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Fandom One Piece Search (OC/CANON AND CANON/CANON)


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Hey all!

I'm Gal, I'm 21+, and I'm looking for a partner to RP with! Recently I've binge watched the new One Piece live action show on Netflix, and I absolutely fell in love with the characters. I apologies in advance that I have watched nothing of the anime, but am aware of a few future plot points. (I'm not afraid of spoilers!) But, I would like to base any characterizations on the live action versions. Now, what I'm looking for!


In return I'm happy to double as any OC/Canon ship you're interested in, or Canon/Canon, OC/OC, etc. Basically whatever you want! (As long as it fits into the live action version of this universe.) Please message me if you're interested!
Hey I'm interested in a double! Is it possible to message on discord? If not its fine here too ^_^
Hello! I would be interested in playing either Shanks or Buggy for you.
Hello there!

I'm willing to write Buggy and/or Shanks in exchange for having either Zoro or Mihawk written for my OC?

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