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Lord of the Rings: The Free Folk of the North


Thomas the Snake Engine
Lord of the Rings: Free Folk of the North

In the year 2941 a number of important events usher Wilderland into a new age: the death of Smaug, the Battle of Five Armies, the restoration of the Kingdom under the Mountain and of Dale, and the discovery of the Ruling Ring by Bilbo Baggins. The decade following these momentous events sees the Free Peoples savour an unexpected respite: men gather under the banners of ambitious kings and chieftains, raising their heads to lookbeyond their old and restrictive borders for the first time in a long while, and adventurers dare once again to follow forgotten roads in search of renown.

Five years after the fabled Battle, the Free Peoples came once more to Dale, for the first festival called the Gathering of Five Armies, to remember and to celebrate the death of Smaug. The wise among them also speak of the defeat of the mysterious Necromancer, who was driven from Mirkwood around the same time by the White Council. In the months before the Gathering, King Bard of Dale sends heralds and messengers out across Wilderland, who proclaim the king’s words:
"And so, Free Peoples of the North, gather up your courage and bring it to me. I have plans for the North such as you will scarce believe, but I need your strength to turn plan to deed. In return for playing your part in our rebirth, I will pay well in gold, land and the satisfaction of knowing you lead your people from the shadows into a brighter future."

This new age of Wilderland is a fragile thing. 2941 was a year of great triumph – the orcs were scattered, the Dragon slain, the Necromancer banished – but the Shadow still lies on Middle-earth. All the good that was done can be undone, all that joy can be turned to sorrow and ash, unless heroes arise to defend the Free Peoples and safeguard this fragile dawn.

Hello! This RP will follow the events of Lord of the Rings, between the trilogy and the Hobbit, five years after the death of Smaug to be precise. The characters will be a band of adventuring types, seeking to aid King Bard in establishing a safe, secure future for the peoples of the North.

I'll be utilizing much of the material from Cubicle7's The One Ring RPG, though you don't need to be familiar with it and we won't be using dice. We'll port over the class system and some features to serve as inspiration for character concepts, but for the most part we're relying on our own descriptive capacity here.

On the matter of descriptive capacity, I am looking for people who are comfortable making reasonably lengthy posts, perhaps a paragraph or three. I understand that conversational posts may be shorter, but if we're to do a Tolkien-based story I certainly hope we can play into the themes about journeying, hope in the face of the Shadow, honor, and friendship. To do that, well, we'll need to write a good deal.

Please reply to this thread if you're interested in seeing this get fleshed out and participating, so I can keep a rough headcount in mind.

Lord of the Rings: Free Folk of the North
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Alias the Scarecrow...
I like this idea. I've never RP'ed in a Tolkien game, and this has the potential to go in a number of directions. Definitely interested.


New Member
This looks like something I could sink my teeth into for sure! I'm with Relayer there, as I've never done this type of rp either, but I am at least somewhat familiar w/the story, and watching the movies will help.


Your pretty Demon
Hello! I'm a novella writer who is super into LOTR/ The Hobbit. If this is still happening make sure to count me in!


Thomas the Snake Engine
Sorry about the wait, folks. Had a busy weekend and I'm still working on putting together all the material for the RP. Hopefully it'll be ready tomorrow!


Thomas the Snake Engine
Everything needed to get going is up and ready in the Other section and the Character section! If you have any questions, feel free to DM me or join the Discord in the OOC channel. Hope to hear from everyone soon!

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