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OOC Little Talks

Kaerri Kaerri Hmm... I'd say killing it would be the ideal here with all the reasons listed. Though, driving it off, or better yet, maiming the wings and yeeting ourselves outta there is the safest option. Running away will still be difficult considering the position of Dina, Violet, and Ingvar. Whether we kill or abscond, I think we need to position the dragon closer to our archers so that our archers can get a clearer shot. Another important thing, Faron ( Rekai Leon Rekai Leon ) and his lava golem will be instrumental to buying us some time. (I just remembered that existed 😅)
Sorry, life got hectic (also I wasn't getting alerts for this for some reason). I'll try to get something up soon.
Mhm, it's one of those days again I guess... No worries, plenty of times it was my fault - now that I'm eager to move it's you guys that are taking your time... *woof* Just how it goes I guess ^^

I'm concerned about Rekai but I seem to remember things being hectic in regards to school or something. Well. There's only the 3 of you atm so I do need 2/3 to post before I can move things along. Still planning to get 1-2 new players somewhere but it won't be a good look if they join during such a slow spell :D
Wolf Rawrrr Wolf Rawrrr Heya, Your Wolfness! *glomps you from ambush!* Until the end of this post, I am... Sneaky Dann Rawrrr! So.... Rawrrr! 8D

Hi Parrot Parfait Parrot Parfait and Rekai Leon Rekai Leon !

Kaerri and I contracted serious food poisoning last weekend. We are still recovering from it. Our fevers broke today but that's not the last hurdle to face.

We will be O.K., but I would be heartily relieved and surprised if that day turns out to be tomorrow.

Kaerri Kaerri Kaerri might not be getting alerts. I'd like to say more but I'm out of energy again. *thud*

See you! =)

Honor and thud,
Sneaky Dann Rawrrr =)
Thanks for dropping by Dann! I've missed seeing you here :)

I truly hope for a swift recovery for you two, even if not life-threatening, food poisoning (especially serious!) is far from a pleasant thing to experience :/ *woof*
Still not recovered but I'm able to sit (for a little bit, at least) at computer, thought I'd check in and get something posted. It's not as good as I'd like but I hope it's enough to make Maggie's plans clear.
Rekai Leon Rekai Leon how are things on your end? You actually tend to disappear the most 🧐

We need to get things going soon especially during combat encounters we need them to go faster so we're not constantly losing track of what's going on! *woof*
Trying to check in with Rekai via PM atm, but regardless will have to update soon, I really don't like how slow this has gotten, it's making me feel even more uneasy than usual :c And though technically normally I would update the game as soon as the majority of players have posted, when the majority is 2/3 I kinda feel... bad for not waiting for the third person *whine*

Speaking of third people, we may be getting a new player soon so, another reason for completing this chapter as soon as possible ^^ *woof*
I've not been able to reach Rekai yet and given the way things are, I am just gonna... proceed regardless. I feel awkward to have things just stopped here like this but it feels like it's a choice between either waiting until you two give up entirely, and Rekai comes back and we most likely just end up resuming the current sporadic progress which I have felt for a while now to be unsustainable in the long run. The way things are right now, it's difficult to even bring anyone new into the game. We've gotten so far from the ideal of 2-3 posts a week as we possibly can *sad whine* :(

Kaerri Kaerri and Parrot Parfait Parrot Parfait are you two ok with this? Let me know your thoughts.
Hmm... the pacing has gotten a bit off I admit 3_3
If Kaerri Kaerri wants to move on right now, I'm fine with that, but I'm also fine with stalling for a bit longer since the end of the quarter is coming in soon for me. Though, if we do stall, the latest I'll wait is mid-December.
I'm OK with moving on. With the caveat that Christmas is coming so there'll be a couple weeks where my own posting may be slower -- but I'll pick up speed again in January.
A day late but...

New Year Party GIF by Lucas and Friends by RV AppStudios
Celebrate Happy New Year GIF by Lazy Corgi
New Year Dog GIF by Animal Planet

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Wolf Rawrrr lovin' Good Times. =)

Honor and fun,
Dann =)
Happy New Year, friends! Hope everyone had fun holidays and the new year treats you well. ^33^
Happy New Year 😅

Sorry to have disappeared from radar for a bit, I had gone on a trip abroad to Slovakia and Poland, and after that I bought a couple of games on Steam's winter sale which I obviously had to immediately rack up a triple digit number of hours in, and in between were the holidays so I doubt anyone would have posted ^^ *woof*

Last year's decision was not to make any more decisions, but here's hoping that we can get Amaranth back to a more respective level of activity and possibly even finish the game someday in the near future 🙃😇

Sadly Rekai still hasn't responded so for the time being I will have to assume he's not around anymore. Possibly he proves me wrong over the remainder of this scene/chapter, during which time he can simply rejoin like nothing happened, but if he's still not here by the end of the chapter I will have to RP his character as having returned to base or something, and the Chosen party will move on without him.

Somewhere along this we might get that new player to join us, if they're still interested after so much time passed IRL, but overall I'd like to see us back to a reasonable 4-5 player count, even tho 2-3 will suffice in worst case scenario *woof*
Sounds like you have had a fun December! Glad to hear it. ^D^ Looking forward to getting back into the scene!
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Worry not about December. I've also had a wild ride IRL during that time (for better or for worse). We be schmoovin' soon :^D

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