mortal kombat

  1. Darkbdog567

    Fandom Looking for 1 on 1 Fandom Rp?

    Hi there! My name is Brody I’m a 20 year old Male and I am on the lookout for someone who’d be interested in doing an rp from one of these Fandoms. (I also will provide characters I’m interested in atm but I’m really open to anything probably in the fandom of it sounds fun) Marvel/Dc comics...
  2. PossitivelyNoOne

    Fandom Mortal Kombat (Open)

    Heyo! Its Vergil, back for some new rps! I'm looking for someone interested in MK, any game I would love to do. (Or if you'd like to build our own plot I'd be happy to!) I would prefer to do oc/canon or oc/oc, and I'm 100% willing to double up. I am semi-lit to lit (3+ paras) and I'm not a...
  3. plummie3

    Fandom MK1 RP Finder / Syzoth wanted

    ❀ hey!! i'm plum, and i'm searching for someone who can rp mortal kombat 1's syzoth against me with my oc as a love interest! i'll list some requirements / wants in bullet points, but all in all, please don't be scared to contact me!! if things are discussed, i usually am very willing to adjust...
  4. FireGire96

    Fandom Double OC x CC Roleplay

    Yo. F22 looking for a partner down for a semi lit to literated roleplay. I'm of course looking for a partner that's 18+, open to ooc chats (yeah we're partners, but who says we can't be friends?), and can write around 400 to 600 words per reply. These roleplay requests will be of fandoms, so I...
  5. Jagson

    Fandom Mortal Kombat Reboot

    A dark realm ruled by the Sorcerer Emperor Zerun Kahn has concuring other realms of existence. Seeing the danger and wanting the other realms to have a chance at survival the Elder gods created a tournament. Once every generation the best of outworld will fight the best of the defending realm...