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hello! you can call me navia. i'm a nineteen year old college student & go by she / they pronouns. as the title of this thread states, i want to write for creepypasta ... i was deep into the fandom in 2015 & was hit with a sudden urge to come back nearly a decade later (cringe culture is dead)! before i get started, here are some guidelines i'd like all prospective partners to be aware of:

all partners must be 18+  ✧  canon x oc  ✧  doubling friendly  ✧  discord over pms  ✧  i average ~400-700 words per reply  ✧  can mirror length!  ✧  3rd person pov only  ✧  my reply speed is sporadic, please be patient with me!  ✧  ooc communication is a must, please don't act like a brick wall  ✧  open to writing all gender pairings  ✧  must be lgbtqa+ friendly  ✧  ask for writing samples if needed

alright ... let's get into the nitty gritty. i'm currently not looking for slender mansion plots because yes, cringe culture is dead, but i feel like it's something i would get bored of very quickly, yanno? for doubling, i can play pretty much whatever creepypasta character you'd like, it's literally only a matter of reading their story in order to familiarize myself with them, but i do have the most experience playing jeff the killer, eyeless jack, & laughing jack if that helps narrow things down for you. i am also familiar with args like marble hornets & everyman hybrid so you can inquire about those too.

one last note, & i guess this is a given but i'd just like to stress that i'm not looking for fluffy / slice-of-life plots. not only do i stay away from stuff like that normally, but creepypasta are literally internet horror stories that are silly in retrospect but were meant to invoke fear. i expect that partners are capable of writing gruesome / dark / mature themes (with care, in a respectful & well-researched manner). glorification or romanticization of abuse, mental illness, etc. will not be tolerated. regardless, i'll be sure to ask if you have any triggers or limits before we begin writing.

if your interest has been piqued, pm me with a lil about you & any plot or oc ideas you may have! thaaaaanks :-)
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