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Realistic or Modern la luna ski resort


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    he snow-capped summits of Crystal Peak glittered in the early morning sunlight, the fresh layer of white powder untouched as of yet, acting as a blanket to cover what remained of the previous night’s mistakes and festivities.

    The scene was something out of a holiday greeting card, and in the middle of it all, nestled in a clearing between the tall pines that dotted the place, sat the La Luna Ski Resort.

    Despite its popularity, the building was in pristine condition, with facilities being just as shiny as the day it had opened, much like the people that passed through. It wasn’t a regular tourist destination but a privilege that only those wealthy and influential enough were fortunate enough to partake in.

    There’s no such thing as true perfection, though, and the richly decorated walls of La Luna were the home of many a dark secret.

    For most outsiders looking in, those in powerful positions in society—anyone with money, to be specific—were seen as untouchable, above the problems of everyday life, but it’d never been anything but a façade.

    They were no better at hiding it than anyone else, but they could afford the stronger forms of coping to make it seem like they were. The unhappy marriages, escape attempts, and forced amiability could all be lost beneath the swirl of designer clothes and sparkle of unnaturally white teeth.

    That’s all it ever was, though: petty relationship drama.

    At the end of the day, anyone of any consequence truly was immune to real misfortune because whatever trouble they found themselves in, they could always buy their way out of it.

    Besides, La Luna was the last place in the world that a tragedy of that drastic proportion would ever take place. Not only did it pride itself on being a nicely-kept resort, but a safe one to boot.

    What was the worst that could happen? Someone falling off the ski lift? That’d be absurd. There were regulations in place to prevent such a thing, so long as the power was up and running.

    No, no. Nothing could shatter the picture perfect illusion that is La Luna...





la l u n a

five-star ski resort


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