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Fandom Latchkey Kids - OOC

Gotcha. Feel free to post a character template for them whenever you'd like, then.
Thank you!
Love you Character already! What a creative introduction.

I know SavannahSmiles may need a little more time due to a lack of power, but Monkeydoll should have their character up today as well.
So far, if I’m corrected we’re going to have 5 characters; siblings from SavannahSmiles SavannahSmiles , sisters from monkeydoll555 monkeydoll555 , and Chellise. That’ll be an interesting group! I’ll be excited to see what everyone’s done when they are so we can take in what the dynamics might be.
I was originally going to make my twins be brother and sister but I can make them both boys to help even out the gender ratio

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