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Cesimir // Luthandriel [NPCs] - Ludenwick Estate

"You get it," he said to Brom and half-turned to look at Lilian. "So does she, to an extent."

And then, Lilian offered to finish the course, and Cesimir turned fully toward her. He tilted his head and stared. A moment of silence passed and he asked, "Really? Well, you can't do it alone. You're welcome to try, though." He pointed at the northern wall of the dining room, and a door faded into existence around that spot.

Suddenly, an elven man in golden robes walked into the room, unannounced. Cesimir sighed and turned around. "What now?"

He received a haymaker to the mask, which not only penetrated his forcefield but sent him sprawling to the floor with a thud.

Cesimir groaned, still lying down and looking at Luthandriel. He raised his hand, as floating orbs of arcane power appeared around him, with sharpened edges directed at Luthandriel.

Luthdandriel whipped out a scroll and threw it at Cesimir. "Sub-section twelve, clause fifteen; I am allowed to punch you if you endanger people's lives."

Cesimir caught the scroll and held it with two hands, peering through and reading several lines. After a moment, his body began to twitch in anger and black spots spread where he held the scroll. Waves of flame moved through it and consumed the whole document as Cesimir stood up, his aura beginning to radiate anger.

The two moved up to each other and shared an exchange of whispers; Cesimir making some kind of statement, and Luthandriel grinning briefly to flash with a reply of his own.

After their verbal spar, Cesimir's body started to twitch, and Luthandriel moved past him.

"I am Luthandriel Isotrapth, royal advisor, and Cesimir' babysitter. Please, pardon him; Cesimir has trouble... connecting with people. However, as a peerless divinator, I can assure you he is one of the best mages we have and has few who can equal him when he becomes serious."

Cesimir kept his arms folded, his back turned to Luthandriel in a haughty manner.

"However, he is an asshole, and those traits hardly make up for this."

Cesimir's fists wrinkled into a tight clench.

Luthandriel gave a light bow. "Also, I apologize for my late intervention, but I was busy with paperwork. Although Cesimir is fully capable of resurrecting the recently deceased, I understand risking your lives for simple training wasn't pleasant. I'll make sure this never happens again by assigning my familiar to look over you. You can report misbehavior to him, and consequently to me. That way, even when my divination powers are directed elsewhere, I'll be able to intervene before Cesimir gets out of hand."

Luthandriel waved his free hand. A creamy white light moved across the air and formed the body of a Monodrone, summoning it into existence. The lawful creature stood there, smiling and blinking every now and then.

"You need to stop treating me like I am a barbarian who can't control his actions." Cesimir stepped forward and Luthandriel turned his attention to the masked archmage.

"Then stop acting like one."

"Without a sliver of real risk, there is no incentive to protect oneself. You do you - next time I'll have them fight dummies from straw, but do you think that'll help? They survived the initial strike, but only by virtue of me not aiming at anyone in particular and because I skimped on the mana for virtually the entire challenge. That won't happen if a real demon decides to get his hands dirty."

"Cesimir, why would there be a demon in a mansion?"

Cesimir glared at him. "You tell me, Luthandriel." He left the insinuation unsaid.


Behind Your Chair
Location: Cesimir's estate
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Shriandriath the Debased Maiden
Cesimir's critique fails to make any kind of impression upon the Succubus, except to convince her he's a madman. A madman who probably needs to die for the good of the Kingdom. His enticements, his use of loaded terms likewise only anger her, for she used to manipulate some men in much the same manner. The Mage implied his orientation was for their benefit, that getting a failing grade from him was 'bad', that only by enduring his insane trial and likely dying could she somehow be insulated from actual death. Even his use of others to hold up as examples was a classic rhetorical trick, designed to make an opponent look weak or foolish. These were political maneuvers and she might have respected him, had there been any real legitimacy to this effort.

None of his argument or showy theater explained why they were there. What possible work for King and Country merited sending the Adventurer's League into this manic's hands. But it wasn't her job or role to convince anyone else of that. Her duty and loyalty were to her husband and her family first. If the King thought so little of his subjects that he'd give them over into the hands of this creature, all that mattered was that she and hers were out of his hands.

The instant Cesimir said 'Dismissed', Shri swiveled on one heel to face the broader group. Her wings vanished, the fire of her eyes dulled back into a more natural blue and she once more seemed the exotic but ordinary beauty, possibly human if not for her horns. The next second, she took her first step forward to exit. The kobold's question, the noble woman's willingness to endure meaningless pain, her oldest son's strange reluctance to leave and last the man who'd partnered her in battle, each made the line of her mouth press more tightly as she made it plain nothing would stop her from leaving. With her youngest son firmly in tow.

She only stopped at the door to the estate, turning a final look back at the group. When Shri spoke, she spoke to Brom but her words were for everyone.

"I don't need a madman to look for me. I work for the Adventurer's League, for King and country. Nothing I've seen here today furthers that service. No lives were saved, no danger to innocents removed, no security brought to our nation's borders. If this Mage wants to fool all of you into believing that satisfying his sadism is to your benefit, you are welcome to listen to his lies and suffer for it. I've fought on countless battlefields but I fought for a reason! There's reason enough beyond these walls. Remain and you abandon reason. This may be your last chance, all of you. Depart while you still can."

At that, the Succubus turned and opened the estate doors, fully intending to leave. The sound of a body hitting the floor gave her pause, though. Turning back, Shri's narrowed azure eyes took in the prone figure before shifting her attention to the man who'd laid the wizard out. The antics between the two men were of no concern to her, but the King's royal adviser addressing the lot of them was another matter. If this Luthandriel had a failing, it was his willingness to continue using a madman. But then, could she say she hadn't done the same in her long centuries of life?

The sudden presence of a Monodrone drew a reflexive hiss from the Demon and she took an involuntary step back, shoulders raised to reflexively arch wings that weren't there anymore. Still, it was a useful enough creature and could likely serve the purpose this adviser would put it too. Still, this bantering had gone on quite long enough.

"There's already a demon in the mansion," Shri said. Assuming that got the attention of others, the Succubus' eyes glowed brilliantly. "Only I'm not the danger here. Lord Isotrapth, I was invited as I assume the rest of these brave people were. Not for 'training' or whatever passes for it in the mind of a madman. Not to amuse a wizard with more power than wisdom. I work for the Adventurer's League. I believe most or all of us do. Now, your words imply there was a greater purpose to bringing us together. A purpose or a need that justifies using a lunatic. And a purpose or need that requires us, refined by the training of that lunatic or not."

"Why don't you save all of us a great deal of ire and frustration by telling us what the King requires?"


The God-Emperor of Mankind
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Cesimir // Luthandriel [NPCs] - Ludenwick Estate

Luthandriel firmly planted his staff into the floor, scything around it with his elbow to keep it in place as he fished a small handbook from his golden vestment. He cycled through its pages with his thumb. Ostensibly, they were empty, having neither written word nor images on them.

He gave the handbook to Shriandriath for her to peruse. "Please, examine."

"I say that perspective is the leading pattern for determining existence. You see a blank notebook with nothing written in it - I see a notebook teeming with notes; the writing that will be, but won't be, because I won't write it down, because I've already written it down in the future, without needing to actually write it down as I can already read it."

He waited for a beat, to let her think about what he said.

"Hard to wrap your head around it, no? One could say that I see the potential future of what I might have written down in this book - the crossover territory. The borderline between seeing the future and an alternate world. Oracular abilities of this small scale are clunky in operation, but relatively easy to explain in perspective, but big ones aren't."

He took the handbook from her.

"A divination for a whole society is something else entirely. Practically undescribable in words using either metaphor, allegory, or what have you," he said, in a soothing voice. Cesimir gave Shri an unreadable expression, his hands sagging slightly. "The closest explanation I can offer is a ginormous clockwork machine, like an installation. You can look at the entire thing from the outside and appraise its general effectiveness, but to know specifically which gears will fail in the future, or what parts require oil, you'll need to inspect more closely. The same applies as in the forest scenario - there may be rats moving about, outside your sight, due to magic that hides from precognition."

He leaned in closer, and spoke quietly enough that people in the edges of the room would barely hear a hushed speech, maybe making out one in ten of his words: "perspective... oil... flask... is Cesimir..."

Azhi snorted quietly, muttering a word suspiciously sounding like, "Flaskimir."

Luthandriel leaned out, resuming an audible voice. "What do you think of this, Lady Armitage?" He had an inscrutable gaze and left it unsaid that whatever she chose, what he whispered to her was not to leave her mouth anytime soon.

From the periphery, Cesimir folded his arms and let out a haughty 'hmph,' seemingly aware what was said. Or he'd been told beforehand and realized Luthandriel just shared classified information with Shri.



One Thousand Club
Liam Gregory
"Nolan No-Shoes"
Location: >>>Adventurer's League Hall, Glamis
Goal: To have someone take on Aegis as an apprentice within the Adventurer's league. Hopefully someone that could provide food and shelter. Also to find a place to stay the night.

The young dark elf looked at Woguran the mule with distrustful eyes. The beast snorted and she flinched reflexively.

"HAHAHAHA! Be nice Woguran!" The Friar laughed heartily as he stroked the mule's neck. "She won't hurt you..." He said softly in the beast's ear.
"What kind of silly name is Woguran?" Aegis asked as she kept up the pace to follow the Friar and his mule.

The question triggered some memories in Nolan's mind. Sharing meat and ale with a cunning bandit leader... fighting side by side alongside him to raid a helpless town... fighting against the very same bandit leader in betrayal to get paid by a wealthy nobleman. The ugly aftermath of it all. These are the old Liam's memories... not the memories of Father Nolan.

His smiling eyes were guarded by deep crow's feet and wrinkles. "I suppose it is a silly name..." Nolan chuckled. The cobblestone street forked and the party took the road that seemed to be more packed with people. Gone are the beggars and peasants; the ones walking these parts of the street are armored men, eccentric robed figures with tall hats, and leather-clad folk armed with bows and arrows. The sight of weapons gave Nolan a nostalgic feeling... but he knows that these weapons only bring pain and death to the innocents. Should I make her into an Adventurer? Should I lead her down the path of violence and make the same mistakes I did?

The priest looked down at the girl with sad eyes.
She has no choice... The Church will not take her... nor will he Government... her best bet to leave the life of a begging orphan is to join the League...

I had no choice either...

The party reached their destination. It was a large rectangular building adjacent to a tall tower. The building was made of mortared stone. Wooden beams crisscrossed the building's upper story as it leaned out far into the street... casting a dark shadow upon the Man, girl, and donkey. A creaking, wooden sign hung down from a wooden beam adjacent to the entrance. The sign appeared to be an unfurled scroll pinned by a dagger.

"What are we doing here, Father?" The girl asked the priest.

The priest knelt down and his warm smiling eyes met hers. "You can't stay in the streets alone anymore child..." He sighed. "Our lord Hann gave you rare talents that could be a great asset for an Adventurer... have you tried joining the League and making a name for yourself?"

"I don't want to join the League..." She grit her teeth.

"Child, it's the only way... the League will clothe you, feed you, and offer you shelter... they will also train you to be a great adventurer. It's better than sleeping on the streets waiting to be enslaved by a brothel owner..." Nolan clasped her shoulders with his huge hands. "Do not worry... Our Lord walks with you. I can see that you will become a great adventurer..."

The young girl grimaced and shook her head. "I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO HELP ME!?" She screamed, causing adventurers on the street to turn toward their direction.

"I- I do..." He protested.

"I don't want to join the stupid league!" She roared. "You priests are all the same!" She clenched her fist. Turned... and ran off.

"W-WAIT!" Nolan called out hoping someone would stop her.


The One and Only
Aazaa Deepwater - Cesimir’s Estate
Even a Sorcerer Supreme like Aazaa has to admit, she’s lost. Like, she literally doesn’t understand what’s going on anymore. She’s more lost now than she has ever been in her entire life, and that includes having to navigate an unknown and dark cavern with no torchlight or even a map of sorts to guide her. Too much is going on all at once, and Aazaa’s head is spinning just trying to keep track of things, heck, she’s still thinking about how she nearly become pet food when the singing man (apparently his name was Cesimir) got smacked in the head by another man. This is just a guess, but she’s think that he too was a powerful being.

She couldn’t even understand what they were talking about. I mean, well, she could somewhat get what they were tryin to say, but they were using a lot of unfamiliar words. Like, what even is a Clause 15 and what does it have anything to do with a Sub-section? Divinator and advisor are also unknown to her, but guessing that the man that claimed to be one was a powerful individual, she guessed that it was something like a great warrior, or a wise shaman. And what even is a demon and why would it want to get it’s hands dirty? Was it digging a tunnel? Of course, it’s not like Aazaa could ask that because, one, she didn’t really want to catch the attention of two powerful, and somewhat annoyed, individuals, but more importantly, she didn’t want to appear dumb or stupid. So she kept her mouth shut for now.

One of the people, the terrifying but beautiful lady, was really displeased. She was even going to leave, with a little boy in tow, before the divinator knocked Cesimir to the floor. She also said a lot of unfamiliar things, like King and Adventurer’s League, but Aazaa was too busy trying to hide behind the iron clad person to notice. Aazaa had long deemed that the best course of action was to not attract attention to herself. Which you think would be easy, no one wanted to die after all, but her curiosity was getting the better of her. She could have left a while ago, but this was just too interesting to pass out on.

More things were said, mainly by the divinator whose name was too long and complicated for Aazaa’s poor brain to handle. And like the previous conversations, the words said were just a bunch of nonsense for Aazaa. Clockwork? Is that even a real thing or was he just saying a bunch of fancy words to seem smart? Still, Aazaa didn’t want to be kept in the dark, especially since, from the way the words were said, it would appear that this thing ahould be common knowledge. So, Aazaa slowly crept away, trying not to get noticed. She wasn’t going to escape, she was far too invested in the entire situation at this point, but she was going to try to get some answers.

Aazaa decided to approached a white haired woman, the same woman that, if Aazaa recalled correctly, was pinned down by one of the Fire Howlers. Now, why would Aazaa approach her? Simple really. Since she was pinned down by one of those beasts while the others were not, then it was only right to assume that she was the weakest of the bunch, weaker than even Miss Anri. So, since she was the weakest, she was therefore the least threatening, which is why Aazaa approached her. Genius.

“U-um, hello there miss. I-I’m just wondering, um, can you explain what they’re saying. I-It would a-appear that the, um, the Fire Howlers managed to, um, deafen me because of their howls? I mean, yeah! Their loud howls made my hearing, um, go off. So, uh, I-I didn’t hear what Mister Cesimir and Mister, Luta-Luhand-Lutama- um the other guy, said.” Aazaa explained to the white haired woman, coming up with an excellent excuse for not understaidn what was said. “I-I’m Aazaa by the way, A-Aazaa Deepwater. Nice to, um, meet you.”

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Bethany Evelyn - "The Arcanist Absolute" Armitage

Evelyn watched as the Hellhound was put to a stop, while not completely destroyed it was put out of commission enough. It would of probably been better for her to use a more devastating spell but she wasn't about to try and allow the stupid talking skull to sound like he was right. She lowered her hand looking to her brother as he responded back promising to let her take care of it next time as she looked away as if trying to reject his words putting on a bit of a pouting face in response puffing her cheeks out a little bit in response. Her expression softened a bit looking to Cesimir seeming not very pleased by it. Her expression seemed to lessen a bit more as her mother spoke up in anger at his games as Evelyn simply looking away with her arms crossed not wanting to look like she was siding with her mother against the silly games the man was attempting to play even if she found them stupid herself. She did give a bit of a nod in response to the orc woman's protests though.

Cesimir's words reached Evelyn's ears and quickly were met with distaste. It was a rather poor excuse to do what he did. Killing potential employees was so pointless of an act. If they would die on the job, so be it but having them killed before seemed like such an idioitic point to her. Even worst was the fact he seemed to purposely neglect pointing in her direction when mentioning beauty. Attempting to murder her was one thing, but to not bother to praise her good looks was a great affront to her. She deserved to be given praise if anyone else was. The sour look that had formed on her face wasn't hard to tell as even the card using women's seeming willingness to take part in such tests registered in her mind though not enough to get her expression to change at the rather surprising acceptance of the test.

Fortunately before much else could happen she witnessed Cesimir get struck hard as Luthandriel entered. She seemed a little bit confused at first cocking her head to the side as a bit of that sourness slowly vanished from her face. It didn't change the fact she was tempted to throw a giant fireball at Cesimir... maybe with the dumb skull as the center point of said fireball but for now she would refrain from such. As much as she might like to go along the dark side in terms of her fashion or general style, she had quite a bit of restraint in what she did. She might rebel against her parents but in the end she still had that 'good' nature about her. Her mother's words once again speaking up that she would agree with caused her to refrain from speaking again trying to look away as to not look like she agreed with her at all. Luthandriel spoke out seemingly trying to be cryptic in how he spoke as Evelyn rolled her eyes a bit.

"Soothsaying, augury, clairvoyance, divination. Just fancy words of saying you can see into the future, but such an act isn't so clear. Even with the greatest future sight you are prone to seeing things that might not come to be or might occur in a manner that you might not fully expect. It's not really an art that is exclusive, any wizard worth their weight can utilize divination to some degree. It just tends to not be very worth wild given how vague the visions can be. Even the best prophets aren't likely to see a future clear enough or even in cases accurate enough to really bog yourself down with worrying what the future holds." She spoke generally out loud as if to show off a bit while being a bit dismissive of Luthandriel's words though her words weren't targeted directly towards him. Divination was one school of magic she had little care for herself. It was one she had decided upon attempting to Master last. For her it was always action that mattered more then simple predictions even if she knew there was value in seeing into the future.

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Location: Cesimir's Estate ---> Adventurer's Guild entrance
Mentions: @IamNotLoki @Birdsie (Everyone else too)

Fox stood around watching and listening to everything going on. Cesimir went on about more parts to this gauntlet he made which at the end included a baby tarrasque. None of what he showed in body language and tone of voice suggested that this was a serious orientation. This was all a game for the masked man, yet Fox stood there in Silence as others protested such wickedness.

Suddenly another individual walked in, and punched Cesimir in the face. The man introduced himself as Luthandriel, royal advisor to the king of this foreign land. It seemed that he had divination magic under his belt, a powerful asset to be sure. It seems like everyone is cleared to leave the Building. Fox walked in between the two groups of the party, and Cesimir/Luthandriel and did a 90 degree bow towards them all. After that he walked away, the sound of his shows echoing on the tiled floor as he walked out.

Fox walked back to the capital, anyone who accompanied him was shown a nod of recognition, though any questions they asked was met with silence. Still the company felt somewhat nice, and while the nature wasn't as beautiful as his homeland, Fox was taking it all in.

When Fox reached the city he went towards the Adventurer's Guild. When he got there he heard someone screaming about not joining the league. Suddenly after that he felt someone bump into him. Taking a look it was a Dark Elf girl who ran into him. He looked at the large priestly man, and saw in his eyes a sort of worry and desperation, seeking help. Fox clasped his hands on the girl's shoulders and walked over to the man, ignoring any complaints the girl may have had. Fox was deathly silent the entire time as he looked at the Priest, tilting his head in order to seek an answer.

Noble Scion

The unlucky hopeful
Anri Maruhachi - Cesimir's estate
Too much was going on for the small-girl, but she faintly heard a compliment by the masked man from before and blushed, still contained within the young man's hand who seemed to be asking questions and participating in the conversation in general.

Deciding to leave all this discussion to be explained to her later, Anri simply placed her but down on the hand-cushion and sprawled out, gazing at the roof seemingly carelessly.

It hurt her pride to say that she hadn't exactly helped out much in that battle, but at least she hadn't gotten in the way.

Kaizer Harrison - Cesimir's estate
After the saviour of the woman (Lillian) by dealing with the hell-hound, Kaizer simply passed the mage a thumbs up, before something else made its presence known.

The reappearance of the singing man was something of a surprise. Putting away her chiselling equipment, setting her art project aside for the time-being to be finished at a later date as she set her full attention to their host.

She'd expected something a bit more theatrical, like the doors being locked behind them with the way forward being their only choice, but based on the room they were currently in, even that sounded sadistic.

His words, however, she found most concerning.

The knight gave a slight cough before speaking her mind. "Dear Cesimir, I respect your performing abilities, and how important the element of surprise is in a show, but surely a murder-house is a bit too intense, especially without warning that our lives are at risk prior." she cooed, seemingly not as concerned as some other members about the sudden attack that had transpired as she once more leaned on her sword with an eerie level of calm and the continued faint tone of disappointment of the rather lack-lustre battle with his "pets" that she'd barely gotten involved in

Some of the rooms he had planned did sound rather interesting, and almost fun, but the idea of risking her life was rather off-putting, not that the ideas of scores or not surviving the ordeal worried her. She had faith in her abilities, as was pretty much required for her profession.

"Perhaps inviting children to battle with trained warriors was... Unwise, Mr. Cesimir." she chimed when the topic was brought up, but other than that, didn't speak too much.

Kaizer had never had, nor planned to have children any time soon, so she wasn't exactly to relate with the succubus woman (Shriandriath) and her need to protect her offspring, which there appeared to be a number off all in this room. Quite active in the bedroom, it seemed, which brought the question of how she was into her mind. Making a mental note, Kaizer planned to ask about motherhood at a later date, if they even stuck together after the venial ordeal that their host had put them through.

The sudden speech by one of the other warriors (Brom) made the famed performer laugh. A true laugh, unlike the fake one she had perfected over the past decade since she was a child. "You thought that was demonstrating the talents of everyone here? I dare say that none even broke a sweat, aside from perhaps the samurai over there. (Mizu) I very much feel like you're overselling this opportunity, my friend. There will be other opportunities for battle, if that's your fancy." she chuckled smugly before something else, equally as unexpected as Cesimir's return, happened.

"I too, also yearn to know what this is all about anyway. It's why we're all here, to serve the king, is it not?" the only armour-clad person in the room called in response to Shriandriath's own question.

Sir unethical-training-methods over there was served a surprise haymaker to the face by a mysterious intruder that soon made his name known to them as Luthandriel, royal advisor, presumably to the king, which almost immediately got onto her good-side based on his own nonchalant manner of delivering his message to the masked man.

"I withhold my choice until the matters I will be involved in are explained." she threw into the air almost lazily, her head resting on her arm, which was in-turn leaning on the weapon of choice, seemingly bored as she was forced to await a response whilst Luthandriel had his private conversation with the demoness in some petty attempt to annoy the masked man, which was seeming to prove rather effective.
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Behind Your Chair
Location: Cesimir's estate
Tags: Varied
Shriandriath the Debased Maiden
For as made as the Mage was, the diviner seemed equal parts reasonable. Which, to be honest, fit her preconceptions better of this kingdom and how it ran. The lunatic was an outlier, an unstable magical weapon...and if she didn't like how he'd aimed himself at her progeny before, she couldn't claim unfamiliarity with the approach. Certainly, Demons would find kinship in this madman. So might she, if not for decades of domesticity.

Nodding slowly, Shri said "I'm familiar with Divination. The Blood War certainly has its share of it, to know what the enemy will do or might do. I question whether your divination shows a requirement that the one who leads us be a lunatic but you've offered a check on him at least. If it's the King's wish that we follow his preferred champion, then I think I agreed to serve the King's wishes when I signed up for the Adventurer's League. My word, once given, is never revoked. Have you anything else to tell us?"

June Verles

Look at big boy forehead over here
Mizu Nagoyaka
Mizu couldn't help but rub the back of his head and look a bit down when he was pin pointed by the knight woman. He wanted to retort but he couldn't lie that he really didn't do much in the entire fight except knock down Anri. Maybe he wasn't really fit for this group after all...?

He'd slap himself on the side of the face to snap himself out of it, he wasn't there to prove anything to anyone, it was just the good thing to do. But even that was questionable as they learned more about Cesimir... Guess the only thing he can do is wait.
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Cesimir // Luthandriel [NPCs] // Azhi - Ludenwick Estate

Luthandriel gave Evelyn a mysterious smile when she 'explained' divination.

Then, Kaizer said her bit.

"Your lives are always at risk," Cesimir scoffed back at Kaiser, earning Luthandriel's ire. He kept his arms folded and turned his mask in her direction. "Isn't that all you adventurers do? Risking your lives? If eight hellhounds are what you consider risking your life, quit now, before we come across a bone devil or a beholder. You don't want children here? Don't take them with you. Anyone here should be ready. If they're not, that's your own damn fault."

Luthandriel closed his eyes, breathed in, and interjected, "Unfortunately, what he said is true. As the premier team of the capital, you'll be working high-risk jobs with a variety of dangers involved. Preparation and awareness of a possible tragedy occurring are... necessary, but please don't worry. I've already divined and minimized all risks involved for all teams across the country. The few blind spots that exist don't seem to produce enough danger to warrant attention, and as long as I'm here, there won't be any problems."

Luthandriel took out a pocket watch from his vestment, flipping it open. "Time is a precious commodity, and I'm running dry. You will be staying at the Ludenwick manor, or, should you choose so, at the nearby inn. There may be trust issues directed at Cesimir due to this..."

"Training," Cesimir stated boldly, with a flair of flippant amusement, folding his arms.

"Incident - which I intend to report to the king," Luthandriel countered Cesimir sternly, then looked at the team. "You will receive your first job tomorrow through my Monodrone. That will be all."

Cesimir turned his back on them, walking away. His voice was bitter as he said, "I'll be in the study. Stay away unless it's an emergency." A door in space opened in front of the archmage, and he stepped through, disappearing.

Luthandriel turned back at the rest of the team, gave them a reassuring smile, and followed it up with a light bow with a hand on his heart. "I look forward to a bright future of cooperation." There was a pressure change and a 'pop,' as he disappeared in a flash of white.

Azhi walked up to his mother, Anri placed on his right shoulder.

He had a troubled look on his face, like he wanted to say something, but couldn't find the courage to do it. "Hey, mom... About Cesimir... Do you know how I can see emotions? I've described it to you in the past. See, the thing is..."

"He's... not normal, I don't think. Less normal than you, at any rate," Azhi started the explanation. "He said he did it for amusement, and he acted cocky, but I didn't see even a smidge of that. Not once. In fact, his aura is all over the place with emotions. I've seen red, blue, yellow... the whole rainbow. Also, it's really weird. It feels like it's strong, but it's not. It's really pale and translucent, and it keeps flickering on and off, like he's about to disappear from existence, or doesn't exist in the first place. I'm not sure what to make of him... Do you think he might be an automaton? Maybe his feelings are fake, and that's why the aura is so messed up?"



- Killcount: (8/8 Hellhounds, 0/1 Baby Tarrasque, 2/8 Innocent Golem Servants, 0/5 Golem Musicians)
- Gauntlet Completion (1/5 Rooms)
- Forced Luthandriel to Intervene?: Yes
- Impressed Cesimir?: NO
- Cesimir's Views (of the Team): Hateful, Distrustful (-100)
- Luthandriel's Views (of the Team): ??? (???)
- Secrets Found: 1/2

Cesimir Interlude
[Optional OST]

"What?" Cesimir asked, dejected.

Luthandriel's hands were behind his back, and he shook his head. "Nothing."

Luthandriel walked up to stand beside Cesimir, on the balcony. The sun was setting slowly on the horizon, painting the sky around it into a beetroot-red circle.

Cesimir looked away from Luthandriel. "Are you going to lecture me?"

"No, but I will report this. The king should know."

"I agree," Cesimir stated, bitterness letting itself show. "He knows, and should respect the idea that I'm not a team player."

"I realize that, and I think he does too. That's why he did this, maybe," Luthandriel said, and Cesimir didn't argue this time. "Life is a series of cogs. When something doesn't work, you need to oil it, even if it gets your hands dirty."

They kept quiet for a moment. Cesimir's head sunk low, as if giving thought to what Luthandriel said.

After another short moment, Cesimir gave Luthandriel a meaningful look through his mask.

Luthandriel faced him, expectant of what answer the dark archmage came up with.

"That's a shitty metaphor," Cesimir said.

Luthandriel sighed, and Cesimir broke out into laughter.

After a moment of mocking Luthandriel with ha's and he's, Cesimir stopped abruptly. "Wait. You didn't see that coming? How?"

Luthandriel shook his head. "You're leaking, and it's scrambling me. Even that boy - Armitage - picked up on it. He's realized something's off about you, in more ways than extremely asocial and insane."

"Did he figure me out?" Cesimir asked, unperturbed but simply curious.


"Let's keep it that way," Cesimir said. "The last thing I need is a little brat getting curious about what my face looks like. The whole family is full of dipshits, at any rate. The succubus is the worst, though. She deserves the crown of idiots. She's harming her kids, not protecting them. They need to become stronger. Weaklings are the universe's punching bags... Well, not that they're not becoming stronger on their own, but you understand."

Luthandriel soured at the philosophical soliloquy. "Shriandriath is protecting her children, it's a maternal instinct. I wouldn't expect you to understand that..."


"But give some thought to it. These people aren't like you. I know the idea of understanding others is like an alien science to you, but try it."

"I am, but it's not working. Most of the team is composed of idiots. That Brom person seems to get it, to an extent. He's eager to fight, eager to become stronger, too, I think."

"There you go again," Luthandriel sighed. "That's not how empathy works, Cesimir. Other people have their own experiences, they're not idiots. You just find it hard to understand their perspective because you don't have context for it, which is why you should respect it. How many times do I have to explain this to you?"

"As many as the number of gunpowder stashes I've put in your room," Cesimir snarked.

"I've dealt with that already," Luthandriel answered smugly.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." Cesimir turned.

Luthandriel's brow dropped as he practically growled out, "Cesimir...!"

Then, Luthandriel paused when he saw Cesimir's body wavering.

"You're shifting already? Go get a new mask."

Cesimir shook his head. "Soon. Not unstable enough yet, and these babies are expensive. I can keep going a day or two longer."

"I can't see your future if you're unstable, and I'd rather not be caught in the blast radius. In fact, I'd rather no one is caught in the blast radius."

"Fine, I'll go change. See you later, Precognitive Engine."

Luthandriel frowned. "See you later, Asshole."

Cesimir grinned under his mask, before teleporting.


Cesimir hung his coat on the hanger. Underneath his robe, he wore a leather shirt with intermittent links of chainmail. He then proceeded to stretch, cracking his knuckles as walked in the direction of his desk and tumbled, performing aerial cartwheels and finally landing in his chair.

His desk didn't have much. A picture of his fianceé was the only thing of note, as was a diary he kept since he was ten years old. It was full of nonsensical things.

He flicked his desk open, where a new grinning mask and a pair of black, leather gloves waited for him. He picked them up, and made his way to the middle of the room, away from any furniture except for the cheap textile carpet that laid there.

He took in a deep breath. Cesimir wasn't afraid of things most people were afraid of.

Death. Oblivion. Apocalypse. These things at best put seeds of anxiety in his mind, but didn't outright make him pause.

But this? It unquestionably made him pause.

Cesimir took off the glove on his right hand, and in that moment, space broke and the heavens screamed.

It was impossible. The universe began to fail, as if it couldn't calculate what was happening. Thousands of paradoxes flying in the air, invisibly. The molecules of objects vibrated, heating up, and they also slowed down, cooling - both were true. The changes, originating from his hand, were impermanent, and untrue, only a reflection of possibility, of what his soul could achieve. Furniture broke, and it repaired. Fire roared, and it was extinguished. Water flooded, and it was evaporated. Earth trembled, and it became stable. Air stormed, and it slowed. Flickers of energy floated through his hand, reflecting the engines of his soul.

A soul was an immaterial thing, never meant to exist physically. It was a terminal of the universe, not existing in the three dimensional model of geometry humans use. The raw energies it converted were not to be taken lightly, as they could smite the patterns of existence and alter perspectives and objective truths much like one snaps a twig.

This is what happens when a soul is forced to blend with the body. In his hands, and some of his frontal skull and face, Cesimir's body and soul became one, existing in one space. The paradox of being anchored made the soul freak out. It began to fire off all of its known commands - casting fire, earth, water, air, ether, ectoplasm; everything - and at the same time, not executing those same commands.

They were reflections of what was happening. Possible variants and expressions of power, not easy to understand, because whatever designed 'souls' never intended them to be.

His hand didn't conform to physics. It was, at the exact same time, the size of a normal human hand, and the size of Glamis itself. It was a color that has never existed, something between Magenta and the color of breath. It had five fingers, and each fingertip split into five more fingers, which each broke into five fingers, which broke into five more fingers ad infinitum. One could hear the movement of the hand with one's eyes, and the smell of its flesh was very similar to spiced rum, or gumdrops, or stale bread, or the distinctive smell of pine trees, or even an infinite void. His fingers were made from filaments and fibers of photons, but they were made from a green mass of crystalline data, and yet black dragon scales harder than diamonds, and yet styrofoam.

He slipped the new glove back on, and the world became normal, as if his hand was never a source of insanity. He did the same with the other hand, where the situation was identical, except it wasn't, except it was.

Then, he took off his mask. His face, each eye a swirling portal into an infinite amount of omniverses, and yet also diamonds that petrified everything into stone. In an iris color that doesn't exist, and a sound that is unfamiliar to the mouth. He put on the new mask, and the world snapped back to normalcy.

Cesimir sighed in relief.

One of these days, he wouldn't have the willpower to put the gloves or mask back on. One of these days, he'd get lost in the limbo, and it would consume him and whoever else was near him at the time.

That's exactly what happened before before he was saved by someone strong. Someone prepared for anything.

But no time for that. Time to be an asshole.

"Now, I wonder where's my gunpowder supply?" He grinned deviously, except he didn't.

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One Thousand Club
Liam Gregory
"Nolan No-Shoes"
Location: Adventurer's League Hall, Glamis
Goal: To have someone take on Aegis as an apprentice within the Adventurer's league. Hopefully someone that could provide food and shelter. Also to find a place to stay the night.
Tags: @Archdemon

A shiver of fear went up the young girl's spine when she bumped into the man wearing a strange foreign-looking fox mask. She was about to shout at him for bumping into him but she stopped before she could even utter out a sound. The mask was simply... terrifying. Suddenly the man's hand gripped her shoulder.. she winced in pain as she tried wrench herself away from his grip.

"Pardon my small companion sir, she meant no harm..." The giant priest towered over the masked man just as easily as the man overshadowed the young elf girl. "I hope she didn't hurt you running that fast..." the priest sighed at the girl disappointedly. "I can't really force you to join the League... It was my fault I didn't ask your point of view beforehand. For that, I apologize,"

Aegis managed to get free of Fox and hid behind the large legs of the priest. She stared up at the masked man with frightened eyes.

Nolan moved his eyes away from the girl to the masked stranger. "Are you an adventurer?" He asked him.


I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Sheub "Shelby" Mangoza
Cesimir's Mano

Shelby sighed at the end of it all, walking over to retrieve the arrows she fired that were left when the hellhounds dissolved. "I need a bath........" she muttered. She took out 2 hellounds out of 8. That was good for the amount of people on the team. However, she knew no one on the team. Maybe on their next mission. Some of them went on about divination and future sight and.................geez..............Shelby wouldn't even attempt to begin to understand what the hell they were talking about. If the magic wasn't about trapping and it wasn't about shooting, so she didn't know much about that kind of magic. There was just way too much being said for her to understand what was going on. The only thing of interest was when this Luther guy brought up the king and didn't say much beyond that. Maybe she could bond with someone over their mutual confusion and desire to understand the basics.

She was in now............so why did it feel so anti-climatic? Probably due to Cesimir's absolute madness and the quickness to kick her out, brushing off any resistance or lack of will to go on with ridiculous unreasonable tests as weakness, which was ridiculous of course. This felt more like a...........like a teacher cancelling a project after they already began and giving them a passing grade for it anyways. That wasn't to say she WANTED to go through those chambers. If Cesimir couldn't be bothered to explain one of the chambers, he probably left out a bunch of deadly details anyways. It was just like she was deprived of a celebration.

Anyways, Sheub wondered about the manor. Did they have enough rooms for everyone to get their own room? Did they have to pair as roommates? Were they given food or did they have to go out and buy their own? These questions would answer her primary question on whether or not to even stay at the manor or get an inn. If they did have to roommate up, who would be her roommate? Would this group be split up on missions? God, so many questions and absolutely zero answers.


Some random dude on the Internet
Location: League Hall
Mention: @IamNotLoki

Fox looked at the girl as she escaped his grasp, kinda of tilting his head. He looked at the priestly man and nodded his head in response to his question. He looked at her, sizing up her potential, and suddenly he squats down. Reaching into his pocket in the suit he's wearing, he produces a single golden coin to which he gives to the girl. She reminded him of a time where he went through hardships, where he was in the same position as she is now. She was alone in this world, just like he was.

Fox stood up, this child has no where to go except the league, that much was true. He sees potential in her, a potential none other than himself had. So he walked away but motioned to the girl to follow, after all she would need a teacher. He walked to the front desk, and pointed towards the little girl, trying to signal that she is to be signed up, and it would make sense if she would be made into an apprentice.

Once that was all finished, Fox took her to his room. He went into his wardrobe and took out a small training uniform, well to be exact this was his old one back when he was a child. He gave it to the girl for her to change, of which he gave her some privacy. When she finished changing, he would bring her out to the courtyard. He would face her and made a motion to attack him.

Far from its 'home', or rather, its place of origin, the hulking beast continues to traverse a path to nowhere. Now, it is currently in the middle of the woods, an unnamed forest. It has been there for about a week, feeding on the smaller creatures it successfully hunts down, as well as using the resources nature presents to it. As the travel through the woods seemed to last forever, fate decided to change the course of the beast's path.

One day, Markus, led by his hunger, struck down a magical bird, which dropped an interesting object - a letter that spoke of various, chosen individuals gathering. Intrigued by such an event, the beast left the forest in a hurry, leaving behind both the letter and the corpse of the magic bird. It rushed towards the destination written in the letter - Ludenwick Estate.


When Markus finally arrived at the destination, his intrigue only grew. He had never heard of such a place, and just by his very senses alone, he could feel that something was different about this manor. It wasn't like any other he had seen or entered. Carefully, he nudged the door with his snout, which promptly opened with a loud creaking noise.

The wolf enters the building cautiously. And witnesses a big commotion not far from his location.

"Hm.", he says.


One Thousand Club
Liam Gregory
"Nolan No-Shoes"
Location: Adventurer's League Hall, Glamis
Goal: Make sure that Aegis is in good hands. Find a place to stay for the night.
Tags: @Archdemon

Nolan watched as the silent adventurer knelt down and gave young Aegis a coin. He seems to be interested in her...
The young elf looked at the coin and tilted her head at the strange, masked man.
"He seems to want to take you on as an apprentice..." Nolan scratched his rough beard as he explained the silent man's intentions to his young friend.
Part of him wanted to push her towards the man... at least in his hands she will be fed and cared for.
But part of Nolan didn't want to give his newfound acquaintance to the hands of a stranger. Will he treat her well? What if he just wants to take advantage of the poor soul?

Surprisingly, Aegis followed the masked man into the guild hall. "I guess something about that fellow intrigues her as well... Hmmm..." He stroked his wild white beard as he spoke to himself. The two vanished into the hall leaving the old man alone in the streets. "Let's see if this young man is capable of molding the girl into a virtuous hero..." And stray her from the path I've taken...

Nolan's bare feet padded through the hot cobblestone pathway to the Guild hall's entrance. It's been quite a long time since Nolan has set foot into a guild hall. Tables were occupied by tough looking adventurers from various races and specialties; dark wizards, gruff looking hunters, and young swordsmen conversed with one another over tankards of mead and ale. The main draw to a visitor's eyes is a circular desk occupied by a couple of beautiful young female receptionists. At the center of this circular reception desk and a tall obelisk-like structure with posters and bills attached to each side. Nolan noticed that young adventurers would go up to one of the receptionists... fill out a few forms, prompting the receptionists to look behind them for a specific poster. They would then stamp the poster and hand it to the person who requested it.

on the east and west sides of the hall are multiple doors leading to the dorms and training grounds. There was also a spiraling staircase at the northeast corner and two fireless hearths located near each side of the entrance. Nolan walked up to a receptionist and gave the young woman a warm smile. "Would you happen to know where I can find a masked man and a young drow girl about this high?" He made a motion with his hand in reference to Aegis' height.

The opening of an eastern door answered the question for him and he saw Aegis wearing what seems to be loose white pants and a slim-fitting top. Her hair has been bound by a blue ribbon and her waist was wrapped by a slender blue fabric belt. Aegis was following the man to the training grounds.

"Pardon me..." The old man raised a palm to the secretary and excused himself from her sight.

He walked to the training area where the fox-faced stranger stood adjacent to Aegis herself, now donning some strange foreign clothes.
The Fox lifted a hand and motioned his fingers for Aegis to attack him.

The girl hesitated. Nolan can sense fear and doubt within her.

He crossed his arms as he watched the training session. This will not just be a test for the girl... While he tests her... I will test him...

The girl made no attempts to move or attack Fox.


Some random dude on the Internet
Location: Adventurer's League Courtyard
Mention: @IamNotLoki

Fox stood there and waited for the child, but she did not attack. She was hesitant, doubtful, unsure of herself. Fox circled around her, studying, and straightening his tie. If she was to be trained, she must understand that hesitation will get yourself killed. So he switched to his Rush stance and flew at her with fast speed, missing her head on purpose as he looked at her.

He then stood up proper again, and walked back to his starting position. The purpose was to show that if she won't throw the first punch then the enemy would, that hesitation would get you killed. So he turned back towards the girl, and motioned her to attack him again.

She reminded him of himself, but she will learn one way or another.


One Thousand Club
Liam Gregory
"Nolan No-Shoes"
Location: Adventurer's League Hall, Glamis
Goal: Make sure that Aegis is in good hands. Find a place to stay for the night.
Tags: @Archdemon

Nolan flinched instinctively when the Fox dashed with inhuman speeds toward the girl... his fist barely missing the top of her head by a hair. Her eyes opened wide in sheer terror as she looked at the fist above her. The sound of air being broken followed after like thunder following lightning.

He's fast... Nolan observed. Will scaring her be enough to make her fight?

Aegis covered the top of her head with two hands, ducking down. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" She screamed trying to keep herself together.

"Young lady, I believe he wants you to fight... If you want his help to provide you food and shelter, it would be wise to participate in his training!" Nolan shouted out to Aegis.

"F-Fight? I can't do that! He's almost twice my size! I've never fought anybody in my life!" She protested.

Nolan scratched his beard as he observed the two figures. This is all wrong... What is this teaching the child? Kill or be killed? She is not ready.

"You have no choice, child... this will be your new home from now on... that man wishes to be your father. If you were any other race I would have asked you to join the Holy Sisterhood, but I am forbidden by the church to admit you to our order... if you want a life worth living, you need to fight!" He told her.

His once bright smile has been replaced by a reprimanding grimace... he was watching the masked man closely... weighing his choices in his mind.

Aegis bolted to a dash and strode away from the Fox. She made as much distance between them as possible.

All she knows in how to run. She can't run here...


Some random dude on the Internet
Location: League Courtyard
Interaction: @IamNotLoki

Fox looked as the child ran away, she was fast, but unfortunately Fox was faster, still she has potential. He was learning much about his new student, her capabilities and weaknesses. Still she must fight, she must take initiative, one punch would be enough. She must learn that being hesitant will lead to death in this line of work.

So with that he went into his Rush stance and blocked her off from where she was running. If she continued to run he would block her off, all the while motioning to attack him. All it takes is one punch to shred off hesitancy, to take initiative. She can't run away, so she must fight.

So now knowing she can't escape Fox returned to the center of the courtyard and looked at the Dark Elf girl. Motioning once again to strike, to fight, to take initiative. Is she ready to learn how to fight? No but she must be willing to learn, and so she must take the first step.
Chapter 1: Rattle of Bones


The God-Emperor of Mankind
@June Verles @Archdemon @Noble Scion @Kylesar1 @Fyuri @Hanarei @darkborn @HellsHaven @Inheritance @IamNotLoki @Reinhardt

IamNotLoki and Archdemon are encouraged to complete their current scene before reacting to this update.

"Man, I don't get this economy," Jonas complained, huffing out smoke as he passed the cigar. "There hasn't been a war in these lands in over a hundred years, and foreseeably, there won't be one for at least another two decades. The land is mostly devoid of harmful wildlife, and the last murder I remember was like a year ago. This entire nation is basically King Ozirmok's happy-ever-after, happening after his heroic journey has come to an end. He married his princess, he's surrounded by his friends, and we're prospering, so I don't understand why we're so fugdamn overstaffed!"

Graug, his half-orc partner, shrugged, swapping two cards. "There's still crime, there's still place for a guard."

"Yeah, but..." Jonas trailed off, sighing and supporting his chin with his hand, "this isn't how I imagined things would be. I wanted to save lives, not chase cabbage thieves."

"Poor life choice, sweetie," Anna, a corporal, said, smoking the cigar and breathing out a pair of white clouds through her nose. She gave it to Graug. She gave Jonas an apologetic look. "I'm sorry this isn't what you were expecting, but it's what it is. You're doing your part for the system - don't beat yourself over it."

Inuya cut into the conversation like a knife. "Why's there cabbage thieves, anyway? In this economy, homelessness borders on being impossible. If any of the brass so much catches a whiff of the fact you don't have money for rent, they assign you a home and a low-paying job. Even then, it's survivable, no?"

"Cabbage thieves are a plot intended to fool the guard into dropping its, uh... GUARD!" The conspiratory remark was offered by none other than Traj, a Dragonborn, and the team weirdo. He changed one card for another, then laid them down. "Calling it, by the way."

Everyone showed their cards. Jonas had a two pair, Anna had a full house, Inuya a flush, Traj a high card, and Graug...

Graug flashed the people at the table a toothy grin, his two tusks showing. He laid down his deck, presenting a royal flush. He yelled, "He-he-hell yeah! I win, baby! Gimme those gee-pees!" He scythed his arms around the middle of the table and dragged a mass of copper and silver coins toward himself.

Jonas sighed. "I'm--"

Someone walked into the room, and the guards stood up at attention. "Sir!" they said, all at once.

"Bank robbery at Third Street. Witnesses say there's a monkey and an illusionist involved!"

They all looked at each other, like he was joking, but he reprimanded them with a stern look, like he was about to boil his armor with pure rage. "I'm serious, get moving! NOW!" he yelled, and at that, the guards all flinched and ran out of the room in a single-file line.

The captain closed the door after them, then looked back to make sure no one was watching. After a moment, he grinned sinisterly and laughed to himself. "Suckerzzz!"

His form wavered until he turned into a human-sized monkey, wearing mage robes and with its skull opened to show the brain in plain sight, safely contained in a glass tube. He scooped up the silver and copper coins, and began to pack them into a big, leather bag. The monkey kept sniggering at his successful heist.

That was, until the door opened and he looked back.

A man stood there, not noticing him because his vision was obstructed by a wooden box labelled 'MAGICAL GUNPOWDER,' with a 'high-explosives' mark below it, and several lines of legal safety precautions. The man stopped when he felt the money-wizard's presence, and his head went to the right, looking past the box at the monkey-wizard.

"What." Cesimir stared, eyes wide beneath his mask.

"What?!" the monkey-wizard asked guardedly. "I do what I have to! This economy doesn't hire monkeys!"

Cesimir blinked, then threw the gunpowder crate at the monkey-man. "It does now! You are now under my employ; you get paid three silvers a day and will live in my mansion in the servant's quarters. Follow me, we have a lot of gunpowder to set up, and we have to do it before Luthandriel wakes up."

The monkey-wizard blinked. Now, he was confused. After a moment of consideration, he shrugged and accepted the circumstances. "Three silvers isn't bad. Okay!" He walked after Cesimir.

-: The next day, 13th Month of Colors, 8:02:32 local time :-

Rattle of Bones

Cesimir handed his coat to the monkey servant, now named Sebastian by Cesimir's insistence. Sebastian hung the coat on the hanger near the wall, and Cesimir clapped his hands twice. A golem butler approached.

"Teach Sebastian over here your craft," Cesimir said. "This economy doesn't allow jobless NEETs to exist, so I will give Sebastian an education and a job."

The golem nodded and motioned for Sebastian to follow.

Cesimir, meanwhile, went to talk with the Monodrone that Luthandriel left in the mansion's foyer. Cesimir named it 'Luthandrone,' and the lawful creature had happily taken to the 'beep-boop, designation, beep-boop.'

"What's on the agenda today, Luthandrone?"

Luthandrone flipped a page in his notebook and said, "Gather the team at eight and--"

"Woo, shit, we're running late! Time to test the emergency messaging system!" Cesimir bleated, a little pressed. His solution - he clapped his hands twice and spectral pigeons flew out from his cloak, carrying gray capsules in their graspers.

He looked at Luthandrone and calmed down. "Continue?"

Pigeons flew across the sky at velocities approaching the speed of sound, trailing blue behind them. When they approached a designated window - the windows of the abodes of the various team members, to be specific - they would drop in small capsules through them.

Overall, the dropping of said capsules would be comparable to a bullet flying in through one of said windows, due to the speed at which the pigeons were moving.

Inside a capsule was a letter addressed to 'DEAR GLAMIS TEAM MEMBER!'

And it read:

Free teleporter attached.​

By the way, this is not a trick, I promise. Luthandriel already told me spam mail pranks aren't allowed.​

And indeed, in the capsule, next to the letter, was a small ring that, when touched, would transport whoever touched it to the mansion.


June Verles

Look at big boy forehead over here

Mizu Nagoyaka
It was a calm morning in the Nagoyaka household, Mizu was finishing cooking some breakfast, eggs and bacon, after he'd done with his training. Today was going pretty well all considering how he felt about himself yesterday.

As he plated up his breakfast he would put a piece of cloth around his neck and give a little prayer thanking for his food. He couldn't help but wipe away his saliva, after all this was the first time he'd had the rumored capital breakfast, no more fish and rice for him!

But like some sick twist of fate it wasn't meant to be, as he was about to delve in with his fork the unthinkable happened, a fucking pigeon flew through the window and destroyed his breakfast along with everything underneath it, including the table.

Mizu's face remained in the same smiling position as it was before the accident, but this time instead of the content feeling instead it was giving more of something along the lines of killing content. Picking up the pigeon by the throat he strangles it for just a second before reaching down to read the message.

Cesimir Mansion a few moments later
Mizu teleports in, his expression still the same from when his breakfast was horribly defiled, still exhuming the same murderous intent. It also didn't help that his blade was already out of his sheath.

"Where's the threat?"


Viktor von Styxland

When Christopher got the message from the pigeons he just stared at it non-nonchalantly before throwing away the message and the ring and taking away the magic pigeon for experimenting.

Luckily the ring and message didn't land in the hands of some rapscallion, no they landed in the righteous patriotic lands of Viktor von Styxland who just happened to be strolling by there for plot reasons.

After reaching down and reading the contents of the message a overly satisfied smile grew on his face, or it would have if he wasn't dead and also missing his lips. The excitement he felt from having the chance to be help to his king was different from the euphoria of impaling the enemy commander through his throat but exciting nonetheless. This was clearly fate telling him he was needed!

As he'd teleport to the mansion he would do a military salute before introducing himself.

"Corporal Viktor von Styxland, sir." he says as his accent seeps through.

Oh wait I'm not that a corporal anymore... man that's embarrassing, hopefully nobody notices. He thinks to himself.


One Thousand Club
Liam Gregory
"Nolan No-Shoes"
Location: Adventurer's League Hall, Glamis
Goal: Make sure that Aegis is in good hands. Find a place to stay for the night.
Tags: @Archdemon @Birdsie @Noble Scion

Nolan watched as the girl tried to evade the Fox man at every turn... to no avail. He was simply too fast... even for someone as nimble as her.
She's a cornered dog... perhaps she will be forced to bite...

Nolan shook his head disappointedly, not at Aegis but at her newfound mentor. Does he have nothing else to teach her but how to fight and kill others?

The young elf paused from running and was quickly flanked by the Fox. She looked at him with a tired expression before taking a shaky, clumsy fighting stance. Her labored breaths the only noises heard throughout the courtyard.

White wings slapped the air above the fighters, shattering the silence for a brief moment.

The clever girl used the bird as a distraction and dashed towards the Fox. She hopped up, placing her hands on the taller man's shoulders, then she launched herself off his body using her legs. Once up in the air, she used gravity to accelerate her spinning right foot down Fox's mask. "Eat this!" She shouted before the foot came down.

Nolan's eyes and mouth opened in surprise at the feat of dexterity and quickness. She's finally attacking,
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Location: League Courtyard
Interaction: @IamNotLoki

Fox watched as the child had finally given up and took the first strike. She had used her dexterity to her advantage and had even waited for an opening. She was willing to be sure, but she wasn't quite ready yet for serious combat training, still she has made the first step. When her foot clashed with his mask, he did nothing to lessen the blow, he took it.

When she would land, she would see Fox walking towards her. He then proceeded to pat her head, nodding. He then gave her a coin again as a reward for her efforts. She had proven herself willing, and that was all Fox needed. Under his mask, it almost seemed like he was smiling, at least that's what it looked like.

Fox looked at the large man, and bowed towards him. A sign of respect and gratitude for the new student he gave him. Fox turned to the girl and motioned for her to follow, she would need decent clothing compared to what she has now. So Fox left the League Courtyard towards a tailor in the market...


Fox had written out a schedule for training Aegis must go through. It mostly consisted of meditation, practicing movesets, and working on her stances. Still when the pigeon came carrying the letter, Fox knew she would have to train alone for today or for a couple days. So he wrote a note for her to read when she gets up.

"Aegis, I am writing this to tell you that I might be gone for a couple of days. My job calls to me and I must go see to it. There should be a journal in my desk, it contains what you need to do while I am gone. Take this training seriously, and as a reward I might take you somewhere nice. Also stay out of trouble and be on your best behavior.

Fox then touched the ring and teleported to the mansion. Upon arrival Fox did a bow and stood there, hands behind his back looking professional.
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One Thousand Club
Liam Gregory
"Nolan No-Shoes"
Location: Adventurer's League Hall, Glamis
Goal: Find a place to stay for the night.
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The Fox man tilted his head down at Nolan. The old priest had a good idea to what the gesture meant. "Oh! Don't thank me son... I should thank you. I am counting on you to save her poor soul from a life of crime," He placed a strong hand on Fox's shoulder and smiled brightly... his wrinkles deepening around his eyes and brows. "I will pray for your mentorship... and her education..." The old man said gruffly.

The Fox walked passed him and headed out the courtyard. The girl seem to be following him now like a dog would follow her owner. She glanced at Nolan for a moment... Nolan gave her a big hearty grin before she tilted her head down. The two left Nolan alone with his thoughts at the courtyard.

"Lord Hann, father of creation... thank you for this blessed day..." He prayed as he walked back inside the Hall. He walked towards one of the receptionists.

"Good Day young miss..." The priest said in a gruff, deep voice as his shadow loomed over a guild receptionist. Her legs out of sight from his angle. "I apologize for walking away impolitely. I wanted to ask you if you had rooms available for a travelling pilgrim? I don't have coins, but I do have some oranges picked from the groves of Al Hashiba," Nolan offered.

After a while, Nolan noticed young Aegis enter the Guild Hall wearing new clothes. Her pants were loose and white... a belt of royal blue held her slacks to her waist. A blue ribbon tied her hair in a ponytail. That outfit looked exactly the same as the first one... Nolan chuckled to himself.

He noticed the girl was holding a piece of parchment in her hand.

"Hello young maiden! You did well in your training today! I say, I'm quite impressed with you acrobatic speed!" Nolan ruffled her hair.
She gave Nolan a big grin.
"I would like to buy an orange please, Father..." She reached down her pocket and flashed a gold coin at Nolan.
"Oh my... that's a gold coin... that's worth more than one orange! Ha!" Nolan chuckled.
"Alright... I'll buy all of your oranges!" She exclaimed.

Nolan let out a hearty laugh loud enough to gather everyone's attention.
"Alright, I do need the money. I'll give you my bag of oranges for the gold coin...." Nolan grinned.
"As an added bonus, child I want you to have this..." Nolan rummaged through his bag for a while.

"Now... where are they?"

He was about to give up hope until he checked his other sack. "Ah... they're here!" He pulled out two gauntlets made from dark blue metal. "Consider this a parting gift..." He knelt down and gave it to her. "An old friend of mine gave those to me... I am not the type of person to need weapons, and I don't think they would fit my hands regardless. I believe they are better suited for a new adventurer like yourself!" He gave her a warm, fatherly grin.

She looked at the gauntlets with wet eyes... as if she was about to well up in tears. She looked at the old priest and hugged him suddenly... almost knocking him over. "Ohohoho..." He chuckled as he pat her back with a huge hand.

"Thank you father, thank you for your kindness..." She said as she embraced him. She let go.

"Father... do you know how to read?" She tilted her head as she gave the note from her mentor to Nolan. Nolan took the note and grinned as he read it.

"Young one... you're going to have a tough life ahead of you!"


I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Sheub "Shelby" Mangoza
Inn -----> Cesimir's Manor

Sheub blasted awake at the loudest sound she ever heard...........well it wasn't that loud, but in dreamland shit in the real world was a hell of a lot louder. She breathed deep. "Why are......." Shelby didn't finish as she noted her voice was extremely gruff as her throat was caught up. She needed to clear it. A part of her needed to, but the other part didn't want to. She didn't want someone to think there was a wild lion in their inn, and she wouldn't think like that if she hadn't encountered it before.

Shelby grabbed a pillow and stuffed her face into it and then cleared her throat, her entire body rumbling with the motion. Pulling the pillow back, she noticed that her tusks punctured the pillow. If it wasn't one thing, it was another........Luckily they'd just replace the pillow and the holes weren't that visible. She then took the note and read it. No breakfast, not even time to brush her teeth and her tusks, she wouldn't even have time to get dressed if that weren't absolutely required. Non-negotiable. If lives depended on timeliness and she had to choose between navigating the mission au naturale or getting dressed..........well mission failed, I guess

She put on her clothes, grabbed her crossbow/quiver and then touched the ring. The girl's vision was immediately flooded in a sea of white light that actually burned her eyes a little. When her vision cleared, her legs felt a bit wobbly and she had to catch her breath. Looking, immediately Shelby was hit with more questions. What was the emergency? Where in the hell would they meet? If they were meeting IN the manor, why in the hell was she teleported OUTSIDE the manor? Jesus Fucking Christ!! Shelby thought, more than a little annoyed to be dealing with this shit at this time of the morning, Am I just dumb? Are we living a life of riddles?!

She wasn't the first to arrive, thank goodness. "This isn't seeming like much of an emergencyyyyyyy," Shelby said, annoyed and sounding sing-songy and sarcastic, nails tapping on her crossbow, which already had a bolt notched because she assumed she'd have to go in guns blazing. If this were a trick from Cesimir, she silently swore she would dedicate her life to strangling the life out of him and sending his skull to Honey to play with. "This better be worth missing breakfast overrrrrr."
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