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Fandom Once Upon a Lifetime [Disney AU]


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  • flynn rider
    academic quad
    nathaniel reyes.
    Nathaniel was on the prowl once again. It may have been rather early in the morning to be thinking about such things, but Nate was always scheming, always looking for his next target. He had to be if he was ever going to get out of this town and live on his own, away from his backwards family. Seriously, what had they been thinking? Did they really think springing an engagement on him when he was eighteen was going to go over well? Idiots.

    As he strode down the sidewalks in the academic quad, he winked at everyone he passed, receiving some shy and flirty smiles in return. It was great to be him. Junior year of this shit and he’d managed to woo just about the entire campus. And those he couldn’t? Well, that was no matter. He couldn’t possibly be everybody’s type, no matter what smile he pasted on his face. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t try.

    Nate stopped mid-stride when he realized he’d spotted someone he’d never seen before. His eyes shifted to the left, using his periphery to judge if that first glimpse was indeed correct. And it was. But there something different in the blonde he’d spotted. There was a feeling in his chest, a sort of tightness he wasn’t used to. It was like… she was familiar? That couldn’t be possible, though. He’d never seen this girl in his life!

    Yeah, he was probably just having a moment. Maybe he would need to get a good workout in to get rid of that tightness.

    Most guys would have at least hesitated a little bit, but not Nate. He was a go-getter and thief of hearts. Couldn’t very well steal the riches off a girl if he didn’t even try to woo her, right? And even if this girl didn’t have anything he could steal, well. She was still hella gorgeous.

    “Need help there, beautiful?” he called, sauntering over to the blonde beauty. His signature smolder took over his face, and he hoped it would work its magic. “Haven’t seen you around before—in need of a tour guide, there?”

    Oh, yeah. All according to plan.
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  • Rapunzel...
    Academic Quad (Locker)
    Enthusiastic/Tad Frustrated
    Rosalie Simmons.
    It was a really sunny day and when that happened, Rosalie was usually in a very good mood. Or at least she was

    In fact, the above statement was true. After feeling free from all the clasps that her family had on her. Free from the confines of the room she was locked in from her childhood. Free from the engagement her father trapped her in at a very young age. Even though she was not really free from the latter, it still gave her some time before her academic years finish and it is back to the betrothed life she was destined for. That being said, she was still awaiting a nice phone call from father dearest telling her the meeting spot or the day of her wedding at this point.

    What did he think? That Rosa did not pick up the hints that he paid for this university specifically just so she would be in the same town he needed her to be in. As ignorant people made Rosalie be, she always loved to keep it that way so she was always at least a step ahead. The only thing that kept her from coming back to this university was her beloved cousin who was a year older than her but only she seemed to understand her predicament, even though she was tasked to look over young Rosa.

    Shuffling in her locker for her art supplies with a soft sigh, she tried to find her apron. Rosa wore one of her favourite outfits which screamed happy for her. Some nice bleached blue ripped jeans topped with an olive green flowing shirt with sunflowers on it, her favourite flower to say the least. Knowing she had art class, she was most likely to end up with paint all over her. She wanted to at least keep her clothing semi-decent for her other classes. Yeah, she had accounts first thing, then art and some general classes later on. Something she had to take to shut people up from taking back her funds.

    Rosa slowly tucked a golden blonde wave behind her right ear as she chewed on the inside of her cheek in an effort on trying to understand what she was about to face. Sure, Accounts was an elective choice but Rosalie hated not understanding what she was learning.

    Amidst her trying to reason out, she huffed in annoyance at it before she slammed it shut, causing some of her baby hairs from her fringe to fly at the breeze effect. Before a smooth voice brought her back to reality. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed a rather familiar face. It was not really that she knew him personally but more like knew his reputation.

    "I'm good thank you," she said as she slammed shut her locker and took her accounts school book, hugging it to her chest. As she turned around to face the male, he greeted her with his smoulder which earned him a good eye roll and side grin before sighing. "I am sure you never did, considering the number of females you try to run after. Besides, I think there are much better things to do than being my tour guide, no?" Rosa recommended with a raised eyebrow.

    It was a matter of time before she thought she was going to get picked up on his radar. She managed to survive a good year without being picked up, record. It was bound to happen and well not that she did not find him attractive but he was a player. That did not go down well with dear Rosalie. "Plus, I am not new. I know my way around..."

    Despite being in her second year, Rosalie was her first time in Accounts. That department she had never been in but she knew she could figure out where without his help. The blonde looked from side to side as she was in the conversation for any sign that said, Business Department or something remotely related.

    No matter how much this little exchange irked her, she couldn't help but still engage. Why? She did not know but he seemed to have an aura that glued her instead of making her walk away.
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