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Of Distant Legends

It has been only a handful of years since the Kingdom of Ethengarde's official founding, though it de facto existed for nearly three decades prior in the form of a primitive society, it wasn't until King Ozirmok united the people that it could be called a true, united country. Now, it is a shining jewel of growth and progress in a region that didn't see any major civilization ever since the fall of the High Aelf Empire only a hundred years ago. Surrounded by plentiful space for expansion and peaceful neighbors with which to trade, the nation has a bright future ahead of it, at least for the foreseeable decades.

Its ruler, King Ozirmok Glamis Ethengarde is a hero demigod who rescued his citizens from the clutches of evil countless times, and eventually, backed by all other, minor leaders in the area, became their king.

King Ethengarde has weathered and bravely withstood the voracious jaws of dragons, the superimposed cruelty of devils, and the nefarious darkness of demons. Invasions of those Below, and invasions of that Beyond is naught but another year for the old king.

However, these threats remain at large, and so, the king has established an organization known as the Adventurer's Guild, which tackles any request or tasks the guard or private workers will not, at a reasonable price. It provides support and simultaneously administrates and regulates what is known as adventurer teams, or parties.

Though private teams can be formed and adventurers can work independently, each town has its own Kingdom-funded adventuring team, which mostly remains in its boundaries, but often sets out to perform various assignments like monster-slaying or dungeon exploration. These teams are much like sports teams or celebrities and often gather in tournaments to see which one is the best.

This is the fabulous, yet distant tale of one such team, in the capital of Ethengarde: The proud city of Glamis.

This group of talented people, youths and veterans both, will work to find their place, earn their pay, help the wave of progress move on, and to drink at the tavern at the end of the day. Will they weather the test of adversity?


1. I am always right.
2. If I am wrong, refer to the rule above.
3. Be nice.
4. Hanarei's not allowed to join unless she apologizes for stealing my funnel cakes and not posting for ten years.
5. When in doubt, ask me questions.
6. When in doubt, the RP is open and accepting new members.
7. When in doubt, I have crippling depression.
8. This isn't Guild of Heroes, but almost.
9. Players are encouraged to make characters who are dysfunctional.
10. (???)This is going to be lighthearted... for the most part(???).