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Fantasy Looking for long term mxf roleplay!

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No dream is too small; no dream is ever too big.
Hey everyone! I'm DarkRabbit! I am putting the spoilers about myself and the rules I have. I apologize that they're long... but anyway, please read this before advancing forward. It is important (especially the rules).

I am a twenty two year old female from Canada. I do work full time, sometimes over 40 hours a week so I can come home extremely exhausted. Although with this virus going around, I might get some extra time on my hands.

I do have a couple mental issues so I might go a day or so without a reply, but I am NOT abandoning. I will always tell you if something isn't working out. I ask that I will not be spammed or that only will irritate me because I am busy working or doing something most likely.

I do not like giving crappy replies. I feel awful if I do, so please do not give me any...

I will never, EVER ghost someone.

I have been role playing for 10+ years. My replies go vary on what I’m given. I do NOT do one liners (or try hard not to). They drive me up the wall... I would at least ask for a paragraph or two. I don't need like a whole story and a half because that will overwhelm me, but no single liners. If you're honestly stuck on a reply, then please let me know. We can figure out a way to change it up. If you're getting bored, then don't just leave. Tell me and I will understand. I know life can get insane so I am patient.

**My main character is female.** I will NOT do a main role as a male. I will have a bad anxiety attack because I can't connect with them as well as I'd want. Side male characters are fine for me to play though. That being said, I WILL play side characters, but I will not double up. I am sorry.

I do not do MxM or FxF. I am sorry for the inconvenience if that's what you were wanting. I can roleplay with other females though, but I would ask that they take the main male role. Again, I do not double so I am sorry.

Now that is out of the way, onto the rules!

-You MUST play more than one person, meaning side characters (I don't want to play every side character). If you cannot play side characters, then I am sorry but the roleplay will not work. It isn't fun having one person play all the sides, and or there only being two people in a roleplay. Also constantly asking someone to play characters isn’t cool either and I really don’t appreciate that.

- No relationship sort of cheating. **I'm fine with a lot of things, but I just can't do this...** This is something I refuse to do. It hits on a personal level.

- Grammar and spelling is decent. This is including no abbreviations as "u", "ur", etc. Also, no roleplay using the stars as in:
*Walks over to the girl* Hello.
That is a no for me.

- At least one paragraph response. I don't expect it to be paragraph galore all the time. Just please be able to use detail. I do love writing and I need things to go off of! Again, no one liners. I do enjoy detail. It makes more of the story!

- Please be able to continue the story on as well. I can keep a story going for the most part, but if it's the same thing over and over again, and I'm the only one trying to bring up ideas, it gets hard and it also takes the fun out of it.

-I also am a huge suck for romance. I do want there being romance in the roleplay!

-Please no ghosting... It bothers me a lot actually. I do understand that people can get very busy in life and go through some things as I can have my struggles as well. Just communicate! That's all I ask. I will do the same.

Now that that is out of the way and if you've made it this far, here are some genres and roleplay's I'd love to do. No, these ones do not have plots either as I'd much rather make plots with my partners!

- *Romance*
- Action
- Adventure
- Horror
- Thriller
- comedy
- Dark themes

Bold is my preferred role!

-Demon x human
-Angel x Human
- Vampire x werewolf
-Vampire x human
-Vampire x Vampire
-Dark vampire king x human
- Werewolf x human
-Werewolf x Werewolf
-Shifter x human
- Dark king x Human
- Good girl x Bad boy
- Roommate x Roommate
- Mythical creature academy
- Medieval sort of things
- University romance.
-Zombie apocalypse
- Gang member x normal girl

Those are just some of the pairings I do have!

I have a few rough plots (which I'd love to expand with people) as well if people are interested:

Creature beneath the water

Legends have told that a mermaid has been living deep within the sea. Most people do not believe such tales, but other have dedicated their life to search for the one beneath the ocean. The actual truth, mermaids and mermen do not exist. Although, there is something bigger out there that humans are unaware about. A goddess that lives on the world of Earth. Her name is Rylita, Goddess of the sea.

Gods and goddesses do exist, but not on earth. The goddess who lives on earth was banished from her home world as a child. To them, she was not up to par. She was weak, and fragile. She was to afraid of the world. She was a mistake, completely unworthy... Although, that is truly not the case. Rylita is a powerful goddess. Stronger than anyone would have expected her to be. They just don't know it, yet.

Rylita's banishment as a child caused her to learn all of her powers and such on her own since she didn't have someone to guide her. She did cause some destruction, but she also had done good. No one knew it was her, but all the pain and suffering she caused people still to this day makes Rylita feel guilty. She has learned to cope as she goes under cover to help rebuild the damages, volunteer, etc.

Moving along, some of the people of earth are always down and determined to figure out what mystery lies beyond the sea. Many have died from storms that were natural caused. Others tend to return back empty handed, but always still wanting to search for the legend that they were told as children. They will stop at nothing until they have found what they're looking for, or something better. The people are bound and determined.

A college man decides to go out with his family on cruise. The ship sails to different islands, some being more popular than others. Although, the ship stops at one island that is rather isolated. There is enough food, water, and so forth for people to relax, be on the beach area, etc. People can go exploring as well if they so forth choose to.

The collage man and his sibling (or friend if you rather tag one along) decide to snoop around one night. No one is on the island as they're all in bed. Although, they end up finding a cave and decide to explore it. While exploring, they eventually notice a silver haired girl sitting on an edge. Over the edge would be a pool of water, and it's almost as if it's glowing. Normally, they'd think she is average... but something is glowing on her chest, and it's clear that is isn't normal.

Mutants have been around for decades. Majority of the population actually are mutants, and the minority would be humans. The plot line takes from a high-school or college academy. It’s a mutant school, but there are people knows as the “King” and the “Queen.” They would be considered the strongest people in the school. The King and Queen have three other people in their group. One healer and two other strong mutants. That group will fight others from other school to see who is “top school.” It’s a monthly event.

Person A is a powerful mutant; though, they consider themselves a human and get picked on. They were actually “king or queen” in their old school, but ended up harming a bunch of people due to being hostile. Now they’re trying to change their ways.

Person B is also a strong mutant. He or she befriends person A and eventually they start to grow stronger feelings and will be in a relationship.

Person A would eventually tell person B that they’re not human and go from there.

**If You've read Unordinary on Webtoon, it's basically like that! Although, I would want them more so to be in college than the high school years.

It's 1000 years in the future. Government had released a toxic chemical by accident which is now all over the world. Because of this, some have passed, some are normal, but some have gained strange abilities. The entire world knows about the mutants that live in the world, but they're told to fear them. Not all mutants are bad. Government just shows the pubic the horror things that they can do. BUT! They do not tell the public what the government does to them when captured. They're are tortured and tested on to figure out why the human body reacted the way it was...

A Dark Secret
Muse A and B have been dating for about a two months now. Both are really interested in one another. Muse A (my character) is a nervous girl who can get flustered a little easy. She is well known in the college and has several friends. She is an A+ student so she does take her schooling seriously.

Muse B is also well known. He doesn't care about school as much, but he passes it like it's nothing. He doesn't need to study or anything. It's like he has a photograph memory, which is something most people would be jealous over.

The only reason Muse A and Muse B met was because they both work together in a restaurant/bar. Both are waiter/waitresses and have worked together for months before they started dating. She actually asked him out, which he gladly accepted.

Now, there is a dark secret about Muse B (your character). He is a stalker for Muse A. He is obsessed with her. No one is allowed to harm her in any way or he will beat the absolute crap out of them, break their bones, or even kill them if it's severe enough. All of this happens without Muse A even knowing. It's when she is away from the area and or at home.

I am really looking forward to meeting and roleplaying with new people! See everyone soon! ^_^
Please send me a private message if you're interested!
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Hello! How much do you like worldbuilding? I have a plot for a slow burn Vampire King X Human, but there are elements of politics and murderous Nobles within a Kingdom. However, it would seem I can't pm you yet, seeing as I'm new here (but I've been rp-ing for 2 years) xD
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No dream is too small; no dream is ever too big.
Hello there! I might fall asleep soon as a heads up.
I am more than willing to do that plot with you though!!


No dream is too small; no dream is ever too big.
I sure am! I am heading to bed in a moment. I work tomorrow but then I’m off for 10 days.


The Red One
Would you be interested in trying a pirate & mermaid plot? Perhaps we could add some side characters like sea creatures who are friends with the mermaid, or a parrot that could be a silly side-kick for the pirate and a source of comic relief.


No dream is too small; no dream is ever too big.
Would you be interested in trying a pirate & mermaid plot? Perhaps we could add some side characters like sea creatures who are friends with the mermaid, or a parrot that could be a silly side-kick for the pirate and a source of comic relief.
Hello! Send me a pm and we can discuss a plot!!

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