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Futuristic Make a Gritty Sci-Fi world with me!

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I've recently have found myself enamored with the idea of doing an Alien x Human love story. In this scenario I would play the alien but I'm more than willing to double with you!

I'd love to really world build with you make a gritty fantastic sci-fi universe where there's different alien species hating on each other, humans discriminating against aliens, Fights ensuing, political intrigue, civil unrest, all of the above! I would really love to make this dream a reality. I want it to be gripping and have us on the edge of our seats! Making us want to reply as soon as possible. I want to build lore and build characters up into something amazing with you! I want them to live lives separate from us and have rich detailed personalities. I want to have you thinking about the plot even when we’re not writing. Lets get gritty with it!

Somethings ~

~ please be 18+, I don't RP with minors
~ Be okay with NSFW subjects (If we go off Website only)
~ Be able to write at least a paragraph of good content
~ Love OOC and Plotting!
~ Be able to respond once a day
~ I do MxF and FxF pairings (I can play either Male or Female)

Other than that, Feel free to message me at your leisure! I have a Discord: Redhoodriding#4588​

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