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beauty is terror
Roleplay Type(s)

hey, i'm meta and it has been a while. i'm a twenty year old literature student from the uk who has been roleplaying consistently for the past two years - i took a little break from rpnation for a while but i am glad to be back. after finishing a busy second year at uni i have tons of energy built up for some new roleplays!

about me
★ i am a descriptive writer who writes about 4-5 paragraphs in an average reply. i have writing samples available if you'd like them!
★ enthusiastic ooc conversations about characters and plots are my thing. character sheets in google docs, pinterest boards, playlists - i love them all!
★ i use real faceclaims and make characters for each roleplay - it's just the way i'm used to making characters at this point!
★ i am an absolute sucker for romance, so i'm looking for romance plots. i'm up for f/f, m/m, and m/f, but i generally prefer to play the female character in mxf pairings, but there could be exceptions
★ i'm also a sucker for anything literature inspired, so feel free to suggest something that isn't in the literature-inspired grab bag

about you
★ for comfort reasons, i'll only roleplay with people 18 or over
★ i'd prefer for writing partners to be able to match the length of responses (obviously, though, that's context dependent). writing samples would be really helpfu!
★ while i'm a fan of fancy character sheets, i don't expect writing partners to be into them as much as i am. i just like something to work with
★ i can post once a day or more out of excitement, and i love frequent replies, but i'm cool with replies down to once a week - just let me know!
★ i really do enjoy dark themes (recovering from trauma is one of my favourite plot elements) so it'd be great if partners could be okay with incorporation of them, but things would always be discussed in advance and can be omitted as long as it doesn't completely alter the plot

if we seem like we'd be a good fit and any of my ideas interest you, please let me know via pm!

preferred roles are underlined and cravings are marked with asterisks

mafia boss x their very, very overworked assistant | vampires who just keep running into each other over the centuries | hero x monster, but more beowulf than mcu | vampire x some form of cryptid | hero x sidekick | hero x villain * | like dracula, but jonathan harker was down bad for the dude **

did it hurt? *
angels and demons are of the same substance, made in batches. both serve a theological purpose, after all. the angel is cold, cruel, even; they are sick of humanity’s bullshit. the only people they feel any sympathy or compassion for are the oppressed. the demon is warm: they like humanity’s particulars. the angel is a bit estranged from the family, so to speak. still, they hear through the grapevine that god wants to shut this whole earth business down. the angel goes begging the demon for help – they may not like earth, but it's home.

fast in my car
it's the 2023 formula one world championship - the first with female drivers on the track. as ever, rivalries are born. off the track, other types of relationships are forged, too.

unfortunate obsessions *
a group of loners at a remote college. a newcomer arrives, and is quickly taken in by their de facto leader, and things get a bit… obsessive, to say the least. a tragedy occurs. a tale as old as time. (doubling preferred!)

we shouldn’t be doing this
these girls have been at this college in the hills for too long. they have far too much money at their disposal. they love each other too much, and hate each other too much, and, soon, one of them will be dead. the rest only have to survive, to exist, for one more sordid year. (doubling preferred!)

elementary *
a freelance detective living in central london desparately needs a new roommate (don’t ask why the old one left, they were simply out of their mind). a poor, poor soul takes them up on the offer. an odd sort of friendship ensues.

the literature inspired grab bag!
wuthering heights * | the great gatsby | dracula * | carmilla | twelfth night * | macbeth | othello | sherlock holmes | the picture of dorian gray

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