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Grim McGrath

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I've been in the mood for two distinctly different fandoms lately. Legacy of Kain (Soul Reaver/Blood Omen) and Corpse Bride. I love both and am looking for both. So if either of those ideas appeal to you, let me know. For LOK I was thinking about building onto the world. Since we clearly never got a satisfying conclusion to the series, I wanted to do more than just the standard plot or timeline. I want to get creative with stuff. As for Corpse Bride, I was pitching an idea for a modern take. A similar idea to the movie but in the current year. I have ideas and thoughts on things we could do all around. I'm fine doing something unrelated to either of these as well. Always looking for more good, long term roleplays. Just be on the longer side of semi lit. 3rd person and able to help keep the RP going.

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