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Fantasy Looking For High Fantasy! (Double Friendly!)


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Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
What I Am Looking For

I am looking for a long-term high fantasy RP with romance and a happy end an Original RP with OC x OC! Double up is always welcomed but not necessary!

I have an entire DOC dedicated to fantasy races, gods and the likes I made which I would love to use.

I also already have two continents in that loosely set world, but we can totally make up our own as well. I also love to just throw my ideas into other peoples worlds if you already have set up something, I am really not picky!

I always love to mix and match, so if you already have ideas then please tell me! We can definitely combine ours!

I prefer to play F, so if you prefer MxM doubling will be necessary. I do not mind if we do FxF, FxM, or FxNB though. Below you can also find pairings and which role I would prefer to take! Also, you can call me Fae and I am 21+!

What I offer

Nine years of roleplaying experience, pretty active (at least one response per day but often more) and when we double I will make an OC exactly to your liking!

When I get very engaged I can end up making maps, family trees, mood boards... etc for our RP.

I am very invested once you got me interested. I write in third person and in past tense.

I would say I am a Novella writer, meaning: I write a LOT. When you are interested, I will send you an example of my writing! I write on average somewhere between 400-2000 words but can easily pump it up to 3000 if given enough to work with.


Be at least 18+, but somewhere between 25-30 would be preferable due to my own age and personal experience.

Be LGBTQIA+ friendly, and comfortable with characters not fitting into the social beauty standard.

We can RP either here or on Discord! I would prefer the latter. Write in 3rd person and past tense. At LEAST 400 words per message, meaning breaking Discord Limit (without Nitro). No, this is not negotiable. I will gladly send you examples of my writing once you reach out to me!

Be willing to play side characters as I am going to do the same. Communicate clearly with me. I won´t judge and I expect the same from you.

I know everyone has their own life and I do not expect you to be online 24/7 but I need someone who is active, at least one message per day would be wonderful but one message every 2-3 days would be acceptable for me too.

Once you read ALL of this and are interested, please reach out to me, send me a sample of your writing, and tell me what exactly you are interested in!

Things I Would Prefer To Avoid/Do NOT want to do

  • Slice of Life
  • Modern Time
  • (Main focus on) School, College, Academic Related Settings
  • Slow Burn
  • Isekai
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Steampunk
  • Sci-Fi

Favourite Tropes

Definitely not all of them but this is just something that came to mind!

  • Arranged Marriage
  • Reborn Past Lovers
  • Mutual Pining
  • Comfort
  • Medium-Fast Paced Romance
  • Soulmates
  • Forbidden Love
  • Lowkey possessive/obsessive (or even mild Yandere)
  • Opposites Attract
  • Polyamorous Relationships

Pairing Ideas

The role in bold is the one I would prefer to play. If we do a double-up then I am more than happy to play the bold roles for you by your side of the RP! Pairings can be mixed, matched, and changed to our liking! These were just some ideas popping up in my mind. Feel free to come with your own ideas at me!

  • Bounter Hunter x Bounty
  • Mentor x Chosen One
  • Dragon x Dragon Slayer
  • Summoned Demon x Magical User
  • Non-Magical User x Magical User
  • Knight x Magical User
  • Magical User x Apprentice
  • Knight x Noble
  • Noble x Commoner
  • Noble x Noble
  • Noble x Servant
  • Heir to the Throne x Rebel Leader
  • Villain x Hero
  • Grumpy x Sunshine

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