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Fantasy ⊞Mistwalker Logs (Retro Futuristic Eldritch-ish Fantasy Investigation Adventure)

Bump, I have made new content for the RP

Here are the official uniforms of Mistwalkers!

Meet the basic NPCs of AIMC:


Lumley Guilde, AIMC's mysterious but friendly leader who doesn't like to appear in public due to severe Mist corrosion warping most of their body into something inhuman. They like tea and cookies when they're not too busy stuck in meetings about budgeting and politics.


Marrianne Yvona, an optimistic human resource officer. Despite everything, she believes in you and every AIMC member who's files she once held in her hands.


The navigation and maintenance crew of Mistwalker Squad No.13's airship. Non-combatants who accompany Mistwalker Squads, they are not allowed to leave the airship unless in emergency cases.

Tangram, a dreary pilot who gets motion sick if he's not the one piloting, and Rubika, a young engineer who is eager to learn about the unknown.

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