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"Greetings, Champions of the Omniverse!" A voice echoed throughout the halls of the ornate chamber. Standing in front of a gilded throne was a man of blue complexion, dressed in golden robes with a mess of white hair sitting atop his head. The expression he wore was confident, fierce, yet also welcoming. "I am The Grand Master." He said, stepping down from his throne to address his guests.

"Do not worry, I don't intend on keeping any of you as my prisoners. Although you'd be wise not to tempt me with a good time~" He said with a chuckle. "Sorry. Bad joke. Couldn't help myself." He muttered, straightening himself out as he addressed his champions. "You are here because I have been made aware of something beautiful."As he said this,The Grand Master lifted his hand, a small, glowing red stone floating into view, just above his hand. This wasn't any ordinary stone. This was one of the six Infinity Stones, the Reality Stone to be specific. "Thanks to a recent bit of bartering with The Collector, I have acquired this little beauty...with it, I can not only bend reality to my will...but it has gifted me with knowledge of other realities...and this is why I have called you here!" The Grand Master turned and waved his hand, the power of the Reality Stone causing a large tournament bracket to appear out of thin air. "I have seen countless realities...some that are unfamiliar to even me! Robots fighting for revolution...the dead walking the earth...a World Warrior Tournament...that reality in particular gave me this grand idea! I have called you, the most powerful warriors from your realities here, to battle one another for fame and glory! I want to see action! I want to see suspense! I want to see...


Sooooo yeah! I haven't seen this on the site surprisingly, but because the games themselves have been quite lackluster lately, I want a Marvel VS Capcom RP! The story will begin with a tournament between the warriors of Marvel and Capcom, to see who is the best, but it'll go anywhere from there. There is a reason why I mentioned the Reality Stone in that little prologue up there...we'll just have to wait and see. :P If you're interested, please respond down below, and I'll set up the OOC and Character Sheet threads once interest is shown! Thank you, and goodnight!

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Here's the character sheet thread! Please spread this interest check around to anyone you think might be interested! :)


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Was leaning towards the likes of Akuma Actually. Though I could play some one else if preferable/needed, As i'm fairly open.
That's cool! It'll really depend on how many people sign up. If it's a small number, I'm open to having people play more than one character. :)


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**inb4 Akuma tries to convince Ryu to give into Hado again** But yeah if we don't get too many more, i'd be more than glad to pick up more as needed really.

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