness. Shards of a civilization that is and isn't like that of our own; the story of an ancient tragedy; hints of what might happen to us if we follow the same path. Returning isn't easy either, because the longer you stay, the more bound to the place you are.

CH1 doesn't ever want to visit, even if a lot of money can be made from selling the shit you can find during an expedition. She has no desire to risk her life, thank you very much! When someone kidnaps her younger sister and everything points to the fact they took her there, though? She will do it, and she will even hire CH2, a seasoned guide, to... well, guide her. Everything to save the sis!

Note: It doesn't need to be a sister, but it should obviously be someone important. Also, we need to figure out an actual reason behind the kidnapping (that should be important within the lore, which we should also figure out.) I wasn't kidding about the worldbuilding! CH2 should probably have some kinda personal reason to be there, too.

Can People Hear You Scream in Space?

Genre: Sci-fi, horror.

You may be interested if you’re into: Horrific shit. Pseudo-gulags, politically motivated processes, repression. USSR, but in space! Fully automated, not-at-all-luxury gay communism.

Plot summary:

The Empire is always right. It was right when it lifted humanity to the stars, and it was just as right when it sent CH1 to a gulag totally free mining colony on a random shithole of a planet pictoresque little world!

Obviously, that is the best use of just about anyone's talents. Who wouldn't want to spend the rest of their miserable life doing backbreaking labor? And for the Motherland, of all things!

Translation: CH1's life is pretty much over. It never really began though, so she is... well, probably not okay with it, but as okay as one could possibly be without going absolutely batshit crazy.

Her days are filled with greyness, labor and suffering -- until they manage to dig up something that definitely should have stayed in the ground.

That something is CH2. Or, to be more accurate, CH2's hibernation pod! Nobody has any idea how she got there, because this place has never been anything but mining colony, and no records speak of any incident that would justify it being there.

So, of course that they report it to the Empire like the good little subjects that they are. What else?

But strange things start to happen when CH2 actually wakes up. Overseers go missing super easily all of a sudden; things are spotted that aren't quite human; and, which is the weirdest thing to CH1, CH2 actually seems to know her from somewhere.

Notes: I have some options in mind but I don't actually know wtf is wrong with CH2, so we would need to figure that out. Also, we need to figure out the entire plot direction but I am in favor of fucking the Empire up. CH1 definitely has a grudge and that is an epic enough goal.

Winter (Not?) Eternal

Genre: Cyberpunk, fantasy, mythology

You may be interested if you’re into: Greek mythology, but with a twist. Enemies-to-lovers. Drama, drama, drama! Hope as a theme, but buried at the bottom of the proverbial Pandora's box.

Plot summary:

The world isn't what it once was.

Not that our protagonists remember. When they drew their first breath, the planet was already all but dead, buried under snow and ashes. The stories of warmth, fire, and the magical period once known as spring? To them, they are just that -- stories. Something to tell to children, and those foolish enough to buy into them still.

Regardless, both CH1 and CH2 are fortunate enough to live in one of the Cities.

Of course, every coin has two sides, and what one may consider fortune is considered a curse by another. So, sure, they do have food to eat and don't need to worry about freezing to death -- but they also live under the rule of the mysterious mob boss Sito, who keeps everyone on a tight leash. The word 'dystopia' doesn't even begin to cover it.

CH1 leads the rebellion against the system; CH2 works to uphold it.

A simple configuration, right?

Well, not quite.

What they don't know is that they are more connected to what happened in the past, and to each other, than one might expect... and the connection might either doom or save them.

Notes: Yep, the two are reincarnated gods who basically triggered the whole eternal winter thing because they eloped together and CH2's mother, also a goddess, threw a tantrum. Whoops? Most gods died in the cataclysm, but the mother didn't. She is still looking for her daughter now, unaware that she already fucking works for her. Loosely inspired by Hades x Persephone -- by which I mean I just liked the vibes and reinvented the story because the original rapey connotations weren't cool. Anyway, I'm happy to work in more Greek mythos-related things!

More to come, I guess, because I still have more ideas, but I'm actually getting tired writing all of this down. It got longer than I expected, lol.

But, if you're interested, you may inquire about the following prompts in PMs before I get around to actually fleshing them out here:

- a big spaceship heist that leads to a fight against a megacorporation -- featuring mages and assassins and aliens!
- a bet between a demon and an angel that goes epically wrong; apocalypse may or may not be in the cards
- more reincarnation shenanigans, except they were gods in their past lives, as well as lovers. Now they are enemies, duking it out in a post-apocalyptic world Added!
- a trainwreck of a pairing where one character becomes a little too obsessed with tracking down their past lover's murderer
- AWKWKWLWLW someone kill me, I have so much stuff to write 😭

Either way, message me and we can talk. Bring ideas and good attitude.
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Bump + added a plot! God I'm being slow with this
Bump! Also craving period drama, something mythology-related, and/or good ol' murder mystery. Feel free to hit me up with any ideas you might have :)
Tentative bump! Can handle one (1) more partner right now. Not in the mood for fantasy as all of my current RPs are high fantasy-ish; will happily do anything sci-fi and modern-aligned, though.

Been developing a space-faring adventure with mechas and corporations, so ask me about it!
Bump, still on my scifi/modern kick! Happy to do mecha, space opera, various dystopias and everything in between.
Bump for non-medieval plots (love them but I've got my fill for now)

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