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MCU - Vengeance


What am I? A gem, or a weirdo?!
I have been very interested in the MCU. I can't help myself! (I haven't seen Endgame yet but I do know some things) REGARDLESS! I don't want to do anything involving Infinity War or Endgame. I mean we could, but like not as a starting idea! Sorry, excited. I would like to incorporate my own idea into the universe.

Some things to note

I don't know much about the comics, and this is mainly specific to the MCU
I am looking for a partner who is willing do MxM and FxM pairings, and will do either Canon x OC, and/or OC x OC
I am going to be breaking up some canon pairings, but I am willing to keep some of them on discussion (PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF MY OPINIONS, I won't diss you for your opinions but I have been dropped for my opinions before and I would prefer that not happen over something so miniscule)
You don't have to use OCs, but I will be using them (I can and will also play canons)
I am available here or on Discord but I would prefer to do this over PMs if we stay on-site
I will be including HEAVILY dark themes with my characters
There will be a high use of cursing, not going to lie
I will be writing anywhere from 1-4 paragraphs

The Idea!

The Avengers were the frontlines. The ones who were adored. But underneath every little seam was something to be found. Not even Nick Fury knows. Vengeance. A last resort group of "heroes". What happens when The Avengers and the Vengeance program are forced to work together?

Vengeance is made up of people who are either criminals, have powers that are too strong, or are overall too valuable to be lost.

I will give examples of some people who would be involved in Vengeance when I talk to you.

The idea is simple, and I am hoping it is a enjoyed! PM me or comment below if you are interested I am open to expanding the idea and I am willing to take suggestions. If this gets enough interest I might do this as a group role play. Though I do have some notification issues when I'm on my kindle when it comes to threads so I am not too sure.
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