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Fandom MK1 RP Finder / Syzoth wanted


not to me. not if it's you.
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❀ hey!! i'm plum, and i'm searching for someone who can rp mortal kombat 1's syzoth against me with my oc as a love interest! i'll list some requirements / wants in bullet points, but all in all, please don't be scared to contact me!! if things are discussed, i usually am very willing to adjust things around.

❀ i would like someone who is at the very least willing to give me on average 2 - 3 paragraphs per reply. this is something i can adapt around, but i would love to get some genuine writing happening between us! this is all dependent on content within the rp, so make sure we are both sending enough to respond to!!

❀ i will definitely want to discuss the context of the ship before rping it!! i love my dynamics i create with people; i want to grow attached to it before just jumping into it with people so we can actually write instead of having to add a lot of background context in our replies!!

❀ i get very into the rp, but i am not always going to be able to respond; please please please be patient with me and i will be patient with you.

❀ go ahead and message me!! we can work out a lot of my other discussion points but yea!! it's nice meeting y'all!

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