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Fandom Letters and Wands ( An HP RP TAKE 2)


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coded by natasha.
  • — Letters and Wands

    Hogwarts. A wonderful, magical place.. Many famous and powerful people have passed through these doors, halls, secret passageways, and now it's time for yet another school year. The new coming in and the old coming back. A cycle of people and places and people to meet.

    Hello It's me MalfoysSecret. The year in this rp is 2010! You can have characters related to canons but please run it by me first, for plot purposes, nothing has changed in the wizarding or muggle worlds.. Anyway, i was really feeling the need to do a Hogwarts/Harry Potter roleplay, hopefully, this will get some interest!

    I will have this entire rp taking place on site minus an optional ooc discord that will be given through dms.

    coded by natasha.
*Expelliamus intensifies*
I am good with either I have a few witch ideas that can be a bit silly
Hmm..... 👍 (A canon relation OC to perhaps run by but still 👍)
Okay Here is the onsite ooc and I will work on an optional discord as well :)

I will keep the onsite one updated so no one misses out :)

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