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So I have an idea to make a dark isekai type rp where players die and than get sent to a world. However I'm intending for there to be a struggle and or much suffering or such so they don't feel like the classic isekai everyone hopes for. I was debating what world I should send them to, and I have a few ideas and I was wondering on opinions on which would be best or even different world ideas.

One of the worlds is a classic zombie world, however I am thinking that the players will have a clear quest/goal rather than a freeworld like rp. I am thinking that the players are either immune to the virus(could differ) and they are the only people who can really find a solution since anyone else would just get infected.

Another idea is a world where monsters or demon like creatures have invaded and human numbers have diminished drastically, players will be similar to the monsters themselves since they come from a different world and will have bonus and negatives similar to the monsters, mainly being people not trusting them as well as the weapons hurting them. This could be either modern or medieval setting.

then there is the classic medieval fantasy setting, however due to the spawning placement they are framed for a treason like crime and thus are sentenced to death, after escaping they have to clear there name and in turn help save the world.

all worlds characters are sent too have one thing in common, being the need for someone to save their world, I was just wondering which one if any at all would be fun and interesting for people to join?
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Now, this sounds interesting!!! I love the third option, so much angsty stuff is filling my head!! I'm totally open for any of them though.

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