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Fandom Many Fandoms! Like BG3, Hazbin Hotel and more! Doubling! OC x CC!


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What I Am Looking For

I am looking for a long-term Fandom RP with OC x CC, double up!
Doesn´t matter to me if we do an intertwined storyline in the same fandom/universe with our OCs interacting or if we give them separate storylines!
I just want to gush over my favorite CCs and want to give you the chance to do the same!
Also, you can call me Fae and I am 21+!

What I offer

Nine years of roleplaying experience, pretty active (at least one response per day but often more)!
When I get very engaged I can end up making maps, family trees, mood boards... etc for our RP. I am very invested once you got me interested.
I write in third person and in past tense. I would say I am a Novella writer, meaning: I write a LOT.
We can RP on this platform or on Discord, though the latter is my favourite.
Below can be found some examples. I write on average somewhere between 400-2000 words but can easily pump it up to 3000 if given enough to work with.
I will play pretty much whoever you want for your part of the doubling as long as you will do the same!


Be at least 18+, but somewhere between 25-30 would be preferable due to my own age and personal experience.
Be LGBTQIA+ friendly, and comfortable with characters not fitting into the social beauty standard.
Write in 3rd person and past tense. At LEAST 400 words per message, meaning breaking Discord Limit (without Nitro). No, this is not negotiable.
Be willing to play side characters as I am going to do the same.
Communicate clearly with me. I won´t judge and I expect the same from you.
Once you read ALL of this and are interested, please reach out to me, send me an example of your writing, and tell me what exactly you are interested in!

Scales knit his gleaming eyebrows together upon hearing Merreneletants tired voice regarding the situation. "That sounds... bothersome." He admitted with an apologetic smile. Hopefully, he could help not only Rayana and Phil through his work but also relieve Merrè from his stressful situation. Certainly, merely healing him could already help him a lot. "Are you sure you don't want to join me in the ocean? No one would bother you there." The ráncan chuckled, even playfully winking at the prince. He knew it was impossible but he still thought that Merré would make an excellent member of the merfolk, no matter which species specifically.

He shook his head upon hearing that they discussed such unpleasant topics over food. "Indeed, one should discuss more cheerful topics over a dinner..." To him, coming together to eat was always such a delightful connection, so why waste it with doom and gloom?

His expression softened as Merreneletant told him that he tried to get along with everyone. A soft sigh left his lips upon hearing that. He immediately knew what he was doing it. "You know there is no shame in getting along better with some than with others. You are not obligated to like or interact regularly with everyone just because you are the prince. But it is very admirable that you try." He looked down at the prince in his arms and offered him a reassuring smile. As if he meant to tell him that it would be fine.
That explanation truly did not tell him much but he still let out a little chuckle in delight.

"A smoke day... how very interesting... Well everyone needs some relaxation, am I right?" He hoped he could help Merreneletant actually relax in his life once. After all, the poor man went through so much pain already and deserved some proper rest. Things certainly would be much easier for him if he weren´t struggling with his seizures. Perhaps... perhaps it would be a good idea to get Savannah involved after all. He could use her support. Maybe with the witch's talent he could free Merreneletant from his condition entirely. Maybe it was foolish to hope for something so big.

But he knew that at least Savannah would be convinced that they could manage it. Or at the very least should try. It was so precious to see how much she cared for the prince already. It was also so obvious that he cared for her as well. "At this rate, I will worry out my glow." He said with a sigh. The ráncan didn´t realize that a landwalker might have no idea what he meant. His kind lost the glow of their hair and eyes with age. It was similar to how many land walkers turn grey.

"If you say I can handle some compliments, then I guess it must be the truth." He squeezed Merreneletant playfully before letting out another chuckle.

It was such a peaceful moment, even when the conversations went through highs and lows regarding the topic they explore. Despite everything it all flowed so naturally and he clearly enjoyed himself. "I just want to help them. I like them both, not just because they saved me. They are wonderful people." He said with a soft smile, he was obviously talking the truth. Just like it was the truth that Merreneletant knew they would love one another one way or another. It made him laugh softly. "Mhh... I'm going to say they leave Gaulton as a couple, and the next time they return, they are betrothed already. And then it won't take long until they are married."

A generous guess but he wouldn´t mind being wrong anyway. He just wanted them both to be happy. Though a marriage suddenly would be something. Almost all species had such rituals which obviously were not all named the same and had seemingly endless variation but the core message seemed to stay the same.

The compliment that he liked his hair made him glance off to the side for a moment, clearly a bit shy about it. Though he soon enough looked at him again a gentle smile on his lips. "Thank you so much. Yours is very thick, it's beautiful." It indeed suited him incredibly well. Especially in a braid like this, it was elegant and clearly added to his allure. "Itchy? I guess that makes sense... that's how I feel when I'm not damp enough." Perhaps he could relate to it after all.

"Kessler seems very generous with her, that much is for sure." He was acting so loved up. In his very own way. And seemingly he had his very own love language.

Scales let out a loud laugh as Merreneletant joked about the exchange of information those two would certainly be going to engage in in the future. "Oh, you would be lacking important gossip information, we can't have that now, can we?" His shoulders shook with delight though then he perked up as he heard that he thought about getting Savannah some tarot cards. "That is so kind of you. Even if it doesn't work out. The fact you thought about it is already so sweet. Honestly, I think she would cry if anyone got her tarot cards. But they are so difficult to get indeed..." He was glad that she could at least save one tarot deck from being burnt in her shop.

"He certainly is. I think he's actually learning from how Savannah comforts and acts with him. He seems to copy her, which is an incredibly good thing. And honestly, it's very adorable." Kessler did look at Scales for advice but a mere nod seemed to be enough to encourage him. He was pretty sure that the shulender knew deep down what to do, or at least had a vague idea, but was just scared of doing the wrong thing. Perhaps he was even scared of making a mistake.

Though Savannah seemed incredibly patient and loving with him. He doubted she would be mad at him for trying and getting it wrong.

"Please don't be sorry." He insisted upon Merrenelants words. "I won't tell anyone. You can always come to me if you wish to talk about it. I know such things can rest heavily upon someone, especially if they happened to people you love. I am just... pretty emotional. That is everything. I am thankful you told me. It means a lot to me that you trust me so much. And... it actually helps me. I always do my best to appear as soft as possible but I very well know that some parts of me are rather intimidating. I will do my best to not impose her in any way. Not that I would have done so anyway but... I would hate to awaken bad memories."

He knew from his own experience that some things could be incredibly triggering. He also heard it from Letha. Sometimes tiny things which seem meaningless to one person can harm another person in a way they could never understand. He always did his best to avoid any words or movements which came off as aggressive. But he would put especially care in not looming over Rayana after he heard about this. He just wanted her to feel comfortable around him.

The same went for Savannah. Though the girl often pretended to be fine and powered through it with a display of intense confidence it was clear to him that she was rather vulnerable deep inside. "It certainly is... truth be told, I don't know the extent of Savannah's abilities, but I think I've seen when she tapped into her intuition. She gets that vacant stare as if she's spacing out. She did the same thing as Rayana asked Phylippus about a specific tattoo related to his wife. I'm pretty sure that Savannah immediately tapped into that energy without her noticing it. I... must admit I distracted her. I didn't want her to become even more exhausted." It might have been rude but he was sure she would forgive him.

If he ever told her, that is. Maybe he would, maybe he wouldn´t. In the end that specific situation wasn´t of importance but he obviously couldn´t keep his mouth shut about such things. At least it was clear that he would never gossip about something anyone had told him in secret, he simply wasn´t the type to do so.

The praise he received pulled him effectively out of his thoughts and he let out a noise that sounded like soft rain. Solely because he was pleased about all this. The question if he could help him made him smile brightly. "Of course! I'll gladly help you." He obviously did not mind. Slowly he knelt in front of the prince and helped take off the shoes. "I can help you with your coat too." He did not offer it because he deemed Merreneletant incapable. He would have offered it by any other person as well. Once he helped the prince get rid of the unwanted clothes he put the rolled-up hide on the couch.

"I'm so glad I get to see this, too. I know I barely know Savannah personally, but from what Letha told me, I must admit I am already very attached. So... thank you for taking care of her. I'm not the old lady, but I know she would be grateful for all you do for her granddaughter. And so am I." With a soft smile, he sat down next to Merreneletant. "I know it's maybe weird to say considering you are his uncle but... I'm also really glad that you take such good care of Kessler. He's a good boy."

A nervous chuckle left him as the prince expressed how excited he was for everyone to meet the ráncan. In response, he rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, I must admit I'm a bit nervous. I haven't been surrounded by so many people for quite a while. But I'm also excited. I hope I can get along with your family."

Happy to be here... with their nose wrinkling just slightly. Cute.

No. No! Not cute! None of that! He cursed himself mentally. This can't be happening. He can't be experiencing any attraction towards the new teacher. No matter how precious they may be- This was a side of himself he could never be quiet. Despite all those years and all the desperate tries to get rid of all of his emotions, he could never completely bury that light in his heart. It's so small. Barely visible. It couldn't even burn anyone when they touched it directly. But it was too warm for this stone-cold man. It made him want to hide away.

"Your euphoria will soon fade, rest assured." More often than not, his sarcasm was nothing but a coping mechanism. To hide away. But somehow, that didn't work with them. They didn't leave him when he was grumpy. They just laughed at his words and were so full of energy and life. Even when he dragged them down into his secret lair as he heard some students call it.

Ignorant brats.

He typically doesn't bring anyone down here unless sincerely necessary. And he deemed them-- their case important enough to discuss everything down here.

"I am incredibly... lucky indeed." His voice was dripping with annoyance, but there was a certain twinkle in his eye. So quickly gone that one could have assumed they imagined it. He cherished wit and preparation. They seemed to provide both. Perhaps they wouldn't be that annoying after all.

´I'd kiss you right on the mouth.´

He didn't know why that phrase confused him so much. He even found himself glancing at their lips for a moment before putting actually an effort into looking especially unapproachable right after. Like a child stretching out their tongue after they've been caught staring. "Everything can be... made better." At least everything he didn't create, of course. His potions were flawless, and he even fixed the mistakes that were presented to each class again and again. Slowly, he walked behind them and read how he would prepare the Elixir.

"Truly... fascinating." He ignored the last comment. "It is good that I've been tasked with taking care of this... I know a few who would be tempted to have a taste for themselves." That's something they simply cannot let happen. He tapped his finger on the table. "Have you shared your knowledge with anyone else?" If yes, he would need to make sure to keep a close eye on his storage room. Perhaps even lock away specific ingredients to avoid any temptation.

"How often do you consume it?"

My Fandoms
means they are currently my absolute favorites and I would love you forever if we could at least play my part of the double in that fandom.

- Hellsing Ultimate / Gonzo Hellsing
- Pokemon (All Main Games up to Sword and Shield + All Mystery Dungeons)
- The Legend of Zelda (Almost all Games)
- God of War (2018 and Raganarok)
- Stardew Valley
- Fire Emblem: Fates, Three Houses and Awakening
- Resident Evil 8
- FNAF Security Breach
- Final Fantasy X
- Black Butler
- Inuyasha
- Baldurs Gate 3
- Star Wars (All Movies + The Mandalorian)
- Star Trek (TOS and TNG)
- Hazbin Hotel
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