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Realistic or Modern Kings of Forbes Prep.

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Action, Adventure, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life


Hate burns like a raging fire
Kings Of Forbes Prep..jpg

Kings of Forbes Prep.

Welcome to Forbes prep school.
One of the best school in the world.
Where leaders of the world are made.
Only the best and brightest roam our halls.
The world is at your finger tips.
Its up to you, and what you do with it.


A girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Having lived her whole life in the world that was poor. Though she wasn't ashamed of her life. No. She loved the the life that she lived. She loved her parents. They may not have had much, but it was more then anything that money could ever give her.
One night, changed all that for her. A horrible accident took away the only family that she thought she had, her parents. She would never be the same. Nothing would ever take away the pain that she felt. Nothing.

Lost and alone, she had no other family. Laying in a hospital bed, wires and tubes covered her body. No flowers were brought. No one came and saw her, to check on how she was doing. At 17 years old, she could live on her own. Drop out of school, get a job. Make her way in this world. Days ticked by, she didn't know how she was going to even pay for her being took care of here. She didn't have any means to do so. She had nothing at all.

Until one day, a man stepped into her room. He looked so much like her, she thought that it was her dad. No that couldn't be. Her mom and dad were dead. He told her that she had family. None that she had ever heard of. Him and his wife was going to be taking her into their home. After he left that day, she had more questions then she did have answers.
Now she was thrown into a world, that she didn't know. The world of the rich and powerful.

They are four boys, seniors. That have all they ever wanted in life. They are friends, and they ruled Forbes prep. None would ever go against them. And if they did, they would pay for it and dearly. All feared the Kings.

And now the new girl would have to face the Kings, as well as the whole school.

But what the Kings didn't know, as they tried to destroy her, she would break through their walls. And take their hearts.

This is a reverse harem bully rp. Where there is one girl and four boys. And the boys as well as the people of the school bully her without mercy. There will be twists and turns. Things that will come out that will break her in ways she never thought. They will all come to love her. And she will love them. There will be a lot of dark theme's with this. Though there will not even sex, it will all be fade to black. The Kings will trick her and break her. All the good things that come with that.

I'm looking for the four kings, and the girls that would torment her. I'll list all the open roles below. But before that, a few little rules.

1. Respect all in the group.
2. All site rules apply.
3. At least 2 paragraphs pre reply.
4. Please don't commit unless you want to be here.
5. If you can't be here please just tell me.
6. No killing of others in the rp.
7. At least one reply once a week, though if it takes longer, then that's fine.
8. Have fun!

Open roles.

Best Friend: SomebodyElse SomebodyElse

King One- Anonymous Anonymous
King Two- Open
King Three- Open
King Four- Open

Female Bully One- Open
Female Bully Two- Open
Female Bully Three- Open

Taken Roles:

Main Girl: H8becomesyou H8becomesyou
If you would like to join, comment below and say what role you would like. Then I can make changes to here.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from all of you.

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