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Fandom Looking for 1x1 longterm - Creepypasta / Marble Hornets fandom !!


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Hello hello!
You can call me Archivist!
I use It/Its & They/Them pronouns
I'm a 17 year old High-School student, please don't message me if you're 21+!
Time-Zone : CST

I'm looking for a long-term RP partner, but if we aren't compatible, don't sweat it! Just communicate with me :]

I'm a semi-lit author, meaning I don't respond in oneliners or in 10+ paragraphs! I don't have a lot of experience with lengthy replies, but I'll do my best to match yours!

I prefer dark themes, angst, hurt/recovery, and psychological horror! I'm willing to do romantic/platonic, found family, and fluffy stuff, but it isn't generally my primary objective to make fluff the main focus of an RP
I will RP mental illness, but I will NOT tolerate anti-recovery or romanticized plotlines
For a full list of gore that I'm comfortable and uncomfortable with, please PM!!!

As an AroAceSpec person, I'm not comfortable with NSFW, but shipping is okay! I have the most experiences with OC x Canon, NBLM, & MLM, but I'm open to OC x OC, NBLW, & WLW! ♡

*I won't RP inc3st, p3d0ph1ll1a, r4p3, z00ph1ll1a, etc


All of the following characters are portrayed with my own personal headcanons, all of which I'm open to have a discussion about, but I have taken my own liberties with these Canon characters !!!

♡ I LOVE role-playing this character
☆ I'm okay to roleplay this character

*I won't romanticize Slenderman or roleplay his character as a fatherly figure
Ben Drowned ☆
Entity 303 ☆
Eyeless Jack ♡
Helen Otis ♡
Herobrine ☆
Jason The Toymaker ♡
Jeff Woods ☆
Laughing Jack ☆
Liu Woods + Sully ♡
Toby Rogers ♡

I've never roleplayed Natalie, Nina, or Jane, but I'm willing to try!
And if I didn't mention another character- I don't know their story well enough to portray :]

__Marble Hornets__
*I won't romanticize the Operator or roleplay his character as a fatherly figure
Alex Kralie ☆
Brian Thomas ♡
Hoodie (or Hoody, but I prefer the other spelling) ♡
Jay Merrick ☆
Jessica Locke ☆
Masky ♡
Operator ☆
Tim Wright ♡
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