LAST person to post is the winner!!!

this is america
don't catch you slippin now
don't catch you slippin now
look what i'm whippin now
When I was a young boy
At the age of five
My mama told me I was gonna be
The greatest man alive
When I was a young boy
My father took me into the city
To see a marching band
He said, son, when you grow up
Would you be the savior of the broken
The beaten, and the damned?
He said
Will you defeat them?
Your demons, and all the nonbelievers
The plans that they have made?
One day, I'll leave you
A phantom, to lead you in the summer
To join the Black Parade
Aww... I love this thread. So wholesome! Everyone's a winner!!! Yaaay!!!!!

Except the rest of you are no longer winners, because I just posted last! I win! MWAHAHAHA!

(Jk love you guys <3)
My reign is finally over... I will concede.

Wait but you just posted??


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