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Fandom One Piece: Shippai



There was once a story, of a boy with a straw hat and his journey across the seas and the Grandline, and explored his journey into becoming the king of the Pirates, a model Pirate.

This, is not that story.

Gol D. Roger was the most infamous pirate in all the seas. Strong, passionate, intense, a Captain. And he and his crew supposedly found the greatest Treasure in the world, and hid it somewhere in the Grand Line. He yelled this at the top of his lungs, right before he was executed. But this sent off a chain of events, it inspired some, disgusted some, entirely changed some people's views, either way it affected them heavily. And it ussered this new Generation, called the Age of Pirates. Pirates are littered over every single edge of the seas, and even more so in the Grand Line. So much so that the World Government hasn't been able to keep up with them. Pirates are getting stronger, they're getting smarter, with almost every major power they have stationed in the Grand Line ,and even some lesser powers, it's left the other Seas defenseless. Lesser pirates, unable to enter the Grand Line for whatever reason, are everywhere. Nowhere is safe. But it's getting too expensive and tiresome to gain and train new Marines, and it's too problematic to bring Marines from the Grand Line out. So, a solution was given.

The Marines have captured many pirates and convicts and have locked them up. So, as a solution to the earlier problem, they formed a squadron of ex pirates and convicts, and have forced them to fight for the Marines, with the added bonus of possibly paying off their debt to society and no longer having a jail sentence. Stationed in the East Blue, although the convicts chosen are from all 4 seas. Each powerful or smart enough to be deemed not only a danger to society but a danger to other pirates as well. The Shippai take on missions given to them by the Marines, and train like Marines, study like Marines, and will eventually be brainwashed into being Marines.

Although, that's if they let that happen.

There's something strange about convicts and pirates that make them so dangerous, other than their obvious danger, it's the fact that they don't follow the rules. In a world full of corrupt officials, dangerous pirates, insane species and even crazier islands, maybe the ones who are meant to save the world will be the ones deemed as the failures of that world. Join the adventure, and become apart of the story of One Piece Shippai!

Hello one and all, and welcome to the RP! Both the RP and I are genuinely new, but I hope that we can make a story for not only the characters, but one that will put a staple in our memories for as long as we're able to process memories. As such, you have pretty much free reign over your character. The world of One Piece is very extensive so pretty much anything is in tune. Although don't go crazy with it. Although, seeing as we start off in the East Blue, we are not in the Grand Line, meaning Devil Fruits are highly scarce, more so a legend or myth. So to start off only one Devil Fruit User is allowed at the start. Fanmade Devil Fruits are allowed, although keep in mind Devil Fruit abilities are normally strange and unnatural in their abilities. Also, if you'd like to have a Devil Fruit, you must contact me via Please and we will discuss it there. Keep in mind its based on the Quality of the character and the explenation of how they gained said Devil Fruit, so it is not first come first served. Also, to start Haki is Forbidden, and the Straw Hats (and a few others) do not exist in this world, although some people, such as Whitebeard and Shanks, do exist. As for the strength of your characters, they should be relatively strong, although not as strong as the big 3 when they began their adventure. For any other questions or concerns, contact me or the Rps other admin, @ChazGhost

Character Sheet: Fandom - One Piece Shippai: Character Sheet
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Well you can start planning and thinking up character ideas as you wish, I'm more talking about the background behind this whole group. Like what they will be officially called, how each member would have been brought in, etc etc. Any ideas you have first and foremost you can speak to me about if you want, although as far as I see it anything is really fine. (although no devil fruit users, not yet at least. I will allow one, but it won't be randomly picked it'll be given to whoever can bring up a good enough and creative as well as descriptive character to utilize said fruit.)


Also If anyone would like to help it'd be really appreciated! I'm pretty new so I'm not used to this all so someone to sort of guide me in the right direction would be nice


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although no devil fruit users, not yet at least. I will allow one, but it won't be randomly picked it'll be given to whoever can bring up a good enough and creative as well as descriptive character to utilize said fruit.
Hate to be that guy, but I'm afraid I've gonna have to bounce if this is the case.

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