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Fandom OUTER REALMS - A Fire Emblem RP (Character Sheet)

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Status 9/5/23: Accepting

This is the character sheet for Outer Realms - A literate Fire Emblem Roleplay!
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Character Sheet

Please provide an image of your character with artist credit!

At present, players can take one hero character, and either one villain character OR emblem character.

You can find our current roster on our interest check or by joining our discord.

Character Name:
Game of Origin:
Gender & Pronouns:


Class/Personals Info

Classes can be from game of origin or a special homebrew class. A class can only use three weapon types max.

Class Name:
Class Weapon Type(s):
Personal Skill (A special skill only your character can use for RP purposes):
Personal Weapon (A special weapon only your character can use for RP purposes):


Postgame? (Does your character have the memories of the end of their game of origin? Please answer this as a yes/no):
Relationships (Other characters that your character knows):
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art by me! ozzie artman ozzie artman

Xane - Draconic Trickster

Character Name: Xane
Game of Origin: Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem
Age: Around two thousand years old
Gender & Pronouns: He/Him

Class/Personals Info

Class Name: Divine Trickster
Class Weapon Type(s): Staffs, Swords
Personal Skill: Copycat (Unit can turn into any other unit, unless they are a dragon.)
Personal Weapon: Serpentine Staff

Postgame?: Yes
Sly; A trickster with a penchant for impersonating others. Secretive and mysterious. A kind dragon who has a tough time walking away when someone is in trouble, even if it isn't in his benefit to help them. Keeps a carefree air about himself, but has grown into the grace of a dragon as he's matured.


"Xane vanished once more after the war. All that remained afterwards was the odd anecdote of an eccentric shapeshifter."

For the next thousand or so years, Xane went wherever his feet took him. It was only after he reached the ends of Archanea that he found his first Outrealm portal and began exploring universes parallel to his own. He eventually learned the lyre, and managed to live on his bard skills and some light mercenary work.

"Human lives are real fickle. Seems like they're gone in a blink..."

Along the way, he befriended humans despite his better judgement - he knew that he would outlive them, and though it ate at his heart like a worm with teeth, he couldn't stop himself from forming bonds with others. Because of the flow of time, Xane is well aware that "Princey" (Marth) and the others from Altea - save for Tiki - are long dead and buried. Despite traveling to several different versions of Archanea throughout the thousand-year wandering, he has never been able to bring himself to see those he fought with in the war.

"Alright, kiddo - you've convinced me. We'll find your sisters."

During his travels, Xane encountered a young, lost Anna. The dragonspawn took her under his wing; He taught her things, and made sure she was taken care of as they searched the Outrealms for her sisters. Over time, they became like family. Years passed, and Anna eventually grew into a fine young woman. However, she never left Xane's side, and the two continued to travel together, with Anna setting up shop wherever they landed and Xane continuing his work as a bard and a travelling mercenary.

"What...is this? Am I still in my body...?"

Xane and Anna found their current Outrealm by accident. They had wandered just a bit too far through the desert - and then, suddenly, they were in a gloomy, overgrown castle where the sun didn't reach. The portal was gone as soon as it came, and the pair was forced to explore the remnants of the castle to find a way out.

Because of Anna's sticky fingers, the two ended up separated. Xane searched the ruined halls for her, until he was lured by the call of a stranger. Almost as if possessed, he followed the voice into a hidden room filled with empty pedestals - save for the one in the middle, where a lone bracelet sat. In a daze, the dragonspawn put on the bracelet. Suddenly, he had little control over his own body as it ran down the hall. His body was possessed by the Archsage Soren; a powerful tactician trapped within the mysterious bracelet. The chaotic spirit within was looking for the man he came with - his husband, Ike.

When they both found who they were looking for, it was under the worst circumstances.

"I'll protect him. I promise."

Anna hadn't returned alone - she bumped into Xane and Emblem Soren, Forsyth and Python in tow. Although she didn't know the pair, they were all running away from Nohr's feared General, Niles. He had taken aim on the intruders, and was more than pleased to add Xane to the platter and retrieve the stolen bracelet. The ring that bound Ike was attached to his deft fingers, giving his arrows unimaginable power. To make matters worse, the commotion had caught the attention of the King of Nohr himself, Leo. The group of heroes was surrounded on both ends of the hall - until, with his very last bit of strength, Ike took over Niles's mind to fend off Leo so the group could make their escape. Because of Soren's lapse upon seeing Ike once more, Xane was able to come to long enough to remove the bracelet and promise Ike that he would protect Soren in his stead, until they met again.

The group fled, finding a warp staff as Ike bought them some time - as well as a peculiar journal, which Anna kept.

"If we don't do something...what's gonna happen to everyone's world?"

After warping to Hoshido, the group eventually made camp at a shrine lost to time. They laid low for a while, forming an uneasy truce with one another. Xane had unwittingly become the leader of this band of lost heroes. Their lives were in his hands - and if they weren't quick to find a way to defeat the King of Nohr, the fate of the Outrealms would be dire.

...and thus begins Chapter 1: Crown of Thorns.


Anna: A woman who Xane has watched over since she was little. They have a close, familial relationship.

Emblem Soren: Him and Ike were coined "The First Emblems". Despite his attitude, he is willing to lend his aid to the group in a gambit to save Ike from Nohr's clutches.

Emblem Ike: Unwillingly fought in Castle Krakenburg. Xane promised Ike that he would look after Soren until they met again.

Forsyth: A soldier from Valentia with a heart of gold. Him and Python found the Outrealm portal while looking for their friend, Lukas.

Python: Another soldier from Valentia. Relaxed and a tad lazy, but is wise beyond his years. Him and Forsyth are an item.
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Name: Mia
Age: Early 20's
Game of Origin: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn
Pronouns/Gender: Female (She/Her)


Class: Magic Trueblade
Class Weapons: Lightning Tomes, Swords
Personal Skill: Lightning Astra (Strike 6 times with your sword in rapid succession, using a strike of magic lightning for a final, 7th hit.)
Personal Weapon: Alondite

Story and Lore

Postgame memories:
Personality: Energetic and Quirky, Mia strives to hone her skills almost obsessively. Despite her quirks, she has a golden heart; Mia is always willing to help those in need.
Mia is also stalwartly opposed to the stereotype of women being unsuited for the battlefield, training rigorously every day to disprove this notion. This also means she views males she has dueled or sparred with that don't hold back against her in a favorable light.

Backstory: Before the Thorns

After the war to stop the Goddess Ashera's judgement came to an end, Mia traveled the continent in search of more rivals to fight, returning to the Griel mercenaries to rest (and to spar with Ike) every so often. Ike had given her Alondite during their fight against the goddess, and Mia, though she rarely used it during her training, kept it with her.

A few months after one of her stops at the Griel mercenaries, she came across a group of bandits attacking a group of merchants. Pulling out Alondite as she noticed they had a lightning mage at their head, Mia charged in to help the caravan. The bandits proved no match once Mia joined the fray, as her appearance boosted the caravan guards morale. Mia had gained a reputation for herself over the years of travel, so many knew of her by this point across Tellius. The bandits, also knowing of her, fled in panic. However, the mage had hid nearby. Mad that his quarry was taken from him, he pulled out a vial with some weird liquid and swallowed it.

The merchants were thanking Mia for the help when Mia felt the hair on her neck stand on end. Turning around quickly and drawing Alondite, she barely blocked the lightning magic from the bandit mage, who was laughing maniacally. Sending bolt after bolt, the bandit had zero regard as to where he was aiming. Mia could tell something wasn't right with the man. The merchants were running, but they were still not far enough away, and the mage was now casting magic way too fast. Unbeknownst to Mia, a shimmering, portal like entrance was slowly opening behind her as she blocked, parried or dodged as many of the lightning strikes as she could. The mage himself suddenly stopped and went silent only to explode with magic, sending a massive strike of magic lightning right at Mia.

Her last thoughts as she fell into the portal behind her, was hope that the merchants had gotten away.

Mia woke up an unknown amount of time later, noticing that not only had she survived, she was now somewhere else entirely. Checking herself for injuries, she noticed a book on the ground nearby. It was a lightning tome from the merchant caravan she had protected. Before she could completely get her bearings, some weird, tall creatures came charging at her. Grabbing the tome, she tucked it in her clothes before drawing her sword. She managed to cut down the first few, but she was still reeling from her earlier fight. That, coupled with the fact she obviously was no longer on Tellius, caused her to take a blow to her side, sending her flying a few feet before hitting the ground with a groan, Alondite flying a few feet away afterwards.
With the strange creatures closing in on her, Mia began struggling to stand when the lightning tome from earlier fell out of her clothes. Mia stared at it for what seemed like a few minutes, while in reality it was at most a couple seconds. Without knowing why, she grabbed it, opened it, and send lightning magic at the creatures closest to her, turning them to ashes.
Ignoring the fact she that can somehow now use Lightning magic, Mia ran and grabbed Alondite before running off to find somewhere to hide, eventually finding an abandoned hut in the nearby forest. She ran inside and calmed her breathing to listen for signs of pursuit, but the creatures seemed to have given up for the time being.
Mia sighed out in relief, and sat down against the wall for a short nap and to regain her bearing before she would set off to explore the area and find out just what exactly was going on.


Ike: Ike was her commander, sparring partner, and friend. Also the hero of the war against the Goddess Ashera.

Soren: The Griel Mercenaries tactician, and resident mage. Mia views Soren as a friend, but probably is the one she knows least about in the Mercenaries.
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Character Name: Gangrel
Game of Origin: Awakening
Age: Late 30s
Gender & Pronouns: Male and male


Class/Personals Info

Class Name: Dread Fighter
Class Weapon Type(s): Axe and Dark Tome
Personal Skill: Bloodlust - After he strikes down an enemy, he has a chance to get into haze were he attacks harder and faster but has little control of himself. He can attack friend, foe or nothing at all.
Personal Weapon (A special weapon only your character can use for RP purposes):
Battle Axe (grands him bloodlust and is the reason he forgot the past)



Postgame?: No
Personality: The mad king lives up to his name. He is cunning and ruthless, with a nihilistic outlook on life and filled with manic energy. He may appear as nothing but a killer clown, but there is a cunning and manipulative mind able to use his manner to misdirect and make his enemies vulnerable. This doesn't mean that he can't be manipulated himself and is easily lead if the appeal to his last for power. Deep inside, though, there is still the man of the end of his tale who was to atone for his past and wanting to be a better man and ruler even though it was forgotten by the malevolence behind the current troubles.
Backstory: Former and disgraced king of Plegia, Gangrel was born not from loyalty but from poverty and faced mistreatment and crime, even losing his mother to the blade of a Plegian noble. Despite this, he rose through the ranks to become known as the Mad King to bring his people under the influence of the Fell Dragon Grima and began to move his kingdom to war.

He instigated war with the two neighbouring nations of Ylisse and Ferox, and attempted the assassination of the Ylisse Exalt Emmeryn and the chosen of the Holy Dragon Naga. These attempts failed and eventually lost the war thanks to the Shepards under the leadership of the new Exalt Chrom and their strategist "Robin". Dethroned, broken and disgraced, he went into exile with a few followers, searching for his end. He nearly met his end at another encounter with the Shepards but despite his crimes to Ylisse and its people, Chrom persuaded Gangrel to join their fight against the fell dragon Grima. He agreed only as a quicker way to find his friends. Despite mistrusted at first, he eventually bonded with his fellow fighters and the mad king softened with their influence.

Not finding his end through the war against Grima, he eventually left the Shepards and struck out on his own once more. Some say he found another kingdom to rule and hopefully not repeat the mistakes of his past. Others said he died in a gutter somewhere. The truth however is much worse, as his journey found him through the Outrealm Gate and fell under the influence of another dark force.

Relationships (Other characters that your character knows):
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Character Sheet

Please provide an image of your character with artist credit!


Artist - FE Wiki

At present, players can take one hero character, and either one villain character OR emblem character.

You can find our current roster on our interest check or by joining our discord.

Character Name: Haar
Game of Origin: Path of Radiance
Age: 29
Gender & Pronouns: Male He/Him


Class/Personals Info

Classes can be from game of origin or a special homebrew class. A class can only use three weapon types max.

Class Name: Lance, Axe
Class Weapon Type(s): Iron Lance, Iron Axe
Personal Skill: Extra Critical - trounces an extra critical attack upon enemy.
Personal Weapon Iron Lance


Postgame? Yes
Personality: Haar has a somewhat nice personality, being chill and lazy and at the same time strong and charismatic enough to take care of business. He’s rather lazy in a sense, and can be found sleeping in enemy encampments. He’s avid in participating in battles and marches. Haar sees himself as a good fighter.

Haar is a good personality, he’s loyal to his commander. In general, you wouldn’t see him flinch from his loyalty to Ike.

Haar shares bonds with many personalities across the camp. His close friend is probably Jill, but as a friend or as a lover, Haar has a great many strengths. Outside of loyalty, Haar will take good care of his friends.


Back in the day, Haar worked for the Holy Dragonknights, working day and night in order to rescue the poor, weak, and needs from evil men. Evil men would loot, and Haar would go on bandit missions to help his Holy Order. While his faith was strong, bandits would certainly succumb to the power of his lance.

He was eventually promoted to a 2nd in command, and handed over the task of looking over Jill, a promising prospect in the Wyvern division. Eventually, with some help, Haar takes leave from camp, shortly following his commander’s death. His commander, Shiharam, used to be one of a kind. A blatantly strong and kind commander, Shiharam used to set quite the example for Haar. His death meant a lot to Haar, after which he joined Ike’s camp with some vengeance.

Haar remained with Ike for the Mad King’s war, in order to exact revenge for Shiharam’s death. Eventually, Ike won the war, making Haar happy.

Haar lived many days by the countryside after the war, running a delivery wyvern business. Haar wanted some more coin, or recognition, for all his efforts in Ike’s campaign.

Eventually, one day, Haar was called to the Nohr, in order to investigate the fall of Hoshido. This was new terrain for Haar, but regardless he picked up his Wyvern and left for Ike’s side, looking to live out another battle, and ideally earn enough gold to buy him a castle and wife.

Relationships (Other characters that your character knows):

Ike’s Camp
Emblem Ike - First Emblem


Character Name: Ike
Game of Origin: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn
Age: Mid 20s
Gender and Pronouns: He/Him

Art by Fujisaka Kimihiko

Class: Corrupt Vanguard
Class Weapon Types: Swords
Personal Skill: Unstable Aether (Grants Emblem and Emblem host the "Great Aether" ability. The Emblem or Emblem host will heal and do massive damage to every party member within close range.)

Personal Weapon: Chaos Ragnell (The Emblem host of Ike is granted this weapon, regardless of weapon type.)

Yes, Post RD
Personality: As an Emblem, Ike is out of control in his own form. The will of his wearer has tainted his heart, feeding off his most vile and disgusting feelings. It's like he's paralyzed within a dream - he sees and comprehends everything, but is powerless to stop it. The corruption dirties the heart of a true, radiant hero; one who is kind and accepting of all. He tends to be blunt and a tad naïve, but he's got a good soul. He's become a bit of a softie after running away with his fated pair.


"Once he saw stability returned, Ike left on a journey to lands still unknown. He was never seen again."

Tying the knot in a quiet ceremony, Ike and Soren left Tellius together. They spent years in nomadic but domestic bliss - taking their exploration at their own pace, and simply enjoying one another's company. Although Ike still kept in light contact with Mist, he had all but disappeared from the face of the Earth. They continued with mercenary work wherever they traveled, since the two of them could never truly settle down in life.

"Hang on! I-I've got you!"

During their travels, the couple found a mysterious portal in the dead of night. Ike was apprehensive, but Soren, having studied the mysterious phenomenon, was too distracted to detect a figure in the shadows. An arrow was struck into Soren's arm, causing him to keel over and fall through the portal. Before he was fully engulfed, however, Ike reached out to grab Soren's hand. He held on for dear life, trying to pull his beloved out of the vortex, despite Soren's protests as their enemy approached. Suddenly, Ike felt a painful force against his back. He, too, was pushed into the portal. Ike caught a glimpse of a man with an eyepatch, smirking down at them as he followed them into the depths.

"SOREN!!! Oh, gods, Soren...!"

Ike woke up in a daze. His wrists and ankles were held together by thick vines. The man with the eyepatch was staring at him, his bloodied boot crushed into Soren's unmoving form. The mage's body rested on the ground, atop a delicately drawn sigil. The sight gave Ike the push he needed to destroy his restraints and disarm the attacker with his fists alone. Because of the man's slimmer mass, he went down without much of a fight - but before Ike could finish the job, he was stopped by an unholy blade pointed at his neck.

As fate would have it, their lives would not be ended by a decoy. The king of this strange world - a man named Leo - would be their executioner. Ike's memories of how he died are fuzzy, but the memories from after he died would be the ones that drove him to despair.

"If this continues...I will kill them all. I must stop...!"

After multiple failures on making Soren's emblem submit to the will of his master, the king took special precautions when handling Ike. He entrusted the emblem to his General - the man who had aided in their deaths. Ike would soon learn that this man's name was Niles - and what an ugly, slimy creature lived beneath the surface. The darkness grabbed Ike's heart like a vice, rendering him unable to fight against his new master's will.

The next parts of Ike's story are a blur of madness and horror. He learned things about a land called Hoshido and a land called Nohr. The blade that followed him in death took the lives of even innocent Hoshidans. Try as he did to fight, he could not break away and disobey Niles. In his state of awakened slumber, he begged to whoever would listen for Soren to be spared this cruel fate - he had not seen the archsage since their deaths. After the land of light had paid in blood, Ike's ring still sat on Niles's finger. The beautiful land of Hoshido grew dense with clouds and barren of crops. The ancient buildings had crumbled under the brute force of the king's magic, and life was a forgotten memory.

All Ike could do was watch, and obey.

"You...I remember you..."

Ike had been dormant for a while before there were intruders in Castle Krakenburg. He found himself jolted awake, thrusted into yet another battle he didn't want. For the first time in his life, Ike was tired of fighting. He chased a group of rather strange looking bandits - but was stopped in his tracks when the group reunited with an even stranger looking bandit, with red hair that touched the broken marble at their feet. However, it wasn't the strange, red thing that had halted him and made his dead heart skip a beat once again.

Soren. After so long, it was Soren. The two had locked eyes for but a moment, until Ike heard the familiar drag of Siegfried against the floor. In that moment, a wish stronger than Niles's contempt for life took over - the wish to protect.

"Run! Run, and don't come back to this place!"

In his first moment of control in ages, Ike held off Leo with Ragnell. He commanded the intruders to run while they could. Too focused on warding off the King, he didn't notice that Soren had disappeared after Xane had pulled off the bracelet, but he heard the dragonspawn's parting words.

"I promise, I'll look after your friend...and I'll come back for you."


Soren: Married. Travelled beyond Tellius together. After becoming the "First Emblems", Ike didn't see Soren again until the heroes found their way into Castle Krakenburg.

Niles: Ike's Emblem host. Ike feeds off of his depraved, cold heart and channels it into madness and rage.

Leo: The king who performed the ritual to turn Ike and Soren into the "First Emblems". In all of Ike's time to think, he hasn't been able to pin down why him and Soren were seemingly handpicked, and how Leo could have known where they would be from an entire universe away.

Mia: Old sparring partners and fellow mercenaries, back when Ike led the Greil Mercenaries. Ike's memories from back then feel so distant, but he can almost make out the crossing of blades and a familiar mop of purple hair in his daze...

Takumi: Although his memories are fuzzy, Ike can recall the second prince of Hoshido from their brief encounter. Try as he did to hold back, he was forced by Niles into attacking him and Sakura before they escaped the General's grasp.
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Character Name: Takumi
Game of Origin: Fates
Age: 22
Gender & Pronouns: Male


Class/Personals Info

Class Name: Sniper
Class Weapon Type(s): Yumi (Bow)
Personal Skill: Nature's Blessing - He is unhindered by terrain that would slow others.
Personal Weapon: Fujin Yumi


Postgame?: Yes
Personality: The admiration for his siblings, the guarded behavior towards obvious non-Hoshidans, neither one has wavered much throughout the years. His distrust, however, only extends to people. Their culture and history interest Takumi enough to pay attention if even a Nohrian spoke about such things. However, since actively learning stuff like that would involve closer interaction with foreigners, he doesn't get many opportunities to show that interest. He tends to focus more on dealing with current events rather than side activities, particularly given the state Hoshido's been left in. Could even seem overly focused sometimes as his survivor's guilt constantly haunts him day and night, like some ghost mimicking the inferiority complex he had before. Particularly considering he's not had the chance to mourn those that have been lost.
Backstory: Takumi is Hoshidan royalty, whose older brother Ryoma became King of Hoshido shortly after their army returned victorious from Nohr's Castle Krakenberg. It was a short coronation due to attention quickly turning to the war-torn parts of Hoshido. At which point, he'd stepped up to oversee the reconstruction in person, spending much of his time away from the capital and his siblings. His devoted attention to the populace made him a well-recognized figure among the citizens, albeit only around the holidays or significant occasions if it was the capital's citizenry.

One such occasion happened to be on the eve of the 2nd anniversary of the Krakenberg confrontation. His return was in preparation for scheduled talks between Hoshidan and the remaining Nohrian royalty. Takumi didn't really end up talking much with Leo during that brief exchange, nor did much come from those talks other than it fueling him to later (after the invasion) overanalyze their discussion for any hints they might've missed back then. Like that 2nd anniversary, it was on the eve of a holiday when the invasion. The Hoshidan Capital and Castle Shirasagi were preparing for the day to honor the dead and celebrate the living.

He returned from his rounds through Hoshido late, after midnight on that eve, so he ended up being woken rather abruptly by the sound of early morning battle coming closer. While quick to leap from bed and join the fight, Takumi was still among the last ones in the castle to come face-to-face with the horrific, deformed-looking enemies. The nightmare fuel for weaker-minded people things didn't keep the prince or his retainers from trying to fight their way to join up with Takumi's siblings. Two of them already seemed to be struck down amid the enemies when Takumi got close enough that Ryoma pushed their younger sister, Sakura, toward him. Although told to take her and escape, he did so reluctantly, wanting to go back for the others once she was safe. In the chaos, however, it ended up being just the two royals reaching the exit from Shirasagi. Even *thought* he caught glimpses of Nohrian soldiers among those fighting the few remaining Hoshidan forces, the glimpses were too brief to be sure he'd seen it.

At the entranceway, Takumi paused since it was narrower than where they came from and sent Sakura on ahead while he turned around and put a few arrows into the Husks that tried closing in on them. He also intended for it to be a way to give his retainers a few extra moments to catch up. Only it wasn't either retainer who emerged from the swarm of fighting, but a Nohrian whom Takumi had little knowledge about other than he was, or had been, Leo's retainer previously.

"I shouldn't have doubted my eyes. Of course, you Nohrians would have had some hand in this!" This encounter only lasted a few seconds before Sakura, to avoid potentially losing another sibling, used the last use of her Rescue Rod to teleport him to her. That got them both outside Castle Shirasagi, but the capital surrounding it turned out to be, likewise, overrun by those monsters. Forced to flee even from the city, they found it easier going out here as if whoever controlled the army specifically took into account the strength of each place.

Getting outside the capital proved easier, and they took a moment at some open, untouched land, away from the attackers, to catch their breath. To decide where they should retreat to regroup to gather allies. He figured that since Fort Jinya would've been basically on the way to the capital from Nohr, it must've already fallen to Nohr's army. Instead, they decided to aim toward the nearest village, nestled and hidden behind the mountains resting north of that not-so-narrow valley. At least to restock, seeing how Sakura was out of healing rods. Despite the prince having not outgrown that knee-jerk reaction to make Nohr pay for transgressions, Takumi'd matured enough to recognize they would probably need supplies. What with how far away the nearest southern village was from there.

They didn't stay in that village long before they made for the mountains in southern Hoshido to bypass Fort Jinya since they wouldn't be strong enough with just the two of them to take it if it'd already fallen to Nohr. Before entering the mountainous region, Takumi sent his sister on ahead while he stayed behind, creating a fake trail to throw off any pursuers. He veered toward where they were supposed to meet once he finished, only to find no sign of Sakura having made it there before him. His quick, desperate search, scouring the area, didn't find any trace of what might've happened to her.

That also set him behind by the time reason kicked in to turn his attention onto focusing on the rest of Hoshido. The next village had already been hit by Nohr when he arrived, and he was pretty much left picking up pieces rather than being able to gather an army to strike back at Nohr.
Relationships (Other characters that your character knows):
Leo - Since the first conflict they had against Nohr, Takumi has only met him during that meeting between Hoshidan and Nohrian royals. However, that made his anger toward the Nohrian simmer rather than be fully triggered. If he ever actually sees him in front of him, though...
Niles - He is the main target of Takumi's anger right now. Mainly because he's been the only clear, recognizable face that the Hoshidan prince has seen among the Husks.
Ike - Takumi doesn't know much about him, but since he appears to be on Nohr's side back during the attack on Castle Shirasagi Takumi's opinion of him is somewhat in the negative. Less negative than how he views Niles.
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621056d4da0bf23554d07b969da3bd03.jpgForsyth - Loyal Lieutenant


Character Name: Forsyth
Game of Origin: Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia
Age: 25
Gender and Pronouns: He/Him

Art by 珠見

Class: Soldier
Class Weapon Types: Lances
Personal Skill: Like a True Knight! (This character can take damage in the place of a friend.)

Personal Weapon: Sol Lance (User is able to restore energy quicker after battle.)

Personality: Heart of pure gold. A man who gets caught up in daydreams of knighthood, but has the work ethic to rival an entire royal guard. Even when the odds aren't in his favor, Forsyth is a man who refuses to give up. Forsyth is a bit of a worrier who tends to take situations to their extremes. He lets his guard down around Python - they bicker like an old married couple.


"What reason have I to lie, you knucklehead?! I SWEAR I saw Lukas go through this...um...whatever THIS is!"

Forsyth and Python had not intended to find a literal portal to another universe on their usual nightly patrol. They had followed their friend, Lukas, after he had snuck off camp. Forsyth caught a glimpse of red enter an odd looking gate, and followed it against his better judgement.

"The smell is just foul, isn't it? Blegh."

Forsyth had face planted into the ground on his descent, Python following only moments later. No sooner had they landed was an arrow pointed at the both of them by a man with an eyepatch and a sick smirk on his face - a man who referred to them as "unwanted guests". Although Forsyth made to shield Python, he felt his wrist being grabbed as he was dragged to flee.

"You're a thief?! Gods, but you're so young!...Oh dear. You didn't come alone?"

In their daring escape, Forsyth and Python ran right past Anna. Following the tried and true saying of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend", they grouped up in search of Xane and an escape route. They, along with Xane's posse (including a strange apparition named Soren) barely escaped from Krakenburg with their lives.

"Um...well. Looks like we may be here a while longer. I suppose introductions are in order! I am Forsyth, a knight of Zofia. This layabout is my partner, Python...How did we end up here? Oh, we were looking for someone! A friend of ours, you see."

Despite the dire situation, Forsyth makes the most of it. He is the muscle of the group who doesn't quite understand his own strength, but also is a compassionate man and skilled warrior. He offers his support to the group, wanting to take down the Mad King and also find his friend, Lukas.


Python: Forsyth and Python are in love - but it's that special kind of love, where they jab at each other to nauseum but never seem to go to bed truly angry. The two share a lot of PDA (public displays of affection).

Anna: Encountered while fleeing Castle Krakenburg. He tends to worry for her wellbeing.

Xane: Met in Krakenburg. Forsyth offered to aid him in retrieving Ike's emblem and taking down the mad king.

Lukas: Followed Lukas into the Outrealm. His whereabouts are unknown.

Soren: Friends? Acquaintances? Forsyth refers to himself as a "well-wisher". Soren refers to him as an "idiot".

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