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New to this country, where are your borders exactly?

Title joke aside, I'm an 18 year old American with some spare time. I rped a ton from ages 10-13 and now I have decided to try a couple storylines to exercise my writing skills. I prefer first person and mostly do sci-fi, survival, teen, dystopian, drama, etc. Right now I'd be interested in1 on 1 and small group rps. I usually write 1-3 small paragraphs, not sure how much I will write now.

Some stuff about me: majoring in biology, lefty, introverted, full-time reader (right now I'm reading Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard and a poem book from the 70's), guitarist, MBTI is INTJ.


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What up my dude, welcome to the site. Hope you have fun here and get back into roleplaying a lot again. If you have any questions, feel free to ask myself, another member or one of the staff/helpers. Most of the time, they'll be more than happy to help you get your bearings straight and situated.
Thanks Mercilus. I do have a couple questions: is there any storyline/fanfic/theme that is really popular on rpn? Do people rp on the forums or in private messages?


Nice guy masquerading as a mean dude.
@CryptedCourt In terms of fanfics/fandoms, anime in general is pretty popular here. That's what I see a lot of fandom requests/searches. In terms of 'original' things, it's pretty split. Fantasy and Sci-fi are always popular. In my opinion, just throw up a partner search or a group search thread and see if you can find anyone who wants to do any of your cravings.

For the styles, that's also relatively split. Obviously people can RP in the forums, but I like the privacy of PMs better. Some people move to emails, messaging apps, texts, etc. for the sake of convenience. It's all up to you and whoever you're RPing with to decide those things.


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Welcome to Role Play Nation; there are so many helpful people here, so don’t be afraid to ask anyone anything.

Welcome to RPN!


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Heyo! How goes it! The names BackSet! Feel free to ask questions. Just not to me. I can't answer them because I don't really pay attention sometimes.

Quick warning, though: there are a lot of people here who don't like first person. Not telling you it's bad, just pointing that out as a warning.

Otherwise, good luck.

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