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Fandom JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Search ; OC x Canon, Doubling Friendly


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୭ ˚. ᵎᵎ Greetings, everyone ! 𓏲 ๋࣭ ࣪ ˖
Hello, one and all, and thank you for stumbling upon my humble search thread. This thread is meant for a specific craving, rather than multiple fandoms, and if you are interested in seeing the other fandoms I write and double for - Please redirect yourself to this link here.

However, if you are interested in writing JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with me, then please proceed! This will also be in an OC x Canon setting, where doubling is preferred but not required. Have a wonderful rest of your day/evening, and best of luck on your own search < 3​

─ ☆ ៸៸۫꒰ABOUT ME꒱ ̟ ꙳ ੭
My name is Mammon! However, I go by a variety of nicknames, as well: Mami, Mams, Memo- Anything is fair game! He/they pronouns are preferred, as she/her currently makes me extremely dysphoric. I'm currently very much in love with my partner of 9 years who going back to school to get her Master's and be a teacher, and together we have a senior dog and two bunnies. I'm currently 26 years old, and I have a full-time job on top of going back to school for my Master's, so I'm quite the busy bee irl. I also have my fair share of mental stuff, including ADHD, PTSD & C-PTSD, and so much more. With that being said, you can expect communication on my end when I'm able to get to you. I'm available on-site, but I'm also most accessible on Discord, and I will provide my username if requested.

My writing frequency can be rather sporadic and depending on my muse and motivation. Sometimes I can get out at least one or two replies per day, or other times I can take a week or so to respond. However, I can always guarantee a pretty hefty one to three paragraphs minimum, with my maximum being on-par with Novella lengths. I also do my basic grammar and spelling check before I send out my replies. As for plotting, I prefer for most of my stories to have an element of romance to them, whether it's slow-burn or writing out the domestic life of a pair together- Either are very fun in my book! I can also write as any pairing, whether you want FxF/MxM/FxM, but for my half it will most likely be FxM with me writing as a female OC- But I'm more than happy to write any LGBTQIA+ pairs!

I also love to plot together! I'll often give my input on your side of the plot, and I don't mind you helping me build my plot as well- I've had people tell me "it's your/my story, we'll do whatever we want", but I feel like that takes a lot of fun out of writing together. Let me gush about your OCs and their Canon pairs! I love to make Pinterest boards, Spotify playlists, or nab some commission artwork whenever I can of either mine or my partners' pairs, so let's hype each other up and have a great time! On that note, I love to make friends with my partners, though friendship isn't necessary. I just feel like writing with a friend is more enjoyable and smooth-sailing than keeping an RP purely transactional. But that's just me, and I respect my partners' wishes as well!

Oh, and also: I've been told that I come off as intimidating at times in my searches. I'm so sorry about that! I promise that I'm much more energetic and lively in OOC conversations, haha. I just prefer to be straight to the point in my searches. With that being said, that's enough about me: Time to talk about you!​

─ ☆ ៸៸۫꒰ABOUT YOU꒱ ̟ ꙳ ੭
I don't like to make demands of anyone, but there are a few guidelines I would like for you to follow as a prospective writing partner. I like to think that I'm not asking for too much, really just the bare minimum, so I'll keep it short and sweet in a list:​
★ A minimum of one or two paragraphs, proper grammar and spelling aren't necessary so long as I can understand and enjoy the post.
★ Communication- If there's something you don't like about my reply, just tell me, and I can adjust accordingly! However, this also means that I ask that you make it easy for me to extend the same courtesy back to you. It's never malicious to help your partner out!
★ Patience, please. I am less likely to respond if I'm being asked to reply every 2 hours, and I have had people do that before. I have a life outside of writing, and I will be equally patient with you.
★ When you approach me, please do not message me asking "do you want to rp with me?" I will very likely reject you. Please, as I've introduced myself to you, let me get to know you a bit! I'm not asking for a wall of text, just whatever you're comfortable sharing, as well as the character's you're interested in writing as, and if doubling interests you- Also share what characters you'd like me to write for you!
★ Also in your approach, please share what your limits are, and I will share mine in kind.​

Hopefully none of that was too much to ask for, and if so, then my apologies. If not, then let's get to the fun stuff for both of us!​

─ ☆ ៸៸۫꒰ABOUT US꒱ ̟ ꙳ ੭
The FUN STUFF! So I didn't scare you off, and you're lookin' to see what magic and mayhem we can make together, so let's get right to it! Below, is a list of the different Parts of JoJo, and the characters I'd like to write against from each Part, and who I can write for YOU in a doubling setting! Rest assured, I have an OC prepared for every character listed on my end, so whenever you're ready to see them, just give me a heads up and I'll happily slam the sheet down for you to gaze upon. But enough of me yapping, let's get to the character catalogue:​

꒰ Part 1 / Phantom Blood ꒱
- Who I'd like to write against -
Dio Brando

- Who I can write as -
Jonathan Joestar ⭑ George Joestar ⭑ Erina Pendleton ⭑ Robert Speedwagon ⭑ Will Zeppeli ⭑ Vampire Straizo

꒰ Part 2 / Battle Tendency ꒱
- Who I'd like to write against -
Caesar Zeppeli

- Who I can write as -
Joseph Joestar ⭑ Lisa Lisa ⭑ Stroheim ⭑ Smokey Brown ⭑ Suzi Q ⭑ Kars ⭑ Esidisi ⭑ Wammuu ⭑ Santana

꒰ Part 3 / Stardust Crusaders ꒱
- Who I'd like to write against -
DIO ⭑ Noriaki Kakyoin ⭑ Jean-Pierre Polnareff

- Who I can write as -
Jotaro Kujo ⭑ Joseph Joestar ⭑ Noriaki Kakyoin ⭑ Jean-Pierre Polnareff ⭑ Holly Kujo ⭑ Vanilla Ice ⭑ Hol Horse
Terence D'Arby ⭑ Daniel D'Arby ⭑ N'Doul ⭑ Mariah ⭑ Steely Dan ⭑ Rubber Soul

꒰ Part 4 / Diamond is Unbreakable ꒱
- Who I'd like to write against -
Josuke Higashikata ⭑ Okuyasu Nijimura

- Who I can write as -
Jotaro Kujo ⭑ Okuyasu Nijimura ⭑ Koichi Hirose ⭑ Rohan Kishibe ⭑ Reimi Sugimoto ⭑ Mikitaka Hazekura
Yuya Fungami ⭑ Yukako Yamagishi ⭑ Tonio Trussardi ⭑ Yoshikage Kira ⭑ Akira Otoshi ⭑ Keicho Nijimura ⭑ Tomoko Higaskihata

꒰ Part 5 / Venteo Aureo ꒱
- Who I'd like to write against -
Giorno Giovanna ⭑ Bruno Buccellati ⭑ Guido Mista

- Who I can write as -
Jotaro Kujo ⭑ Koichi Hirose ⭑ Bruno Buccellati ⭑ Narancia Ghirga ⭑ Pannacotte Fugo ⭑ Trish Una
Diavolo / Doppio ⭑ Risotto Nero ⭑ Prosciutto ⭑ Melone ⭑ Illuso ⭑ Ghiaccio

꒰ Part 6 / Stone Ocean ꒱
- Who I'd like to write against -

- Who I can write as -
Honestly, anyone!

꒰ Part 7 / Steel Ball Run ꒱
- Who I'd like to write against -
- Who I can write as -
Again, anyone is fair game!​
still searching <3
it’s been like forever since i consumed any jojo media but you seem super cool so i’d be totally down if you’re interested!!! my disc is biirbygorl if u wanna message me!!

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