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Fandom Looking for a Bucky for Bucky x OC! (I DOUBLE) (Updated!!)


Discover your deep inner-self and Thrive...
Hello! I've recently gotten a craving to do a Bucky (you) x OC (me), I've got a few Ideas on some scenarios:

( * : the more of these stars next to the plot, means how badly I wanna do that one.)

**1: After the Winter Soldier escaped from HYDRA's grasp, they were infuriated at the loss of their greatest weapon. After working so hard for years they had perfected a better version of the super serum, wanting to create something far more powerful than their previous weapon. They select a newly found test subject by the name (OC), she seemed to have abilities already. Using a sedative for her powers, they successfully perform many tests on her. Attempting to mentally, physically, and emotionally wipe her of her own self to control her, she does good to follow their orders. However their attempts to brainwash her are futile, the new super serum seems to overpower it almost shielding her memories. Eventually, HYDRA sends her out on a mission, Her objective?- kill Crime Lord David Cortezi and attain the needed files. In the midst of her mission she encounters the Avengers, catching their attention wasn't part of the mission- especially one certain Soldiers. One fight leads to another and she soon finds herself bound and being taken prisoner by them. Can the Avengers convince her to spill HYDRA's secrets? More importantly, can Bucky keep his interests of the strange woman to himself while trying to help convince her to join the team? Along the way new feelings emerge, how are they gong to handle said emotions? (RP will begin when they first encounter my OC and continue from there..)

***2: No one saw it coming, especially not Captain America or his friend Bucky Barnes. Her sudden appearance shocked the two, anger and happiness dancing in their eyes as she stood before them- ready to kill them. Her eyes void of any recognition, filled with rage and blood lust. (OC) Rogers, the younger sister of the great Captain America- Now a powerful weapon of HYDRA. She has no recollection of who she really is or her past, she is just (C/N). Steve and Bucky eventually weaken her enough to capture her and bring her back and contain her. It's difficult at first but like Bucky, they were eventually able to get her to remember a few things of her past. She joins the team, most of the members being cautious of her. Will she get the chance to prove herself to them? Will she remember her past with her brother and more importantly- Bucky? Can she control herself when HYDRA attempt to take control of her mind again or will she fall into their trap? Will she be able to protect the ones she love? (RP will begin when they first encounter my OC and continue from there..)

It had begun, Thanos had finally arrived. The world was in panic as millions watched their loved ones disappear before their eyes, no one knew what was really going on. Yes the Avengers were there to try and save the day once again, but could they do it on their own? Nick Fury has no choice but to call upon his secret weapon, (OC). He knew who she really was and what she was capable of, he took a high risk in hiding her from the world and even the Avengers themselves. No one saw this coming but her, a young woman who had been on the run her entire life ; his daughter. No not one of his adopted ones, his only blood he thought he'd lost long ago. Thanos had been to Earth long ago, and had an affair with a human woman. She was his pride and joy, the only thing he ever truly loved- that is until the Eternal Colony found out about her. They sought her out, killing her in front of him and sent him into exile where his lust for power and death grew. But when this random woman shows up in the midst of battle claiming to be his dead child, what will this mean for him? (Bucky didn't 'die' in this AU, need a bit of help perfecting the plot)

A new Alpha on the scene turns things on it's heads for the pack as new arrival Bucky challenges the reigning leader. What will this mean for the only Omega (OC)? So far she has been able to evade the advances of the alpha male but when the great Captain America's best friend comes into the picture, she finds herself as his main target. He wants her but she isn't having it- or is she? Unlike before- her natural instincts tell her to kneel and obey him, he's like a magnet who's pulling her in. His powerful presence is enough to have her crumble, how long can she deny her attraction to the Mysterious Alpha male? It's only natural for the Alpha to claim his Omega and Bucky is determined to win her over. It's for the good of the pack for the two to be in balance- if not, it all goes to hell. ( Marvel: Alpha/Beta/Omega AU! Still trying to perfect the plot outline)


  1. I typically type between a small paragraph or a few lines (4 or 5) and usually reply withing a few minutes to an hour.
  2. I'm not only looking for someone to play Bucky and help me juggle some of the other Avenger Characters, but also someone who at least replies 5 times daily.
  3. If you're busy, please do not feel bad to inform me about it! ( I'm very understanding about these things!)
  4. I will have different OC's of mine for each of these plots, making each of them their own. (To which I will send you a full character sheet with their information before beginning the RP)
  5. Id prefer you to be 18 or older.
  6. For doubling, I've so far only played the following: Tony, Steve, Thor, Stephen Strange, and Bucky.
So if you are interested in any of these or have your own (please tell me what it is!), feel free to comment down below or message me about it!
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