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Fandom kingdom key fever — KH one x one, doubling, canon x oc

Kingdom Hearts.

I’m craving it. You’re craving it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be in here. KHIII is here and I've finished and cried and all that good stuff.

I’m emotional, don’t touch me!

I’m sorry this isn’t fancy at all. I’m on mobile most of the time, so I don’t have the time or patience to make this frilly and pretty, as much as I’d like to.

Let’s rp?

Here’s a little about me:

- married. 20s. PST.
- I like canon x oc because I’m trash
- I prefer m/f, where I play the female, but I’ll do any pairing with any gender if we double
- ..... I love doubling.

About what I’d like out of my partner;

- chill. Friendly.
- 18+
- Ok with canon x Oc
- Can write 1+ paragraph responses that don’t give me absolutely nothing to work with

What I’m looking for, [bracketed] is who i want to play – this list is in no particular order.

- Xigbar/Braig x [oc]
- Axel/Lea x [oc]
- Riku x [oc]
- Marluxia/Laurium x [oc]
- Saix/Isa x [oc]
- Xemnas x [oc]
- Young Xehanort x [oc]
- Terra x [Aqua]
- [when doubling Any canon you want under the goddang sun] x oc
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