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Multiple Settings My Search in the darkness

My Fair Lady

"Love without your Heartbeat" Labyrinth
She walks alone in the dark, wondering if anyone will answer her call for entertainment. Her boots are heavy, the black steed behind her annoyed and wanting to rest. However the loyal mare fallowes her stupid companion mostly because she holds carrots.
The woman stars to stagger, tired, ready to give in and die alone But then she hears a voice up ahead! It's soft and sweet, giving her hope against the darkness of boredom. She picks up the pace to a sprint, against her tired body's wishes. She rounds the corner and heads for the light at the end of the tunnel. As she gets closer a figure becomes visible. She slows to a stop biting her lip slightly. Is this person who she is looking for? Will they accept her request? She walks closer to see who this person is.... My God... It's.... YOU!!

hello my wonderful darlings! I am My Fair Lady, and I seem to be in need of an RP partner. I can do anything you want, with no limits what so ever. All I ask is you send more then two or three sentences, be legible, and respond every once in a while. I understand everyone has a life outside this site, I myself work 2nd shift in an factory. Because my hours are not fully set I'll be on at random. I will not be online past 4PM (North Carolina Time) until the next morning around 10:30-11. I do have lots of animals to care for (6 fish 4 birds a dog and a very grumpy BF) and a house to care for. If you need a reply straight away, I do apologize But I can't be here every moment of every day. If your fine with a casual RP that lasts a long time well then I'm your girl!

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