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Fandom Looking to play Harley, double friendly


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Hi! I'm looking to play Harley Quinn, I have an idea in mind but I’m open to suggestions, and I’m happy to play other characters for your side. I only rp with those 18+, Im happy here or discord, and I love to make friendships outside of the rp.

I'll likely mix up several storylines from comics/tv/movies for Harley, but I'm most interested in Harley Quinn the animated series and to steal a little bit of her story from injustice where she has a little girl with Joker named Lucy, who is currently being raised by her sister.

I’m looking for either an Ivy, Bruce, or Joker to play against but again, I’m open to suggestions. I can do Marvel for your side if you’d prefer a character from there, we can even combine the universes. PM me with any questions 💕
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