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Multiple Settings Looking for a RP partner ( always updating) -Sombra lover

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Sombra. Lover

Hacker of all computers
Hey, my name is Laura, but feel free to call me Sombra, som, Lau, or even dumbass for crying out loud... I am a fourteen year old rper that started a couple months ago, but got a lot of RP ideas under my sleeve. I love the romance rps, there are a couple romance ideas stated as well.

-I'm 14 years old
-I do semi literate, to literate. If in random rps, I use asterisks, such as in my profile posts
-I log on and off at times, for I'm a busy nerd with lots of math, science, and lots of good school stuff
- I play dragoncity and I have a huge clan on there
-loves to draw and write
- I'm ghost friendly

-pls don't ditch me, I hate ghosting -_-
-try to at least be literate, one liners are fine, but to me, they just don't add emotion to a post, but not to novella that it takes up the page
-pls be over thirteen, for I curse from time to time
-no dram, I mean, No Drama
-if you go away for longer than 5days - a week, pls lemme know beforehand, so I know you're busy, otherwise I will have to continue without you
-I only do mxf pairings, but try to convince me to do mxm or fxf
-if it's late at night for either, you can post and expect me to write really late or vice versa

Without further ado, here are some ideas I'm craving

Bold: ones I'm doing atm
***'s: ones I'm craving to do
(Parentheses around): not interested atm
Uppercase: preferred role in pairings
Normal:either role in pairings
Hazbin hotel (oc and/or the characters from the film)
Bendy and the ink machine (ocs and/or characters from the game)*****
Undertale (cause, why not)**
Cup head and mug man ****
A magical romance*****
Incredibles(ocs and/or canons)*****
Penguins of Madagascar(the movie from 2014 featuring the spys. Ocs and/or canons)****
Rise of the guardians (ocs and/or canons)*****
My little pony RP (obviously, cause where else would Sombra be?) ****
(Helluvia boss()ocs and/or)
Tommorrow land(ocs or canons)*****
Harry Potter (ocs or) ***

UMBRAN x human
COP x villain/drug smuggler/ criminal
Highschool classmates
Oc x oc
Magical creature x UMBRAN
Umbran x umbran
Pitch black(from rise of the guardians) x MY OC

"I'm stuck!?"

(Mc) is a worker for her father, the king of the dark kingdom, but she gets stuck in the real world. Can (yc) help (mc) get out of the real world and back to hers before her father finds out, or before she goes to jail?

Stuck in a room and a hard place

(mc) and (yc) is stuck in a room with no meaning of escape, they can't use magic, nor try to break the room apart. Will they survive?
"I know you don't love me..."

(mc) has gotten dumped, but she doesn't want yet another relationship,(yc) comes across (mc) and fell in love. Will (yc) be able to change (mc)'s mind?
Feel free to post below or pm me about what you want to do, looking forward to RPing with you!
Evil Sombra out...
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