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Of Distant Legends

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Of Distant Legends

It has been only a handful of years since the Kingdom of Ethengarde's official founding, though it de facto existed for nearly three decades prior in the form of a primitive society, it wasn't until King Ozirmok united the people that it could be called a true, united country. Now, it is a shining jewel of growth and progress in a region that didn't see any major civilization ever since the fall of the High Aelf Empire only a hundred years ago. Surrounded by plentiful space for expansion and peaceful neighbors with which to trade, the nation has a bright future ahead of it, at least for the foreseeable decades.

Its ruler, King Ozirmok Glamis Ethengarde is a hero demigod who rescued his citizens from the clutches of evil countless times, and eventually, backed by all other, minor leaders in the area, became their king.

King Ethengarde has weathered and bravely withstood the voracious jaws of dragons, the superimposed cruelty of devils, and the nefarious darkness of demons. Invasions of those Below, and invasions of that Beyond is naught but another year for the old king.

However, these threats remain at large, and so, the king has established an organization known as the Adventurer's Guild, which tackles any request or tasks the guard or private workers will not, at a reasonable price. It provides support and simultaneously administrates and regulates what is known as adventurer teams, or parties.

Though private teams can be formed and adventurers can work independently, each town has its own Kingdom-funded adventuring team, which mostly remains in its boundaries, but often sets out to perform various assignments like monster-slaying or dungeon exploration. These teams are much like sports teams or celebrities and often gather in tournaments to see which one is the best.

This is the fabulous, yet distant tale of one such team, in the capital of Ethengarde: The proud city of Glamis.

This group of talented people, youths and veterans both, will work to find their place, earn their pay, help the wave of progress move on, and to drink at the tavern at the end of the day. Will they weather the test of adversity?


1. I am always right.
2. If I am wrong, refer to the rule above.
3. Be nice.
4. Hanarei's not allowed to join unless she apologizes for stealing my funnel cakes and not posting for ten years.
5. When in doubt, ask me questions.
6. When in doubt, the RP is open and accepting new members.
7. When in doubt, I have crippling depression.
8. This isn't Guild of Heroes, but almost.
9. Players are encouraged to make characters who are dysfunctional.
10. (???)This is going to be lighthearted... for the most part(???).


Prologue: Of Distant Legends


The God-Emperor of Mankind
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Of Distant Legends

It was a beautiful day at the royal castle in Glamis. Maids were in the process of doing laundry, the cooks were preparing breakfast in the kitchen, birds were chirping on the branches and windowsills, and the colorful flowers were blooming in the gardens of the slender castle.


There was an explosion, and it wasn't my fault.

In response, many of the birds took flight far above the height of the castle towers to escape.

There was a loud groan, followed by a terrible scream: "CESIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIR!"

I sipped my tea calmly, in the guest waiting room. It may have been possible that I was grinning a little under my mask.

Luthandriel marched into the guest waiting room, practically bursting through the door. His usually pristine, white robes were stained in black soot all over them, and his hair looked spiky as if lightning hit him.

"That does it, you one-copper dark mage piece of--" Luthandriel the royal advisor screamed at me, stopping himself before his words reached the level of vulgarity. He settled on giving me a furious glare and waiting for me to say something.

Why would he say that about me, when this wasn't my fault?

"What could you possibly be referring to, Luthandriel?" I asked politely, possibly hiding a shit-eating grin under my mask.

He sneered at me, letting his anger show. "You know damn well what I'm referring to, Cesimir," he retorted, oozing hostility.

"Ah, you must be talking about the--"

"--the gunpowder in the cellar, yes! Could you explain to me why it was there, and why it exploded when I opened the door?"

"Well," I started with frankness, "imagine that I were, HYPOTHETICALLY - an asshole."

He gave me a doubtful look and folded his arms, pressuring me to continue.

"So, if that were the case, it may be possible that I'd put a stockpile of easily-detectable gunpowder in the cellar, knowing you use your diviner powers each morning to look out for any dangers or possible assassins that lurk in the dark to kill the king. And then - if I were an asshole - I would probably enchant said gunpowder to ensure your clairvoyant powers don't tell you anything about it being gunpowder, and only trigger your danger warnings. And then, lastly, I'd put in a safeguard to make sure it doesn't kill you because that'd cross the line between a harmless prank and a felony."

His glare was oozing malice and killing intent, but I didn't mind it.

"Of course," I continued, cutting him off before he could speak, "this scenario assumes that I am an asshole, which I am, quite obviously, not. So, you have nothing to worry about, Luthandriel, my dear friend."

I sipped my tea, like the smug little shit I was.

His left eye twitched for a moment until it cracked open like a saucer. "Why... you..."

"So, why did you call me to the castle?" I asked, digressing before he channeled his rage into a deed most foul.

He tightened his lips, and handed me a document. "Sign this."

I glanced at the document, made sure to read the fine print, and narrowed my eyes.

I gave him a skeptical look. Though it was hard to see due to my mask, he could probably discern it from my voice. "Team leader? I'm sorry, Luthandriel, if I am gravelly misreading the situation, but - it seems to me, like you're trying to 'put me to work,' and I don't really, uh, do that."

"This was the king's idea," he answered firmly. "If it were up to me, you'd be--"

"--lynched and burned, yes, you've told me before."

He waited a moment, before asking, "So, what will you do?"

I glared at the document, reading into the fine lines, trying to discern its value. After that, I shrugged. "Fuck it, I'm in. Looks like fun."

"Fun? Fun?! You'll be representing the kingdom! This isn't fun, this is a duty! An obligation! The king is trusting you! He gave you this chance, because he believes that you can make something great, Cesimir! Something great, something beautiful, that will inspire people and give them idols to look up to!"

"Yes, yes, keep up the good belief in idealism, Luthandriel," I answered, summoning a pen into my hand as I signed the document. I mockfully continued in a hushed tone, "Just as you believe that was the only stockpile of gunpowder I've stashed in the castl--hey, why are you charging up a death ray?"

-: The next day, 12th Month of Colors :-​

Cesimir gently massaged the bloated bubble of necrotic tissue in his palm with a creamy balm. He had enough time to make a shield to defend himself from the death ray, but there was just enough energy in the spell remaining to cause necrosis in the same hand the shield manifested out of.

"Something great, huh?" he asked, looking up.

He didn't see anyone yet. His mansion's front garden, devoid of people, dotted in patches of peons, beautiful pink rose bushes, and other flowers, with a single slightly curving path leading to his porch.

He suspected some of them would arrive today, some maybe in the coming days if they were far away from the capital.

Cesimir sent letters - via magical carrier pigeon - to everyone on the team member list that Luthandriel gave him. He invited them to his mansion, on a hill just outside of Glamis. He'd rather have a meet-up here than at the tavern.

He did have golem servants who could serve high-quality alcohol to a bunch of rowdy adventurers, after all. An investment like that should be used when possible.
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Mizu Nagoyaka

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There he was, standing in front of the gates in a relaxed manner, his right arm resting on the handle of his sword resting at his side. Mizu's appeared calm, almost tranquil as he stared blankly at the estate in front of him. Alas, he was now here. Breathing in deeply he sighs out loudly as he begins to recollect the string of events that resulted with him being invited to this place.


Mizu was in the back of his home's modest garden, the establishment wasn't as large as home but it was cosy and welcoming, and that's all Mizu really needed from a home. But how can he afford any home even though he is a relatively new adventurer? Well he still was a young master of his clan, him setting up camp in one of these homes wouldn't bat an eye to those guys from the main branch of the family.

Anyways Mizu was doing a specific type of training that he'd thought up when he arrived here. You see he was doing his 10000 daily slashes but instead of just wearing his dirty trousers he would tie some bandages around his chest in order to make it harder for him to breathe, therefore increasing his capability to gather air. I know, he inherited his grand-father's genius. But you see, even with his unparalleled planning it was impossible for him to foresee what was about to happen....

It all started he got startled by a whistle, something that made him cover his chest instinctively, like any normal man would, which was also accompanied with a high pitched "eek". Looking for the origin of the noise he would find a man in his late 20s resting on his fence staring at him while holding a letter. After a bit more gawking at the defenceless Mizu he would get to the point after he felt the murderous intent glaring at him.

"Aaaah! Me bad youn' lass but me grand-father didn't tell me a flower like ye resided in the garden next over." He said as he shot him a wink " A magic pigeon delivered a letter to the wrong house, give it to yer brother. " he said with a gruff voice as he threw the letter to him and waved good bye, excusing himself as abruptly as he introduced himself.

The letter was addressed to him.

***Present day***
After barely deciding to see to the contents of the letter over committing ritualistic suicide for his shame he now was having second thoughts. After all this manor looked bigger than any estate he'd ever seen, are all estates in the capitol this large? Nonetheless, Mizu braced himself, taking another deep breath as he took a step forwards towards the gate, only to immediately turn around before he could even set foot in the estate. He really shouldn't be the first to arrive right? Yeah he'd just wait a bit more, not because he was nervous...
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Location: Cesimir's Estate
Mention: @June Verles

Fox was walking down the lone path to his next place of interest, a mansion owned by a man named Cesimir. Fox knew nothing of the man, but that doesn't mean he will decline an invitation. Although Fox hasn't been wiuth the guild for as long as others have, Fox has been on a steady increase of fame and renown for his various deeds. Those who haven't seen him in battle allows wonder why a man who wears no armor and uses no weapons can do so well, especially since he didn't look like a mage at all.

Eventually Fox reached the the gates to the estate and saw someone standing by. A young man with a weapon that sparked some familiarity in Fox. The man didn't look to be Cesimir due to the style of clothing and general appearance being less flashy than what a noble would wear. Still Fox walked up to the gate, but stood back and waited. He knew that others were coming, as had been stated in the letter though Fox is unsure of who is coming, whether new people he had never seen or old ones he fought with before.

So Fox stood leaning against the gate, shrouded in Silence, waiting for other adventurers to come.

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Anri Maruhachi - Cesimir's estate
Arrietty tiny girl art.png
Both today and yesterday were strange days. Yesterday, because she received a letter that was bigger than she was, asking her to come to an estate that conveniently wasn't very far from the inn she was staying in (The innkeep had been kind enough to provide a cup with a few napkins next to a candle), asking for her attendance at some professional guild group. While she had received letters in the past, mostly from young children with bordering illegible hand-writing that brought a smile to her face, this one seemed a whole lot more serious. A proposition, a proper job, and something that quite frankly was rather surprising.

She had a reputation, sure, but she hadn't quite expected to be invited to.. Anything human, really. This may be big for others, but this was incredibly huge to her. Of course Anri Harumachi was going to attend, this was pretty much the biggest thing that had ever been offered to a Borrower.

Which is why, she was currently standing in a dusty red dress and worn brown boots, coughing away all the dirt and rocks that were being spread about by people of all manners' walking while rubbing it free of her eyes in front of a majestically large gate that could have fit around twenty of her people's settlements if it had been laid on the ground. Turning to one of the other people waiting at the gate, she attempted to gather their attention by walking before them and waving hysterically upwards, performing a variety of jumps and shouting up a small dust-storm of "Hey!" and "Hello there!".

Upon successfully gathering their attention, Anri proceeded onwards with her question. "Hi there friend! I don't s'pose you could let me up on your shoulder or somethin'? It's.. A little cold, and very dirty down here, and I'm sad to say that It's rather difficult for me being so small 'n all. Please?", afterwards giving the samurai-esque person whom she barely knew her largest smile, expecting that he must also be amongst the ones invited considering that Anri, himself and another man that similarly seemed to have been invited.

Kaizer Harrison - Cesimir's estate
sexy black and white female knight woman.jpg
The area was quiet, and if Kaizer Harrison, the famed performer was to act her role, she felt almost obliged to change that.

"HELLO~O!" The knight wielding a fantastically large sword called to the two people before the gate with a tone of strangely flamboyant grace featuring a sense of confidence that simply gave away the fact that she was a speaker and similar to a noble almost immediately. "I am Lady Harrison, and I am to believe that this place is owned by Cesimir, correct? Good! Might I earn the privilege of your names?" she cooed, striking a slightly more forward pose with a smile that almost emanated out of her helmet. One hand on waist, one hand on sword, with a constant flow of movement and energy that created an atmosphere of excitement in a matter of seconds from her appearance, with a grace that almost implied that her movement wasn't even inhibited by the heavy set of armour she wore.

Only after her introduction were her eyes greeted by a peculiar third individual that she had missed entirely based on their size. A most peculiar thing it was to see one so small as a partner in battle, yet nonetheless, she did not rate people based on appearances, she based that on personalities, and if the silent atmosphere that had been hovering around the area before she had intruded were anything to judge, they didn't seem to be the most talkative of people.

"Oh well" Kazier thought to herself, having seen these types of people many times before. "The quiet ones tend to have the interesting stories anyway."

And there she stood, resting on her blade and waiting to see if her question would receive an answer
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While Mizu appeared calm and collected leaning against the stone wall he was instead reciting mantras in a attempt to calm himself so he could walk into the estate. Imagine if he waited too long here and then the other people who got invited here also waited here taking a cue from him, he'd get all the blame if this Cesimir came out all the way here looking for them. A shiver ran down his spine, everyone would definitely think a country bumpkin of him then.

Then a small voice addressed him, bringing him back to reality, he'd begin looking around for the origin of the noise but to no avail. He did notice the masked guy but he clearly wasn't the origin. However as he kneed down grabbing his head, cursing himself for waiting too long and already making everyone gather here he noticed who talked to him, a little faerie.

As soon as he noticed her his mouth opened up in a surprised gasp, his eyes shined with glee as he begun checking Anri out, after all this is the first time he met a faerie! He'd only hear of them in stories before. He'd continue to do this for a moment before slapping his head to stop himself, he was being very rude;

"Right I'm sorry, of course you can!" he says as he extends his palms out, putting her on his shoulder gently if she were to jump on.

Right now he was pretty excited, not only did he get invited by some big name noble but now he had a faerie resting on his shoulder! So ecstatic he'd already forgotten about his previous anxiety when the knight approached them and introduced herself. As he laid his eyes over her his expression lost any interest he previously showed. It was clear to tell that he didn't think very highly of her, why was she wearing armour that looked so goofy, the helmet looked dumb? Was she a gorgon trying to hide her head?

"Mizu." he said with apathy, almost with a hint of disdain. Something that would quickly turn back to admiration as he'd turn to the faerie;

"Hey miss Faerie, what's your name!??"
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Luna Lupex
Location: Cesimir's Mansion (Gates)
Interactions/Mentioned: Mizu (@June Verles ), Fox (@Archdemon ), Anri & Kaizer (@Noble Scion )
General Mood: Eager/Mild Nerves
Luna's black uniform was something she wore regularly, and there was no better time to wear it than going to Cesimir's estate. She had received a letter from a pigeon while she was looking at a notice board. She still had it on her as though it were an invitation to something fancier. Already she was a little worried due to the amount of color in each adventurer so far. Thoughts in her mind began swarming as she thought about how they would even cohesively work together. Even now she was wondering first off what the hell everyone was doing sitting outside the gate? Was it a custom in Ethengarde to wait for one's host in such a manner?

Luna noticed the apparent "Fairy" and a man with an odd curved sword having a conversation. She had also taken notice of the female knight with armor that was incredibly absurd, but she didn't feel like questioning the female knight's demeanor as she appeared to be very cheery. The woman who called herself Lady Harrison was given an answer by the man with the odd sword calling himself Mizu with little enthusiasm only to have his personality perform a 180 when his attention turned to the small girl.

Luna thought it time to introduce herself a little and took a little bit of self reassurance before walking up and giving a bow with one hand crossing her chest and said with a well practiced curt tone that sounded quite kind, "Well, good day to you all. My name is Luna Lupex. I do hope we can all get along well." Luna took notice of the only one who had not said anything. While a man with no armor nor weapons seemed odd, the mask and manner which he leaned against the gate made her want to put her guard up. She wanted to ask who this man was, but something in her conscious was telling her to not do so.

Luna watched the man in the corner of her vision and turned her attention back to the others. Mizu had acted cold, so she turned her head to Lady Harrison. Granted, there was a part of the woman that bothered her. Luna couldn't grasp it, but the cheerful aura seemed infecting on some level. "Lady Harrison, that's quite the sword you have.How proficient are you with it? I imagine it packs a good strike from you."
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Lilian hummed a tune to herself as she casually strode in the direction of the mansion. She'd be sent an official letter and was more than happy to get away from the political pressures at home. Her mother had begun to pressure her father about betrothals and Lilian was not going to give them a chance. The letter reminded them of her convincing words that they needed someone from their family to gain the faith and trust of the commoners. She wasn't sure how much time she'd have for this little adventure but she was going to enjoy it while she could and perhaps think of another way to stall her parents.

She spotted a small group gathering at the gate and tilted her head slightly to the side as she stopped humming. She shrugged her shoulders and once she was closer to the group she gave a friendly smile and a wave. "Guess I'm a bit late to the party. I'm Lilian." She moved past the others and approached the gate. "Knock knock," she called out loudly. She was stupid enough to try and open the gate in case there were any magical wards. Last thing she wanted was getting an electric charge through her system.

Lilian turned back to the group, "How long have you all been waiting out here?"


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Location: Cesimir's Estate
Mentions/Interactions: @Noble Scion @Fyuri @Silver Wolf @June Verles

Fox watched as new people came, though they were new to him. At first he wasn't sure what he was hearing, being such a high pitched and quieter voice, until he saw the tiny fairy-esque person. An odd sight to see, but Fox said nothing about it. The second person to show up was a woman in full armor and a large helmet covering her entire head, with various colors that can pick her out of a crowd. She walked with grace and agility to her step, and seemed to be eager, or at least energetic with her constant movement. She asked for names as she said she was lady Harrison, and while the man named Mizu replied, Fox said nothing still

This wasn't the end of people showing up however. At least two more showed up. The first of the two to show up was a human girl. She generally showed off a bit of nervous eagerness in her movements. She introduced herself as Luna Lupex, and while she wanted to get along with everyone, she looked at Fox and seemed to present a cautious approach to him. The second person to show was another female, This one looked to be of a more noble origin than the rest. She introduce herself as Lillian and seemed to be curious as to how long everyone was here for.

Fox still said nothing as he watched everyone, studying them. When he finished he stood straight up and walked to every person there and held out his hand, to shake hand. While he doesn't talk, Fox shows emotion and basic replies through body motions and various gestures. All the while he spoke not a single word to any of them.


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Sheub "Shelby" Mangoza
Cesimir's Mansion

Shelby got a letter in yesterday saying she got the job. Fantastic. Now she just had to meet the group at Cesimir's Mansion. Admittedly, she was nervous with meeting the other teammates. She could recall what her father would say about the prospect of her getting bullied. "KICK THEIR ASSES!! NO ONE MESSES WITH MY LITTLE GIRL!!" Retaliation wasn't the answer, of course. She had gotten suspended for taking that advice after getting bullied by a group of elf girls. On the positive side, they didn't bully her anymore. On the negative side, it subjected her to all the stereotypes that came with being an orc. Brutish, savage, violent, reasonless. Shelby was closer to the stereotypical elf than the stereotypical orc. She was just an average girl, just so happened to be an orc, more obsessive about how potential dates thought of her tusks, making sure to keep it and the rest of her teeth white, as she checked it in the mirror. The warrior man was a doting father, a longshot from the berserker leader he was on the battlefield. Sometimes, she wish she had inherited his warrior blood...............Instead, she was nothing more than some wimpy archer, not even worthy of gaining her green or red skin..........So she was a social outcast. Not orc material since she couldn't go green, but being an orc, she was treated like she was dumb by non-orcs, especially elves who were about as snobbish as they came.

So while she wanted to get money back to her family, she definitely never wanted to go back to that land.

With a sigh, she got ready and set out to the mansion. As the girl rode, she reminisced about her family. Shelby missed them. Her mother who encouraged her to pursue the crossbow since she just couldn't wield the sword as well as the rest, her father who was as loving as he was fierce, her annoying sister who was also her best friend...........then her brother...........Shelby teared up at the thought. He was sent over to Kaer Leon (Kie-air Lee-yone) to prevent the taking of the capital. He allegedly died in a blaze of glory, taking down 2 giants and over 30 soldiers before losing to his wounds. Her brother was truly her father's son. She hated the senseless war and had to get out before some random attack on their city killed her. All she had was her crossbow

Shelby became cognizant of the looming mansion gate and pulled her horse to a stop. Shelby saw a group of people standing out in front of the gate. This must be the rest of the team. She approached on her horse, praying almost aloud that they wouldn't treat her like she was dumb and hoped just as much they wouldn't fear her. "Hello, all. My name is Sheub Mangoza. You can call me Shelby. According to my map, this is Cesimir's Manor, correct?" Her voice was a bit gruff as was most orcs. She was a bit insecure about it and some non-orc girls bullied her for it, but then again, she couldn't really control it
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Anri Maruhachi - Cesimir's estate
Arrietty tiny girl art.png
"Awful nice o' ya mister! The name's Anri Harumachi, an' I'm a borrower! Not a faerie. 's a pleasure to meet ya 'Me-zoo'! You too.. Kai-sir" The little woman chirped upon hopping onto the gentleman's shoulder and making herself at home on his shoulder after being picked up so ceremoniously, dropping into a sitting position on his collar-bone before rummaging into the tiny spec of a bag that was hers and pulling out the smallest piece of cheese seen before in the world, and proceeding to munch on the food, apparently content that she was now off the ground and no longer standing in the dirt down at shoe-level.

Given her current position and currently full mouth, The borrower decided on waving at the new arrivals instead of attempting to speak and not being heard due to her small voice. Even though she tried to speak up, often leading on into shouting as she had done mere moments ago, it wasn't uncommon for her to be missed entirely. It did, however, make their lives a whole lot easier when it came to stealing whatever they needed, which their livelihoods practically depended on.

She briefly pondered asking if the giant she was resting on wanted a piece, but decided against it based on the fact that he probably ate cheese that was the size of her, never mind a piece that she could even hold, and continued merrily nomming on the food so generously provided non-consensual by the stall she had passed earlier.

Listening to the buzz of the metal-clad woman was strange, yet invigorating, and made her feel somewhat self-conscious eating food instead of flying around everywhere and chatting as she was.

To her surprise, the other person that had arrived there first made their way towards her and stretched out his hand. "Uh.. Hi!" she smiled, putting the remnants of the cheese back in her bag as she swallowed. Unsure of how to properly shake his hand, she placed both of hers on the closest finger-tip and proceeded to shake it to the best of her efforts to make it noticeable, before sitting down again

Kaizer Harrison - Cesimir's estate
sexy black and white female knight woman.jpg
As expected, the people that greeted her seemed to elect for the more brooding and partially hostile approach in response to her rather bombastic greeting.

"Perhaps I was a little too loud... No matter." her thoughts rang out in response, Taking respite in the fact that at least two of the three had responded. "My pleasure." Was all she said, taking the rather flat response of the first and his immediate turn to the other as a signal that he did not wish to converse with her, a feeling she somewhat reciprocated by his response. The same went for the other that hadn't even bothered to reply.

"Joy..." she muttered under an exasperated breath before being approached by another from behind that seemed much more polite and open to her, helping to alleviate her now-soured mood. "Greetings fair Luna." She bobbed cheerily, pivoting around her sword deftly with a theatrical exaggeration on her movements to face the woman, bringing on the thoughts of how one could seem so energetic under metal, yet yielding no answers. "I'd like to think I'm of moderate proficiency with this blade, and I'm sure my master would love to scold me for saying such a thing, but yes, I have experience." she joked, standing perfectly still before continuing. "Strike hard, quickly and accurately is my teaching. I can't help but notice that you appear to be... Under-equipped. A mage, I presume?" Kaizer pondered aloud, tone full of sonorous beats that likened her mere chatting to singing.

The artistic knight elected to let one of the others answer the second and third new-comers question. It would be rude of her to rush off to someone else after one had made the attempt to at least be sociable, unlike the other two, although she was somewhat worried they might just blow them off with silence and hostility as they had done with her.

To her surprise, the one that hadn't mustered up the ability to say a word approached her and the younger woman whom she was conversing with, and outstretched his hand. She took it and gave it a firm, yet light handshake, finding the act of at least a response somewhat more comforting, given that she was assuming they were going to be travelling partners. "Pleasure." Was all she said, given that the man didn't seem to be the most talkative.
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Location: Cesimir's estate
Tags: @Birdsie @Hanarei @June Verles
Shriandriath the Debased Maiden
The arrival of Shri and her son is delivered by carriage.

It's not that Shri is especially wealthy (though laying her hands on money is simple enough). When one's spouse was a priest, no matter how high the rank, ostentatious living simply wasn't done. But Glamis is a busy city and the mansion of one of the King's own isn't especially close, no matter how nearby the hill is. Given this is an opportunity to make a first impression, Shri insisted on hiring a carriage to deliver them. Inside the wooden chamber, they would be safe from the dust of the streets, the mussing of the wind and they'd both be rested when they arrived, without a trace of sweat or exertion on them.

"Mmmm, you look so handsome." Shri beams at her youngest child. On the cusp of manhood, the young teenager had begun to grow into his power. Where Christopher had found his passion in plants, and Bethany in studying magic, Azhi had yet to find a specific focus. Hopefully this adventure would be an opportunity for him to discover himself. Reflexively, the Succubus licks a finger and reaches out to straighten a particularly unruly lock of hair. "Be on your best behavior, Azhi. This team leader of ours, Cesimir, knows the King personally. He may be...erratic but don't mistake his eccentricity for permission to be just as indiscreet. He's earned the right to behave as he wishes. In the eyes of our kingdom's nobility, you and I have not."

Upon arrival of their carriage, Shri allows the driver to open her door and accepts his assistance in getting out before needlessly assisting her teenaged son to do the same. With a single grateful smile at the carriage driver, Shri pays the man with a generous tip.

Then the white-haired Succubus turns to look over the other assembled adventurers outside the mansion gates. She wears a surprisingly modest, practical suit of blue-gray mail with gold accents. The only skin exposed is from the throat up and there's no mistaking the flawless perfection of that divine face, or the significance of her glowing blue eyes or the pale gold-tipped ivory horns curling out of her hair to frame her face. With each step forward, the Succubus' smile grows as she breathes in the scent of those assembled and gains a sense of their measure.

"Quite the turnout," she says, addressing the collective group. "Cesimir clearly prizes a range of talent for his work. I look forward to knowing you all better." There's a reflexive purr to those words, an implicit double-meaning of invitation from the woman. Some of that allure dampens when one hand slips around the shoulders of the teenage boy with her. "This is Azhi. You can call me Shri. Is there a reason we haven't gone inside or are we waiting for someone to open the gates?"
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Azhi Armitage - Cesimir's Estate

"Mom, please..." he said, rolling his eyes and holding back a bashful yet smug smile when she called him handsome and began to straighten his hair like a lioness cleaning her cub.

He practically preens under the praise.

He did nothing to stop her, already acclimated to his mother's antics. Unlike his sister and brother who seemed to be afraid of interacting with her, the youngest Armitage didn't mind. He always wondered why they were so secluded from the rest of the family. Was it that mother was an ancient demon, or was it that their father was an archbishop married to one?

He, instead, accepted the insanity. Maybe even embraced it. He adopted both sides of his heritage and was trying to balance the line of not being swept up by either of them.

He listened to mother's warning and stepped out of the carriage shortly after her, accepting her hand out of politeness as he looked at the mansion in front of them, then at the people. He followed politely behind and to the left of his mom, and gave a light bow to the people there. "Hi, I'm Azhi! Let's be best friends!"

(Note, listening to the OST provided in this post is necessary to get the full experience. If you want to match the actual tune with the "lyrics" read aloud, and if you don't care, you don't have to. This is supposed to show that Cesimir's eccentric to the point where he welcomes his underlings with a jazzy musical gig, and not much else.)

Cesimir [NPC]

The mage took a while to prepare for the big event.

He put on his snazziest, hooded robe - woven from beautiful, jet-black samite, dotted with twinkling white stars that seemed to move as he did, as though the robe itself was a portal in space leading to the outer cosmos.

He had put on a pair of white showman gloves, picked up his nicest ruby-topped black rod, and wore a golden faceplate that looked like a smiling man.

Cesimir briefly questioned why he was putting this much effort into greeting his new underlings, then shrugged it off.

He clicked his fingers, and a clay golem wearing a party hat approached him from behind. "Is everything ready?"

The golem replied in the affirmative.

Cesimir affixed a tophat on top of his hood, and tugged on the ends of his bowtie, letting them snap back into place with a sproing!

"Then get ready for the show. In three, two, and..."


Suddenly, someone turned off the sun. One moment, it was standard noon, and the other, it was pitch-dark. The team now stood in an umbra, nothing visible.

A drumroll rang through, as a soothing baritone voice proclaimed, "Ladies and gentlemen! Tonight, in the Ludenwick Estate, we welcome our rookie heroes to the heart of Ethengarde. And now, give a big hand for our wonderful host... Cesimir Ludenwick!"

A spotlight illuminated the middle of the... ballroom?!

Fog exploded in the brightened spot, as Cesimir stepped out, wearing his twinkling robe.

Calmly but firmly, he stepped forward, stretching his arms out invitingly.

"Welcome all. Welcome, all - big and small." He looked at Anri in the darkness, giving the impression that he was winking at her under his mask, as he continued to... sing?

♪ ♫ ♬ ♩ ~

Jazzy music began to play all of a sudden, as Cesimir started tap-dancing deftly around the heroes, twirling his rod and moving his tophat around energetically. Out of nowhere, a band of clay golems dressed in snazzy suits and tophats joined him, clicking their fingers to the beat of the music. He walked past them, the spotlight following him, as he approached the group of guests.

He wrapped one arm around Fox briefly, tapping his rod lightly against his chest. "♪Welcome to my estate, and welcome you are, damn straight!♫" He let go, walking back to the center of the room.

"♬Future heroes of Ethengarde are always welcome here - so let yourself relax and let your worries disappear! Hey, let me say it again - tonight you can unchain!♩"

He threw his tophat away, performing a furious coordinated dance move with his golems. His legwork was artistic, and his moves flowed in a way that captivated the eyes. His golems were like a gestalt entity, dancing in perfect synchronization with him.

They lifted him by his feet into the air, in the midst of the spotlight, spinning him around his axis as he pointed his staff at the attendees.

"♪This will be a glorious affair, taking place right here, in my little lair! So allow yourself to get comfy on my chair! In my estate there is no need to beware!♫"

Everything exploded in pink glitter-mist, and suddenly, the group found themselves sitting in the chairs of a dining room by candle-light, surrounded by waiters - the table stocked with food and drink.

"♫Whether demon or angel, it matters not - what matters is the thought! Avail yourselves to my good will - let me give you a beer!♪" He slid a tankard of alcohol in Mizu's direction with a telekinetic twirl of his rod.

The archmage swiftly jumped onto the table, tapdancing and circling around himself, his robe somehow not catching fire on the candles surrounding him.

"♬Welcome all, welcome all - big and small, to my crazy ball! Have a cheese souffle, try out an exotic entreé, or join me in my ballet! Feel free to indulge in yonder over wonder, you are welcome in my estate - do not fear, do not abate!♪"

The spotlight on Cesimir turned off, as another one lit a band of golems in the corner, all of whom played the piece on various instruments, including a trumpet, saxophone, contrabass, and a piano.

Cesimir slid into the frame on his knees, hopping up to his feet and continuing to dance.

"♫The party never ends, but there's no need to make amends! Oh, just enjoy yourselves - this is the finest showmanship know to elves!♬"

He walked up to the chair where Azhi sat down, as he looked over him at the table.

"♪Do you hear these rhymes? I like to do that sometimes! I make them on the spot - my magic feeds me thought! The lyrics come in, like some kind of machine! And as I speak, I go on and bring out my golem clique! What comes out are magic words, the kind you'll never find in the house of lords!♬"

He turned and rejoined the golem band, pulling off his starlit robe and twirling it off to reveal a tuxedo, as he continued to dance in place.

"♫Baby, that's my magic, that's my groove - So, I hope you all approve! No one else in history ever pulled this bardic move! A song like that out of the blue is harder to make an alchemical brew!♪"

He threw the starlit robe into the air, where it exploded into white glowing glitter. The glitterdust transmogrified into doves in mid-air, flying around like a swarm until they all landed on the table and began to stack on top of each other.

Cesimir stepped out of their midst, and the doves were absorbed by him and turned back into a cosmic robe around his body. He made another short tapdance, before stepping off the table, circling around the guests.

"♬So let me say it again - you're welcome here, don't abstain! I'll never feign, 'cause that's in vain!♩" A golem lifted a two-meter mirror up next to Cesimir.

"♪Leave a stain, don't be afraid to reign!♫" A golem cleaned a blemish on the table.

"♫In my estate, you can have a blind date!♬" A golem in a fake wig approached Lilian.

"♪Let me put it through your head - you can have all the white bread!♪" A golem butler put a bread basket on the table.

"♫And as I sing and dance, this new team will take up a stance!... Like a succubus with her hypnotic trance!♫" he briefly wrapped his arm around Shri, letting go a second after.

He tapped Shelby's shoulder. "♩There's no racism here, if someone thinks otherwise, I'll lend you my ear! And those who dare? They'll pay, I swear!♫"

He tapdanced in the middle of the dining room. "♪Floating cups, it's all deluxe! In my manor, there's constant clamor! We'll party 'till we die, and then a resurrection spell I shall apply!♫"

"... ♫ Ladies and gents, you're free to throw in your five cents! If you don't like anything, complain to my golem wing! They'll take care of your issues, maybe hand out some tissues! Or if you prefer, you can transfer - see what I care. This team is for the brightest, so don't err in the slightest! You're the stars of the future show - load up your crossbow and go!♪"

He pulled Kaizer out of her chair by her hand and gave her a moment to catch the flow of music before he started dancing with her. He was, at the very least, a good dancer, as he gave her enough space to move on her own.

Then he let go and continued singing:

"♫Again! This joy is hard to contain! So let me repeat, to the sound of this beat - You're welcome in my household! To entertain my guests, I'll fulfill any requests!... Well, within reason - some would be high treason... ♪" He made a neck-chopping motion next to a painting of the king.

"♫This song is a concept of proof - feel free to goof! And if you're afraid, I think I might fade! I put in so much effort, however - I'm not sure if I'm being clever! So try out some free cheddar - it's not like I'm a beggar!♪"

He turned, posing majestically.

"♫And I know what you're thinking: How can he be so smooth? Baby, that's how I was born - that's the truth. And if you don't believe it, that's you - no use in being blue. For now, if you have a sweet tooth, grab some vermouth!♪"

He posed again. "♫It's okay - it's orientation day! As I dance and sing, feel the zing, in the wing, like a spring!♪"

He jumped onto the table, spun in the spot several times while laughing like a madman, and finally, he made one final hop in place, snapping into a final pose, his tophat falling onto his head from nowhere:

"You're welcome in my estate - feel free to deflate."

Azhi stared blankly for five seconds.

He blinked, then started clapping.



Bethany Evelyn - "The Arcanist Absolute" Armitage

"If all goes according to plan I should arrive just on time, if not slightly late to the occasion. It's important one so talented and beautiful like myself should come just in time. Arriving early would create a far less spectacular entrance and deny them the ability to see just how great I truly am." The young woman's voice escaped as she seemed to enjoy inflating her own ego a bit.

Evelyn's long light green locks flowed behind her as the spectral horse galloped forward, two long bangs extending down past her shoulders as she had her hair up in two pig tails kept up by red ribbons cascading down behind each shoulder falling down nearly halfway down her back. Her violet almost surreal eyes focused forward in part with her hair emphasizing her not quite human presence despite lacking any other features that stood out as being abnormal. A rather form black dress clung tightly to her body adorned by a red vest that was seemingly on purpose kept undone near the middle to tease off her chest slightly without giving those who might look a full view. A pair of black shoes covered her feet adorned with red lace meant for appearances rather then holding a practical application of keeping her shoes on her feet. Red stockings carried up her legs completely concealing them stopping several inches past her knees. It was pretty clear she wanted to show her body off, though she still had a little bit of a reserved nature about it just wanting to tease rather then completely show off.

Her hands clutched onto the reigns of a spectral horse she was riding on, having been summoned by herself. Her practice of conjuring magic had progressed quite a bit since she started to use it several months ago. It was only natural that she found a practical spell as she did to create a mount for her to ride upon to get to places quicker, and much more a desire to stand out she attempted to find a way to conjure one that really stood out much more. Evelyn had a very bad habit of liking to find ways to gloat about herself, it was fortunate that despite her ego she still had a mindset of helping others out rather then being fixated solely on pleasing herself. Perhaps it was a part of her father that rubbed in on her despite how much she liked to try and pretend she didn't like her family at all. As much as a pain they could be she still cared about them, even her obnoxious little brother and her far worst pestering mother who always seemed to like butting into her personal life. A girl doesn't need a darn boyfriend to be happy, and specially.. 'that' stuff she talks about!

As Evelyn came up upon the estate it didn't take long for the nineteen year old's eyes to shift over immediately fixating on her mother. Her prideful expression seeking to make a show of her arrival had all but fated to that of a pout with the sight of her little brother not long after visible. Why couldn't she escape her family? It felt as if her mother was purposely seeking her out just to torment her. What horrible things did she ever do to deserve such torment in her life? One destined to be the worlds most talented wizard didn't deserve such torture!

As Evelyn pulled up, it seemed as if she had arrived just on queue as the voice came on and the lights suddenly shut out. The girl rolled her eyes as she hopped off her spectral mount landing on her feet, the conjured horse vanishing if on a queue of her own. It was the pause and build up before the man whom she assumed they were going to see appeared making a big elaborate introduction.

Hmmph... does he have no sense of shame or understanding of style? He comes off lame when he plays himself in such a way, its so childish. Evelyn rolled her eyes at the entire show as he broke out into song, in some part not quite realizing the irony in how she viewed himself showboating considering her own tendency to do so. She looked on with annoyance like a child staring at a parent doing something that they thought was stupid, something Shri had witnessed Evelyn do on occasion when she wasn't completely embarrassing her to the point of breaking her composure. Evelyn glanced down at her wrist as if expecting to find something there to look at. Her hand reached for her small book on her side attached with a chain to ensure it didn't go flying far off if she dropped it. She thumbed through some pages quite openly showing her disinterest as the song had seemingly gone on for a few minutes at this point trying to feign rather poorly that she was paying attention even though it was quite clear she wasn't as she looked through it.

It was then the music stopped as he sang out the last line. She closed her compact spellbook letting out a soft sigh of relief as she slipped the book back on her side were it snapped onto a little clip on her belt. She heard some clapping looking over noticing it came from her little brother, soon followed by her own mother accompanying him. It wasn't that impressive, if I really wanted I could put on an even more elaborate show, all it requires is proper setup and time and you can allow for such a finely timed magic show, not that I would bother with trying to actually sing some lame song to it. I could so easily utilize illusion magic to mimic a voice to sing for me. Really why wouldn't he of invested a little extra effort since he put so much already to offer a back up choir to further emphasize the lyric work and make it come off like an even more elaborate musical production, heck have something stupid like teapots, cups, and silverware doing the chorus singing for him.

Evelyn shook off the thought taking the time to look around seeing the others who were there as well. She kept quiet just observing just to be sure she didn't find herself entangled in some lame second act to the song that might spontaneously occur. That or her being spotted by her mother or little brother. Either way whichever form of embarrassment it might be she didn't want to take part in it yet letting things settle down focusing her observation on the others instead to get a better idea of them. She would just have to wait to make herself more known to let them enjoy her amazing presence.

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The One and Only
Aazaa Deepwater - Cesimir Estate
Today was a fortunate day indeed! For today Aaza Deepwater had finally found what she has been looking for! Here she stands, in from of a dwelling unlike any that she has seen before. It was HUGE! And beautiful, and grand, and magnificent, and, and, um, big? Aazaa was running out of words to describe the place, but it was a place to behold that’s for sure. But this was the place, well, she’s pretty sure this was it. To be honest, all that she really knew about the place she was looking for is that it was a ‘mansion’, and a mansion was supposed to be a big dwelling of sorts, and this is the biggest dwelling she’s ever seen, so it has to be right. Hopefully. As Aazaa approached the awe inspiring dwelling, she could see in the distant other people, quite a number of them to be honest. To think she found all this because of a pigeon she hunted for breakfast.

Most of them were smooth skins, creatures she had always been told to be wary of by the chief. He said that they were vicious creatures, hunting our kind down in order to skin us, and to wear our bones and scales as trophies and that they drink our blood for their profane rituals. Aazaa had always thought that the chief’s stories had been nonsense, but she couldn’t help but feel a bit apprehensive now that she was actually meeting them face to face. “Bad Aazaa, no time to be scared. Aazaa brave, Aazaa strong, Aazaa can do this.” The little kobold girl kept repeating to herself as she approached the crowd of people, clutching her staff close to her chest.

Before Aazaa could introduce herself, which was what she was supposed to do according to social norm if she was remembering correctly, the skies suddenly dimmed and darkened. “The sun has been stolen by the evil Kohlarop!” Aazaa gasped, remembering the tales of how the giant bird Kohlarop had once stolen the sun in order to freeze the world and plunge it in darkness. Aazaa was about to raise her staff and fire a bolt of lightning at the sky, surely that would have scared the might bird off, when a man appeared from nowhere, and began to sing and dance.

It was glorious. Admittedly, Aazaa has never heard much singing or seen mich dancing before, but this man was undoubtedly a master in the craft. The sun being stolen all but forgotten, Aazaa was enamoured by the performance, her tail swinging with the beat, her claws tapping the floor, eyes wide open as she slowly moved closer to the crowd, hoping to get a better view. But the show was over, too bad too sing Aazaa had just found a spot closer to the performance.

As Aazaa moved closer, she found herself among other people. One had been a man, or was it a boy, with golden fur on his head and wearing a robe of some sort, the other was what Aazaa assumed was a person, but was completely wrapped in a metal case, and lastly, a tiny woman. “Great Naga! You are small!” Aazaa couldn’t help but blurt out, after which she blushed and started to bow her head. “Aazaa is sorry if she has offended! It’s bad to call people small.” She apologized, remembering the times she’s been mocked for being a runt. “Um, my name is Aazaa, sorry, again, um, what is your name?”

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Samuel Oliver

Meh more or less the same.
Samuel was walking to the gate of a mansion.

Yawning as he gets there, he sees some lady on a horse, magical even, he was kinda amazed by it s.

He then yelled "Aye, mate, what cha doin over there?"

Once you saw him you might get the feeling of happiness, safeness, or reassurance a big brother gives to his family, but he gives off a little darkness, like a dark secret. (Eh i tried.)

He seems extremely excited even though he walked from the port in Glamis non stop.

Though he is ungodly tired, About to pass out tired, but it only shows a little bit or 50%.

@Hanarei (Or someone else is fine.)
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Sheub "Shelby" Mangoza
Cesimir's Manor

Shelby's eyes lit up at the display. It was quite a spectacle. While it definitely wasn't professional, she wouldn't even attempt to pretend to NOT be impressed by the show. Was this person a combatant or just their host or leader or whatever? If he was a combatant, he came off as more of a flamboyant duelist, who Shelby had fought a couple of in tournaments at the behest of her father. While she ended up winning after grabbing them and subsequently ripping them to shreds since they didn't wear any meaningful armor if any, it wasn't easy to get her hands on them and she definitely couldn't shoot at them easily. In fact, the only reason she caught him while he buzzed around with a rapier was because he got careless and stepped on one of her bear traps. His shattered foot prevented him from moving again, but he wouldn't surrender so she just ripped him to pieces.

Sheub clapped at the end of the performance. Maybe she would be the only one, but she didn't care. He deserved praise for putting on such a show.......... Plus, she was a sucker for broadway-style theater. "Very impressive, Mr. Cesimir, sir. That musical piece was amazing!" Knowing at minimum that HE wouldn't feel some sort of way about her being an orc was very reassuring. If their leader was racist then it would leave her stranded and forced to work as she'd have nowhere else to go. "You've definitely got a talent for the musical arts." She wondered what all it took to set up such a show. Was it pure magic? or was it physically set up and lie in wait? Either way, Shelby was thoroughly impressed.

She was the first to step forward. "I take it if you know our names by the letters you sent, you know our capabilities, correct?" Would he expect a formal introduction from each of them?
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( @Birdsie vague mentions of others )
Lilian blinked as the silent individual with a male physique held out his hand for her to shake. She grasped it and applied just the right amount of firmness as she accepted his strange greeting. Usually she had people bowing to her. The group continued to get larger as a female orc appeared and introduced herself. This was soon followed by a woman and a young boy arriving in a carriage which caused her to quirk a brow. They didn't look like nobles and Lilian never recalled seeing them at court. The older woman introduce them and the young child did so as well with enthusiasm. Why was a child brought here for this?

The next moment everything went dark and Lilian suddenly wondered if this had all been a trap as she lifted her arms in reaction to try and reach out blindly. She stopped and let her arms drop and she seethed a bit as she heard drums followed by the visible brightness of a spotlight revealing that she was no longer outside the gates but in a ballroom. She crossed her arms over her chest as he went about singing and sighed. Honestly, this didn't shock her in the slightest. She'd never met the man but there had been rumors, guess they were true.

She wondered how long he had worked on this routine and how long he had been waiting for a chance to use it.

When the pink glitter-mist faded and Lilian found herself seated in a chair she gracefully crossed her long legs, arms still over her chest as she watched the show. When he made it way over to where she was and said his line she rolled her eyes. Blind date? That was the last thing on her mind right now. When the song finally ended she heard the young boy called Azhi clap after some hesitation. Lilian shrugged and gave a short, small soft clap as well.

She watched as the female orc approached their host with curious eyes, but she remained in the comfortable seat. Honestly walking had been a bitch in these heels. She hadn't walked the entire way, but she had ditched her own carriage earlier than she probably should have.

"Oh I don't doubt that he's Cesimir. Tell me, did you really do that thing that time? Or it is really all just a rumor?"
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Fox watched as more people arrived at the estate and yet it was nobody who had ever worked with Fox before. One of the new arrivals was an Orc female wielding a bow asking if this was Cesimir's mansion, which Fox nodded in reply. The next two was an older woman and a young boy, a mother and son he would assume. The next few came in at the time of the musical gig. Fox noticed a girl with green hair, a Kobold female using a staff with a crystal on it, and a man with the appearance of a mercenary.

When the musical happened, Fox stood as professionally as he could. Even when he was forced to sit down, did his professional posture not end. Fox was silent through the whole act, neither saying a word nor showing any gesture about it. Any facial expressions that could be shown were hidden behind his mask.

Fox watched as the act came to a close and people started clapping. Fox didn't clap as he stood up from the chair and stood professionally besides, adjusting his tie and linking his hands together behind his back. Since nobody in the group knows Fox, or at least has never seem him, Cesimir will be the one to do introductions as Fox cannot speak.

June Verles

Look at big boy forehead over here
Mizu Nagoyaka

Mizu wasn't really bothered as more people started pouring in the little crowd, apparently forgetting about his previous anxiety about the gathering place. No Mizu was clearly more preoccupied with the little person resting on his shoulder. For him her appearance paired with her carefree attitude really put him at peace, a state he wasn't in very much these days, the capital was a really stressful place for him.

"Ah yes of course, sorry for misunderstanding." he says with a tranquil smile on his face.

He did get broken out of his trance when the previously quiet man started going around and shaking everyone's hands, being taken by surprise and giving him a rigid almost mechanical looking handshake, however it did allow him to notice the other people.Unfortunately they were too many of them for him to take account for by now, but he was hoping that they wouldn't have to wait here long best they not know he was too shy to enter the estate.

And his prayers were answered, but in a round about manner . While they did get fetched by Ceremir himself he didn't expect him to greet them this way, the capital nobles really were something else.

As he takes a sit and puts away the beer, something that he was banned from due to his monastic order he takes a deep breath, wasn't this a tad bit much for their first ever meeting? And they still didn't know what they were meant to do other than be "heroes".

"Miss Anri are you still there?" he says as he tries to check on his new acquaintance.

Christopher Armitage

Chris was currently late to the reception after having lost his way there, or at least that was what he was going to say to if he got asked why he was late. After all if he learned anything in school it was that being truthful would only result with troublesome situations. The only person who would even make him feel the slightest remorse would be his father, but then again, he'll just make it up to him by helping him with a sermon.

Why was Christopher late in the first place you ask? Well I hope you did because otherwise I can't extend this post.

After being kicked out of the academy he bought a home on the outskirts of the capital, with the help of his father's influence. At fist he had a pretty hard adjusting but having to live by himself wasn't so bad, nobody was constantly nagging him about the importance of human life and morality of his research, and his new house was pretty close to his family's place so he could visit more often.

Anyways after going through his morning routine what slogged him down was tending of his garden. While he moved locations the size of his garden didn't change, no in fact it grew as he expanded it underground. Luckily tending the garden took a lot less time than it could've without his new assistants, criminals he found on the street that he then implanted with parasitic plants that basically made them into zombies that did his bidding, unfortunately they were less dexterous than normal humans.

He sighed as he thought back about the degrading state of the workforce and the way this country was going. Still with all the delays he still made it, he'd notice his family's and approach them casually.

"Hey mom." he'd say as he tapped her on the shoulder.

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Faust Windfallow
Throne of The Ungnowable Abyss | @Birdsie @Hanarei @Epiphany @June Verles

Within the Valley that never sleeps, an abyss of timeless dark, the Throne of the abyss ungnowable, and unknown to the rest of the world, a battle of an apocalyptal scale raged on.

"Gnome! Your gnoming will end this day, here and now!" A tall man, clad in black, donning a silver mask in the likeness of a raven. His adversary was that of a small, humanoid figure sporting a pointy, red hat and a blue shirt. He possessed a bushy white beard, and he held a hand of five cards.
"Ohohoho!" The Gnome King laughed out, in the face of Faust's fruitless struggle. "I'm not just a gnome! I am the Shadow Gnome King of The Ungnowable Abyss! And you've been... GNOOOOOMED!" Faust let out a growl as he took hold of a card and revealed it before the Gnome King. "I equip my weapon!" He declared, as a frying pan materialized in his right hand. Faust charged forward, swinging his frying pan downward for a clean strike. "Owarida!" Faust declared as the frying pan came down toward the Gnome's hand.

Without warning, the Gnome caught ahold of Faust's weapon with his left hand. His expression broke into a wicked grin. "You've activated my Gnome card." In that moment, Faust's confidence turned to that of despair. "Nani?!"
"You've been...


Realizing his fatal error, Faust quickly withdrew, yet all too late. "With your Vitality Points at 0, I emerge victorious!" The Shadow Gnome King of The Ungnowable Abyss laughed in all his wicked glory as Faust fell to his knees. "This cannot be."
"But it is, my dear Lichlord. You shall meet the same demise as your dear Natalie." Cackling triumphantly, the Gnome King held out a large, cloth sack and opened it before Faust. "You have lost the Abyssal Games. Thus, you must pay the fee." A swirling singularity opened within the sack, as Faust's body began to dissipate into particles, spiraling into the singularity.
"The Sack of Timeless Abyss will consume you."
"No, Shadow Gnome King of The Ungnowable Abyss. My path does not end here."

The Gnome King's hesitation sparked in the Gnome King's eyes as he glared venomously at Faust. "Your futile quest ends here."

Faust began to utter a chant, a spell of unknown origin. To begin with, the runic language he was uttering was not comprehendible by mortalkind. To those that could not comprehend the language, it sounded like a jumbled mess of reversed syllables. In an instant, a cataclysmal mass of mana burst forth from Faust's disintegrating body in waves, pausing the Gnome King's offensive. The waves of energy sent quakes through the earth that could be felt from tens of thousands of miles away.

"Ah!" The Gnome King shrieked out in surprise - he had not expected the lich to put up this much resistance.

"The forge of existence is the foundation,
upon which twelve constellations circle the spire of heaven.
Fate is the Founder in whose name I cast,
Destiny the tribute with which I pay my homage to the Machinery of Reality,
Future, present and past intertwine,
Form an archway, upon which I call upon power!

Gears of fate, break and rupture!"

As Faust completed his chant, a pillar of mana ruptured forth from the ground, enveloping the Gnome King is an onslaught of True Arcane. The sheer arcane force shifted the flow of leylines, shattered the land from miles away, and sent forth an immense pulse of arcane energy in its aftershock that it would shake the entire world. The Gnome's sack finally snapped closed as Faust disappeared completely.

The spire of True Arcane narrowed, and dimmed down to nothing, and at its epicenter, a Gnome, now forced to his knees. The Shadow Gnome King of The Ungnowable Abyss omitted a spiteful growl as he looked into the sky, glimmering with unnatural darkness, the fabric of reality around it torn and tattered.

The conflict rages onward, evermore.


The Armitage family would be in for more than they had anticipated today.

First would come inexplicable tremors, and then disturbing pulses of an alarming amount of energy that was unlike any known by mortals.

Then, the truly bizarre occurrence would happen.

An immense amount of mana gathered into a single point of existence, and in a blinding sheen of an azure light, a single skull emerged into existence, followed by the raven mask falling onto the ground. Even more curiously, the skull's jaws began moving as it started talking. "Uh, hey, the mage over there..." He called out, assumably addressing Evelyn. "Could you like, help me out? Thanks."


Oh, thank the fates.

Auren heard the sound of someone singing floating on the distance as he approached the mansion. The commandant had given him an assignment. Well, less of an assignment and more of an invitation. Of course, as soon as he saw what it really was, he burst into a frantic cry and looked to Double D for advice, reassurance, something that could show that this was a joke. Unfortunately, it wasn't. In fact, what he got was rather a smirk in the way of the commandant and on Dawson. And so he was bundled off to whatever mansion he was supposed to head to.

Of course, singing was what Auren didn't want. What he was thanking the fates for, rather, was when the singing stopped. Rude? Probably, but he did not want to join in on any singing. He had a persona to maintain, honor to uphold, and, and..... Ah, he had nothing else. Of course, he could add, rather selfishly, that it was just the simple fact that he didn't want to draw any attention to himself. But, that would be admitting a flaw, one that he really despised...

As he finally neared the gates of the mansion, he couldn't help but stop. And stare. Was there a bunch of people around? Yes, a diverse bunch. But what kind of made him stop and do a double take was the green haired girl that was pouting. She was beautiful. Not to mention all those other words poets might use: pretty, cute, and what not and what how. Unfortunately.... Auren quickly turned his head down, trying to get his blush under control. No one really wanted to date a ranger, first of all. Look at the rumors, after all. Secondly, Auren felt like he was a bit too... plain.. for dating. Not to mention awkward. And quiet. And...

Bah. Get it under control, Auren.

With that in mind, Auren turned his face up, his blush only making his face slightly red instead of beet red. And then he looked around at all the other guests. He saw a guy with white hair speaking with someone... presumably their mother? He then turned, and saw a young man staggering upwards. His manner was a bit uncouth, but he certainly seemed like he needed help. He couldn't help but sigh.

He needed to report to Cesimir, but no one could fault him for helping a fellow person. He strode up to this man, and held out his hand. "Are you alright? You seem a bit winded."

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Cesimir [NPC]

Cesimir ignored Faust's appearance, deeply disinterested.

"Yes, yes, I'm acquainted with why you're here. I know all your little quirks and talents," he answered Shelby, the flair in his voice quickly dissipating following his song. He sounded flippant, uncaring. Cold.

Cesimir spread his arms to the left and right, like a cross. An invisible force took off his cosmic robe, revealing the tuxedo beneath. A curtain flew up and curved itself around him as he began to change clothes.

Cesimir stepped out seconds later, wearing a silver mask - as opposed to gold - carved to look like a laughing man. He had a dark robe and black hair, but quickly pulled on his hood and grabbed a carved staff which a golem handed to him.

"Anyway, the party's over. Hit the floor or die," he said with a monotone, nearly robotic voice.

He raised the staff towards the guests. The staff glowed red at its tip. The table and everything near exploded with a detonation of incendiary magical power and uncanny thaumaturgical shrapnel.

He waved his staff from left to right, and as he did, space seemed to distort, and the size of the dining room expanded to fit that of a large foyer. The table was on the far end, at least forty meters away from the exit, and the golem band that once played in the corner now seemed ridiculously far away.

Cesimir cast another spell, causing magic circles to appear on the floor. A roiling red color, sigils, and pentagrams that emitted sinister energy - one could almost sense the essence of flame within them. Magical landmines, set only meters apart from each other.

Following the minefield setup, Cesimir snapped his finger, summoning a pack of eight hellhounds. The monsters were black dogs, bigger than the largest dog should be, and they had white razor-sharp claws and fangs, with red glowing eyes. Fiery wisps came out of their mouths, giving the impression they could breathe gouts of fire like small dragons, and their limbs covered in fibrous muscle gave the impression they could tear apart a grizzly bear.

Cesimir gave them an order: "Start hunting the adventurers in half a minute. Hunt to kill. I'm gonna go take a leak."

He looked at the group, radiating cold in the way he glared and moved. "Anyone who survives this gets into the team. Anyone who doesn't, I'll revive and consider based on how far they made it. By the way, the mines reposition themselves every ten seconds and there are more traps in the room ahead. Good luck."

With that, he left through the door.

The hellhounds growled at the adventurers from afar, but they listened to their summoner's command and waited. And as Cesimir said, the mines began to flicker out and reappear in different places, though they seemed to semi-sentiently avoid places where the hellhounds, golems, people, or simply furniture stood, only manifesting on barren flooring.

Azhi Armitage

The boy's face contorted into shock when Cesimir cast his spells.

The fireball managed to launch Azhi off his chair and burnt his right arm - a piece of magical force struck him in the abdomen and dug into it, before dissipating into gaseous ether.

He hissed, applying healing magic to his wounds, for now, only to stabilize them.

Azhi looked up to see space alter itself and lengthen, pushing the group away from the exit while a minefield appeared out of nowhere, followed by a pack of hellhounds. He didn't remember nearly all his studies on fiendish creatures, but he knew fully-grown hellhounds could breathe fire. This place was about to turn into an inferno.

"Is this how he tests people?" he muttered, looking to the exit, then to the rest of the group. "I can heal wounds, is anyone injured?"


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Brom Beararm
Hell...he was late. Brom just didn't have the head for this kind of stuff; not these fancy danced or dinners or gatherings. It just wasn't his thing, in fact he couldn't remember why he decided to pause his travels to attend this. He had been traveling for about 4 months since he had last settled down, and settling down wouldn't really describe it. He had found a small settlement-the beginning of a small village that he had decided to join. They had no blacksmith, and very few men that were able to fetch wood and hunt, so he had joined their cause and helped them set up. When he felt as though they were settled well with decent provisions, he got up and left again; so had been his life for years. Well that was over and now, he had a dinner party to attend, and despite his better judgement, he came in full armor and strapped with weapons-his own personal style.

Let's get this over with... he thought. Upon entering, he was suddenly teleported into another room. It felt as though he was picked up and flung into another space, and he stumbled as he cam out of it. An important looking man looked at him almost with boredom and said "Survive and you're on the team". With that, he left, leaving Brom to survey the scene of what there was. Upon his inspection, he saw that this scene did not require talking or fancy table manors, but steel and muscle. That was his kind of party. He drew his great sword, and charged towards the golem.

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Mizu Nagoyaka
As the party raged on Mizu would just relax in his chair, after all it was clear that now there wasn't going to be need of them to fight anyone. He'd instead stare at the mug of beer he moved to the side, maybe it was rude if he didn't drink from it? What if everyone there thought that he was just a uptight country boy. That and also the fact that he wasn't somewhat interested in what it was like to be drunk, a sip wouldn't hurt....

Unfortunately it seemed like the universe wouldn't be on his side today, as soon as he started inching his hand towards the mug Cesimir decided to start the physical examination. As he warned them about the incoming explosion he realized that he was too close and even going prone would result with him likely being hit. There was also a chance that if he did that Anri would be hit, if she was hit by one of those pieces of shrapnel it would be over for her.

So through a quick cost-benefit analysis he resorted to using his hidden move from the start, immediately slapping the borrower of his shoulder behind him, something he'd apolagize about later, and getting into a horse stance ready to draw.

He breathed in deeply, the technique absorbed magic from around him and strengthened his body and reactions beyond that of any other similar technique. Unfortunately it was impossible to breathe while performing it, making it feel like you were underwater as everything around you slowed down and you slowly lost your gathered oxygen.

Luckily it was enough, he'd be able to slash away every oncoming piece of shrapnel that would come into his sword range, something only those with trained eyes would be able to notice.

However that took everything out of him literally, immediately falling to his knees, using his sword as leverage to stay up. As he was gasping for air he'd start to gather his strength, he'd need it if he wanted to be able to start moving enough out of the mine's range. Hopefully the hounds won't target them.

"Sorry... about... that... miss... Anri." he'd say looking back.
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Shriandriath the Debased Maiden
In fact, Shri joined her son in applause. She hadn't been this entertained in some time. The sight of her youngest boy filled her heart with joy. Naturally, she loved all of her children but Christopher had been out of the house for a few years now. Even Bethany had found her own way, in ways that frankly passed her understanding. But her little boy was growing up before her eyes now and the sight of his joy woke an answering joy in her.

At least until things went to hell.

A change of costuming isn't particularly interesting, so Shri leaned across her chair to look at her son Christopher. "I didn't expect you to accept this invitation but I'm glad you're here. And your sister, though don't tell her I said-" But her sentence trails off, unfinished, as the Mage reemerges with a different mask, a new staff and a threat.

Domesticity has weakened her. Made her less than she was. There's no other explanation for freezing for a long moment at the sudden danger. And when fire erupts in every direction, Shri finally reacts but it's the wrong reaction. It's a selfish reaction. White leathery wings abruptly manifest, wrapping about herself to deflect the flame. And when she lowers them, horror washes over her at the sight of her son Azhi on the floor, burned. He could have been killed!

For Christopher, Evelyn and Azhi, it's possibly the first time they've seen their mother's eyes flare red. She sweeps Azhi off the floor in her arms before launching herself into the air, landing on a nearby table with her wings spread and tail stretched back for balance. Setting her youngest child down in relative safety, Shri looks for the other two and says "Protect your brother and each other! I'll handle this!"

Snarling, the winged Succubus rocks the table as she leaps into the air, her wings fanning out to catch the rising air currents generated by those fiery traps. She promptly glides the distance directly towards the hellhounds. Claws burst through the ends of her gloved fingertips and her teeth are sharp and savage as she barrels down on the nearest.

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