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Fandom long, shot, long term one on one fandoms


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Long shots I know.....

() Character in these are ones I am asking you to be.

Be long term.

I do play male by the way.

I am NOT against mxm or fxf. That being said if the character isn't into such don't force me into doing it.

Do not waste my time if you are not serious.

Don't dump me cause you are "busy". I can wait on replies..I am a very busy gal.

I have spelling and grammar issues. This a issue? Move along! Don't waste my time or yours.


The Good Doctor (Shaun)
Big Bang Theory (Sheldon)
Young Sheldon (Sheldon)
The Owl House (Raine, The Collector)
Green Day (Billie)
South Park (Kyle)
Doctor Who (Doctor)
Digimon (Ken)
Supernatural (Sam/Cas)
Criminal Minds (Reid)
Fantastic Beasts (Newt)
Xmen (Charles)
Back to the Future (Doc)
My Chemical Romance (Gerard Way)
The Great Mouse Detective (Basil)
The Immortals (Numair)
Pushing Daises (Ned)
Fruits Basket (Yuki)
Big Hero Six (Tadashi/Baymax)
Edward Scissorhands (Edward)
Encanto (Bruno) ((maybe))
Ghostbusters /Ghostbusters Afterlife (Eagon. Phoebe)
Harry Potter (Snape, Remus)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Wonka (Wonka)
Game Grumps (Arin)
Project 863
Pokemon ((prob au))
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would love a good back to the future since I just saw the musical

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