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LoCarb Madman

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Hey yo, nice to meet you all! I am 32/M and am looking for a long-term partner to write a Slice-Of-Life story with me! Recently I’ve gotten into the show Superstore and on my 4th rewatch of The Office as well as my.... 10? I believe rewatch of Scrubs so I’m deep into the SOL side of things. We can mix a bit of all three or we can just stick to one. Currently I’m looking for a willing male or female to write as Amy from Superstore for me. Her character is just so interesting from a creative stand point and I’d love to work my OC against her. We can even place her in any of the other universes as well. What if she was able to back Pam up against Michael’s shenanigans? Or, how would she defend JD against Dr. Cox and his flurry of insults and tough love? The possibilities are pretty endless I just ask that you play her against my OC.(self-insert).

Obviously this wouldn’t be constant and a happy-go-lucky type of story. We’d have drama, angst, arguments and fights and I need someone dedicated to it!

I write anywhere from 1-4 paragraphs at any given time. Obviously if there’s a lot going on there would be a lot more content. I also do image dumps, I understand I can be a bit! Annoying so if you want to keep the OOC stuff to a minimum I understand just let me know and we can be as quiet as the entire office was when Michael passed out after demolishing a whole Chicken Pot Pie! I write exclusively over discord and would not be willing to break from that. Servers make things so much easier from an organization stand point.

If any of this has peaked your interest feel free to message me but, make sure you finish the lyrics I put in the title!

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