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Fandom Kingdom Arc [OOC]

Name: —--- (Doesn't remember his name) I think there would be a fun interaction if one of the characters gave him a nickname. But it will be revealed later

Appearance: He has a blondish-brown hair, on one part of his hair is a comb over, but on the opposite side it spikes out, making him seem neat while also messy, giving off vibes of duality. Light blue, almost crystal eyes. He wears blue jeans, has a white shirt with a cactuar on it; and a dark blue, leather coat over it. He wears oversized shoes (similar to other characters. They're black with the Sole being entirely blue.

Personality: Light-hearted, Friendly, Outgoing, Adventurous, Trusting but can sense evil and ill will.

Affinity: Speed

Theme: Connections - Uses the power of connections to form a thread between hearts. He can use this to borrow powers from another person. It depends on how strong the relationship between the two of them are.

Weakness: Physical

Skills: Sword Proficiency (Helps with Keyblade usage too), Keen Instincts, Quick Reflexes, Intuition, Passive Charisma.
Name: Zelia
Appearance: Short and somewhat stocky. Light brown skin with darker freckles over the bridge of her nose and on her arms. Amber eyes that flash blue as she gets hurt. Red-violet hair in an undercut style, leaving it long on top. While in casual situations, Zelia will leave it down, brushed to one side. In more active situations, she will tie her hair into a top knot style, though some hair is left to hang down the side of her face.
She wears a white high-collared halter top with a graphic of an abstract broken heart in purple. Over her top is a black leather vest with red trim, with clasps holding it closed on the right side of Zelia's torso, though the top clasp is usually left undone. A grey and black flower print scarf tied loosely around her neck, and hanging down her back. A pair of deep violet arm sleeves that begin just above the bicep and down to her knuckles, with a hole for her thumbs, leaving her shoulders bare. She wears a red plaid skirt that comes down to mid thigh over a pair of black leggings. For shoes, she wears a pair of athletic toe shoes.
For accessories, she wears a pair of wolf stud earrings, and an old slightly corroded ring with an empty gem setting worn on Zelia's left middle finger.
Personality: Adventurous, charming, witty, dark sense of humor, curious, manipulative at times, contemplative, cunning, determined, and stubborn.

Affinity: Magic
Theme: Using a form of Blue Magic for a combination of Command Style and Drive Form, building up power and spells based on enemy attacks.
Weakness: Darkness (increased damage and can cause next form change to result in an Anti/Rage form)

Skills: First aid, acrobatics, taking a hit, music, and people.
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Name: Genji Wakatora
Appearance: Brown Hair, Green Eyes, light skin. Wears clothes similar to KH2 Sora, but no yellow or red
Personality: Kind and helpful, he is willing to make friends. He is the embodiment of friendship

Affinity: Attack
Theme: Full-Out Assault: Goes in with full throttle melee attacks
Weakness: Gravity

Skills: Great chef (cooks great food), sword adept (good Keyblade usage there when he gets one) and healing adept (decent at healing others, but not himself)
Appearance: A young green skinned male gargoyle with a slightly skinny but stil muscled build. Bald with a jutting ridged brow and a row of horns growing down across his head.His wings are thin and bat like in design. Usually wears a tight pair of ninja like trousers.
Personality: The one of the younger members of Ishimura Clan and while as dedicated in protecting his clans protectorate is far less committed to the ideals of Bushido. Not above using trickery and subterfuge to defeat an enemy. Has a crass sense of humor and a devil may care attitude. His since of morality is absolutely unshakable and held accepted death before betraying a friend.

Affinity: Speed
Theme: Underhanded-Focuses on status effecting spells that hinder and moves that drain magic from enemies.
Weakness: Light

Skills: Gliding, Stealth, Swordsmanship, Aikido, musician(plays the Shaminsen), loves playing pranks

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