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Multiple Settings Long term rp partner

Hi! I’m looking for a long term rp partner, as I’m not certain which rp genre I’m coming for right now I can practically do any genre! (Fantasy, modern, futuristic, horror, romance). I can also can do multiple fandom based rps. (The main fandoms I do is Splatoon, ACOTAR, DC, Marvel, Hazbin hotel/helluva boss, warrior cats, some anime and a bunch more.)

I normally rp with my ocs as I have a variety of different species, personalities, and ages for them.

Genre preferences (These are just suggestions);
-Horror (18+ horror, most likely would have gore in it).

I usually type as much as I can! Which is up to 10 sentences at minimum. I’m also pretty active. Anyways I look forward to rping! And I can always help come up with a plot or jot down some ideas ^^
I'd totally be down for a Splatoon or Hazbin Hotel Rp if you're still interested !

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