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Fantasy Moonshadow OOC


Earth has a sister planet known as Somberlun. During eclipses, in the presence of specific crystal formations, gateways open from one world to the other. Animals and humans have been falling through these gates throughout history and prehistory. As a result, Somberlun is inhabited by many species and cultures now extinct on Earth. They have dinosaurs as well as other prehistoric creatures, Neanderthals, Atlanteans, Mayans, Incas, Templar Knights and even Nazis.

Whenever someone comes through a gate from Earth, an energy is released that affects fertile females within several miles. They become pregnant with an offspring between themselves and the nearest living animal to them. Thus, if a fertile woman is riding a fertile mare, the mare becomes pregnant with a centaur, the woman with a horse-headed human. As a result there are many cross-bred species on Somberlun.

Crossovers from Somberlun to Earth are rare, but crossovers from Earth to Somberlun are common. This is because time travels twelve times faster on Earth than Somberlun. Crosses from Earth are called “Entries,” and are valued for their knowledge and possessions which are always more advanced than those of anyone on Somberlun. However, the energy fields of Somberlun do not allow electronics to function, so nothing from light bulbs to computers will work.

Some Somberlunians have learned to use these energies to harness the elements around them: earth, air, fire, water, metal, mind and life. Through proper manipulation of energy they can perform the equivalents of magical spells which can grow in power depending on the effort and materials invested to do so.

These energies are put off by a material known as Etherium: a metal with a negative weight. Thanks to this metal there are vast floating islands in the sky, and the logs of certain trees can be used to build flying ships. Naturally Etherium is a major element in making magical swords and other weapons, and the branches of the goldenwood tree are used for wands and staves.

Somberlun revolves around three suns revolving around a central axis: the red sun Caratis, the blue sun Baolis and the yellow sun Cassius. There are four moons, but with three suns, eclipses are very rare so there are rarely transfers from Somberlun back to Earth.
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Gwalihir Gwalihir
Looks interesting. Do you feel like trying to continue this? I have an idea for a centaur born on Earth. I feel like it would be fun to learn about the planet as the RP goes on. Even though her human “dad” loves her, she feels like a freak and just ran through one of the portals during the recent eclipse. Maybe her dad ended up following and ended up somewhere else on the planet?


I would love to give Moonshadow a try, but I have had zero luck finding players, except for ones who want to play in powered armor. Right now I am about to start a Mech vs. big bugs rp with our old friend pumpkin spice, and I just adopted a cat, so I am not sure if I could commit to yet another rp right now.

Let me get things a little more settled first, and maybe we can look at it later, especially if I advertise and find some more interest?

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