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Looking for FXF partners

Rawr Rawr

Junior Member
Hello :) I'm willing to do these multiple times over, so you don't have to ask "Is this taken?" And I do require at least 3-5 lines min.

•A guy gets into a latex female suit that becomes fused with him, making him a female and ______ (could be a gf, random girl, this one can be taken so many different ways, you can take it as you will)

•Teacher x Student

•Vampire x Fairy (Fairy has to take a potion to stay big)

•A ghost takes over a body and changes the body, we can mess around with this idea

•Crossdresser x Lesbian girl

•Transgender x Biological Girl

I'm also up for ideas if some one wants to add to this list with a suggestion :) this is short


New Member
I like the Vampire x fairy and the crossdresser x lesbian girl, give me a plot for each and I'll choose one :)

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