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I'm not aesthetic in the least, if you can't tell. Here's the basic form. Feel free to add more or go crazy with formatting. I just need to be able to read it.
You may use whatever you'd like to portray your character. Words, pictures, gifs, whatever.

Basic Appearance: Make sure to include any other forms they may have. (If your character is a second Goku, or they're a shapeshifter, that type of thing.)
Abilities: Magic, racial powers, that sort of thing. Include the weaknesses/drawbacks/limitations here as well.
Weapon of Choice: If applicable
Armor of Choice: If applicable
Basic Personality: For the love of Pete, please don't just put down one of the 16 personality ENW4E whatevers. I'm too lazy to look it up and don't have them all memorized.
Extra: Any other information such as backstories, little important details, whatever.
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The Only Ocassionally Reliable RP Partner
Name: Raydon J. Swift
Pronounced like "Ray-done" as a ray of sunshine and then like the feeling you get when you wish you were done with homework. "Swift" doesn't have any unique pronounciation.

Spot: Hero
Sex: Male
Species/Race: Halfling
Basic Appearance: Raydon is a four and a half foot tall boyish looking man. He has obnoxiously light blue hair, and green eyes like a lime lollipop. He bears no visible scars on his pale skin. Raydon's facial features are very soft and round, with a more feminine look to him. He's very sleek and slender, lacking the physical skill of humans, but makes up for it in agility. He has nimble fingers and exalted fine motor skills, able to manipulate tiny objects much easier than biger humans. Raydon wears red mage robes that really bring out his hair and eyes. (See image)

Abilities: Raydon is an elementalist and summoner. He specializes in fire and ice, but has the aptitude to call forth massive golems into battle. Raydon creates area of effect attacks, launch spikes of ice at foes, even create fireballs to launch at foes. He's an attacker, an evolker, a vicious fighter. However, due to his size and lack of armor, Raydon is vulnerable to just about everything. Like most mages, he's incredibly squishy, using magic and knowledge as a crutch to support him through life. He has some combat training in fighting people bigger than him, but it's not enough that he could take someone down by himself. Raydon has a high amount of mana, due to extensive training. However, his magic, particularly summoning, takes a lot longer to cast and leaves him vulnerable during that time. If he's hit, his concentration can fail and he'll end up backfiring the spell on himself. Overall, Raydon is a powerful mage and revered researching mind, but going toe to toe with him with guarantee your victory.
Weapon of Choice: Raydon has a wand that orbits him in combat. It cannot be used to attack, but instead casts spells. The mini staff is constructed from red Phoenix feathers with its stick from a frozen tree. A harmonious balance of fire and ice in one item. The wand floats on command, but he can call it to him. It's poor at fine motor tasks and gets confused by complex things.
Armor of Choice: Red mage robes (See image)
Basic Personality: Raydon is as devoted as he is kind. He's a benevolent soul, determined to be the best person he can be. Raydon is an optimist, finding the best in others. He enjoys trying new things and showing off his skills in playful competitions. Raydon is protective of those he loves, but never gets possessive or jealous. He is a fighting spirit, but is sensitive, especially when people underestimate him based on size alone. This happens frequently, and Raydon doesn't like constantly justifying himself for the sake of people trusting him.
Extra: Raydon served as a bodyguard in his youth before he fell. He of course was laughed at, but never lost a single person he guarded. Raydon became a hero through uncovering and fighting a cult that emerged in his town. He stopped a magically created plague, and saved a whole region with his bravery. Raydon has been honored by quite a few royals and had a funeral of King's when he died. Before his death, a mark was placed upon his chest, able to return him back to life if he was needed.IMG_1856.JPG

This will gain additional information fairly soon.


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Name: Ewan Aureus (Golden Ewan, omegalul)
Spot: Hero
Sex: Male
Species/Race: Arch-wraith
Basic Appearance: Ewan is a 7 foot tall, lanky creature, purple and blue robes adorn his grey body, purple energy radiating from his eyes, energy lines run up and down his body, illuminating it when he draws his bow, his legs muscular fitting for climbing and running. Smoke also radiates from his body. Apart from his eyes, his face is expressionless, no facial features to speak of.
Abilities: When standing in shadows, Ewan becomes completely invisible. Light drastically affects him, weakening his physical form and making him susceptible to physical damage, he is not immune to magic even if he is in a shadow. Shadow port, Ewan can teleport to another shadow while he is already standing in a shadow, the reach is limited, think 2 small rooms.
Weapon of Choice: Cerberus Bow-The Cerberus bow is an ancient bow forged in the depths of a dank cave made by legendary Celtic smiths high on shrooms. It can take on the qualities of its wielder, in Ewan's case it can conjure shadow bolts and lightning bolts, however the lightning bolts have a limited range but are extremely fast and the shadow bolts have a longer range but leave a trail of darkness. Hellkite dagger - a fiendish dagger that was, in contrary to the Cerberus bow, made by a Germanic tribe by sacrificing all their lives, it mattered not what age the life was, only that it was a life, they were high on a hallucinogenic substance which drove them to insanity. The dagger heals its user by devouring the souls of the slain, it only devours those that it kills, it also causes ungodly amounts of pain to the user that wields it, use with caution unless you are a masochistic creature.
Armor of Choice: Wraith-like armor - Ewan's armor possess similar qualities as him, however his purple and blue robes mitigate some of the magical damage Ewan takes, not by much but enough to stop anything that would instantly kill his kind.
Basic Personality: Ewan is a wrathful creature, like any wraith but unlike most wraiths his wrath is honed, disciplined, tamed and he vowed to never let his wrath control him, instead he would direct his wrath to those that would harm him. Before he became an arch-wraith, Ewan was an honorable man, taking care of his village as the elder, it filled his soul with joy when he saw the fruits of his labour in his small village as it flourish, he was always ready to help even at the dead of night but when his village died... slaughtered by some roaming bandits, his kindness, honour, honesty were shattered as he died, he cursed the bandits that he would follow them and brutalize them, as they had brutalized him. Nowadays Ewan is kinder but still as wrathful as when he began his wraith-life however as mentioned before, his wrath is controlled. On most days, he has a grumpy attitude but if he is particularly cheerful, he has a more neutral tone in his attitude.
Extra: Animals have a strange affinity towards him, always seeking out his company and he enjoys it. (Note: This won't be used in combat, EVER.) (Not too edgy, I hope)


  • I am Iona Fil Ornswith.
    Spot: Heir to the throne
    Sex: Female, bisexual-no preference
    Abilities: Empathic Healing: user can tap into the pain of others, whether emotional or physical. With enough use, user can overall change emotions using projection of user’s own emotions onto the being of their target. User is also allowed to take the burden of pain, often helping the target go through medical procedures or at least live a while longer.
    Weapon: Mainly fists and body, but carries a long hunting knife on her side.
    Armor: Light and small, as not to impede movement but give the best protection possible with that style. She wears only protection on her shoulders and upper elbows, along with torso padding. Made up mostly of light sheets of metal in interlocking scale shapes, fully covered in strips of black leather emblazoned along the shoulders with her symbol, a light orange scarab.



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Azura Morrigan
Spot: Hero
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Orientation: Homosexual
Weapon of Choice: A tome of spells she keeps in her left satchel, it contains a variety of spells. She must read something from the book out to cast them as well as fulfil other requirements, she can never seem to get a lot of them right. The ones she can do consistently are conjuring a simple fireball, buffing her own speed and firing a concussive energy blast, all of which are time consuming to cast and she needs the book open at their page for it to work. The speed buff also comes at a cost of increased energy consumption, so she tires out faster under its effects.
Armor of Choice: Azura’s outfit (as pictured) is designed for lightness and style more than for physical defensive bulk. Though she has been known to use her long scarf as a resource to create shards when needed. The toe section of her boots are iron plated- giving her kicks an extra oomph.
Abilities: A technique kept secret and passed down her family for three generations: Azura can lay her palm on a surface or material and break it up into small shards or outright cause it to explode. Shards she creates harden into a crystal-like structure, regardless of whatever the original material was, and remain suspended in the air for a few seconds. In that time, Azura is able to shoot the shards in any direction she wants at a high speed.

This technique is extremely useful offensively and for armor breaking, though its defensive applications are lacking. She’s also unable to break down flesh without damaging her hand in the same way, so exploding anyone’s head is 100% off limit unless she wants to lose a hand. It takes half a second on average for the shards to form starting from when she puts her hand down, can be faster or slower depending on how much of her hand is touching the surface.
Basic Personality: Talkative, fun-loving, confident and peppy- Azura has a certain bounciness and enthusiasm about her that keeps people in a good mood. She is a very determined person who tries her best to smile through everything, always wanting to be the pillar of strength her peers can rely on. She‘ll always put the happiness of others first, desiring true unbreakable relationships above all else.

Azura’s playful nature can backfire, she sometimes acts carelessnessly in dangerous situations just for the thrill and fun of it. She’s also greedy when it comes almost anything material, especially money. Additionally, Azura is undeniably arrogant, her confidence and strong sense of will convincing herself she’s the best and she can do whatever she puts her mind to- and she’s not afraid to let people know that.

Though friendly, Azura has issues with trust, as a result she much prefers only to be acquainted with other people rather than form closer bonds. This doesn’t stop her desire to keep everyone around her happy though.
Backstory: The playful and chipper Azura of today wasn’t always who she was. Some time ago she was the ruthless leader of a murdering group of bandits who terrorised villages for their possessions. The people in this group were mostly from a poor background, Azura’s father (originally being poor himself) had rallied them all up together and acted as leader to wage a war against those who lived comfortably. After her dad died protecting Azura and her mother from law enforcers is when she became leader. Azura saw no way other way than her dad’s way to help all of these people and herself. She’d rule with an iron fist and a closed heart, following her father in thinking about the group and herself first before the people she killed. It was difficult to do this at first as she couldn’t help but feel the path she was on was the wrong one, but after seeing the people in the group’s happiness and gratefulness for her support, she wrote it off as a necessary price to pay. She wanted nothing more than to keep them all happy.

Azura eventually grew numb to those who stood against her, she killed aggressors without a second thought and with a scornful look on her face. The moral problems in her mind from before reappeared when she was forced to kill those who weren’t willing to fight back. Families who cowered and grovelled defencelessly at her feet were what touched her heart. She’d always feel regret when she killed them. “But it’s a necessary price to pay...right?”

It took a year and the slaughter of many families, children and villages to make her realise that what she was doing had no justification. What started off as a sinful quest for survival and escape from poverty had turned into an endless pursuit of blood-money through the sacrifice of the helpless. Many of the people in the group, including herself, were rich enough to live a life of luxury- and when she tried to convince them to stop this all, change their identities and live peacefully with their riches, they rejected her. Azura was overthrown as leader, they declared she’d gone soft and forced her to leave the group she’d tried so hard to keep together and happy.

Azura, now abandoned, began to seek out redemption on her own by defending villages from the scores of bandits in her former group. She was originally their leader all that time for a reason, her abilities and fighting prowess outmatched all of their’s. Slowly but surely, after many months, her reputation as a heartless monster was erased, she became a hero. A mark was placed on her back by the king as recognition of her change, this mark able to return her back to life. The scary scowl she was brought up to make became the genuine smile people remembered her for after she was eventually killed in a long battle against hoards of her old allies that ambushed her.
Extra: Very prideful about her appearance, particularly her outfit. So much so that if something tears in battle she’ll go out of her way to rip some of her other clothing articles just to match the aesthetic.

Eats a lot for her size, it’s how she copes with the metabolic demands of the speed buff.
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Name: Endlend
Spot: Hero (Can I even call him that? He's not a nice guy)
Sex: Male
Species/Race: Human ('Cause I'm just not quite sure if a rock monster is acceptable, so I went with edgy human)
Basic Appearance:

Abilities: He's good with his cool sword that he never needs to sharpen, his shield is a night on unbreakable shield, and he shouts scary. He's human, so not much stuff to say. Strong for a human.
Weapon of Choice: Sword, which twists slightly 'cause it's cool, and a Gorgon-faced kite shield with its spiked rim, allowing it too to be a weapon if needed.
Armor of Choice: You saw. Cloth and metal.
Basic Personality: (I don't know what @6 personalities you mean, hopefully I'm not putting it down) Ruthless, cunning, almost bloodthirsty you could say, generally not very caring of others. Likes his motto of "victory at any cost."
Extra: A dishonoured warlord, one responsible for countless atrocities. He heeds little authority other than his own, and sees most people merely as a means to an end.

(Hopefully enough, if not, poke me into making more detail.)

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Basic Appearance:
Abilities: Magic, racial powers, that sort of thing. Include the weaknesses/drawbacks/limitations here as well.
Weapon of Choice: If applicable
Armor of Choice: If applicable
Basic Personality: For the love of Pete, please don't just put down one of the 16 personality ENW4E whatevers. I'm too lazy to look it up and don't have them all memorized.
Extra: Any other information such as backstories, little important details, whatever.

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