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Fandom okikagu / gintama roleplay?


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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Although the anime is somewhat popular, I've never seen anyone roleplay in the verse. Perhaps this post will end up rotting in the corner of the world never touched, but hopefully not!

I'm really wanting to do a gintama roleplay lately. Particularly the ship involving 'china girl' and 'king of sadists : Kagura and Okita sougi. Hence their shipname OkiKagu. These two are so stupid to me. Constantly fighting and arguing, laughing when the other finds themselves in an unfavorable predicament -- break eachother bones. yet always there to give eachother fighting words and a helping hand. I love their interactions lol.

Plots, world, and whatsoever can be discussed in DMS. I just ask for someone semi literate — to novella with good grammar. And if this ever leads somewhere, just know I'd rather play Kagura!

If interested, feel free to DM or comment. Bye!

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